Saturday, December 10, 2011

Flowers and Colours have no bounds.

 Ah. Ah. Ah.

Is that all I have to say after such a long break? And no I did not die, nor was I being tortured by exams. Its just December seems to be a busy month with so much happening. We had our sports day and then I had my dance show. Class party coming soon as well as Christmas party and then vacations. I love December but its sad I didn't get to blog. I missed my Blogoversary which was on December 1st. Its been 3 years and this blog has evolved. From small fonts to bigger fonts, from random posts to more sensible posts and fashion blogging. That's it, I shall shield my senti emotional stuff for the time being. Because I have so much more to say.

First: I missed you'll. Cliche? Well. I didn't miss you'll. Happy?
Second: I am so glad to be back and I hope I've read all your posts, tell me if I haven't okay? I'm trying to do my best.
Third: I am an idiot. I can see you nodding there. Before I punch the teeth off your skull stop it. :P Yes, I can be evil, live with it.

I've totally missed sharing my daily outfits with you guys. So here I am with an array of posts, outfits and what not, you'll be seeing me more often buddies.

What I'm wearing: Random Floral Top, Black double belt, Fab India Ceramic Necklace (Hand Painted), Crafty Colourful Bracelet. Three of the set bracelet from Pondicherry, Earrings from Kolkata, Mojri like chappals from flea market, Wallet from God Knows Where?, Jeans from Mustard. 

P.S: Ignore the weirdly weird poses okay?

Tell me what you think of this look? Somehow combining prints has been my fav this season. Here I've combined the florals and the abstract print of the wallet. The double lined belt as I call it is something I made myself. Yesyesyes :) I can't wait for holidays. More DIYs. 

Oh and today another auto driver was smoking and this time I couldn't bear it so I went ahead and did it. What I've been meaning to do every time I see someone smoking. Oh and excuse the gibberish kannada, I make an attempt.

Me: Bartiya illi? (Will you come here ******)
Auto Driver: Nods head
After 15 minutes.
Auto Driver starts smoking while driving.
Me: Flabbergasted and annoyed. Feels like pulling his hair. But controls self and composes self.
After 2 minutes.
Me: Uncle, ivaga smoke mad bedi, nanige allergy aagate. Please. (Please dont smoke now uncle, I have an allergy)
Auto Driver: Nimige ishta illa andre naan smoke maadbedi? Yeenu idu ma? (Just because you don't like it, I should not smoke? What is this?!)
Me: Uncle, naanu helidaru nanige allergy aagathe, adika, naan hogamale neevu maddi. (I said I have allergy so after I go you can smoke)
Auto driver: Neevu auto inda kelegade hogi
Me: Jumps off auto. Then feels like punching him.
Nimige makale idara? (You have children?)
Auto Driver: Yaake? Ide. 2. (Why? Yes. 2)
Me: I pity them. Seriously. Neevu ee thara smoke madtiya amele avaru madtare ninne nodi. ( You smoke like this, later on they also learn from you and start smoking)
Nimige gotha? You'll die faster. Real fast. ( You know?)
Auto Driver: Madam, listen to me. Its my wish. I wont die. My children already smoke.
Me: You know english? Why did you not converse in english before! I was struggling to scream at you.
Auto Driver: I have studied till 12th. I do know english. I wont stop smoking. What will you do?
Me: I wont do anything, go check your rotten lungs. And you know, spoil your life for all I care, don't spoil others by smoking in public. Get a life dude. Get a life.

And I walked away, ignoring him. Yes, he was hurling abuses but I don't care. I hate it when people go around doing what they want in public which inversely affects people. Passive smoking you all know is as dangerous. Aaaaaaagh.

Moving on, so many flea markets, so many fairs. Shopping going strong, no ban and all. :P

Oh and did I tell you? Neewww found love, greeting card making. Have been making cards for friends. Lined up birthdays. Finally over. Bro's next though. Save me. :) Suggestions what to give him?
He's turning 11. Owns all the toys of the world anyway. And doesn't like getting clothes as presents. Enough?

Till next time. (Which I promise is SOON. Very soon)




  1. Welcome back!:) You weren't kidding when you said 'now' eh?:D

    I like floral though I feel too old to wear those, God knows why-_-
    And LOVE the third picture because it's just that cute:D

    You told the auto driver to stop? Wow. I would have just covered my nose and shut up about it. Courage, you got. Ah, well atleast you tried na. Let him die, his life-_-

    Link in Fashion Falooda doesn't work babe..

  2. you are too cute sonshu! you know that know?


  3. hahaha the 3rd pic is so cute babe.. hehehe love the dressing :)

    And you actually told d auto wala that.. man that's cool! i hate smokers.. seriously! and yes yes you were missed :)

  4. hahah whts with the wallet in mouth pose :D
    CUTE..this gives u a flattering luk :)
    Love the print.
    and about ur about a really awesome pair of headphones or a Billabong bag?

  5. @PeeVee: It does now?! :)

    Oh and thankyouuu. hahaha. I was just basic high on life when that was clicked. :P

  6. @M : Bum. Here also:P Shadaaap :)

  7. @Confused: Aawwwieee thankyou. :P Yes I told him that. It got super annoying you see.

  8. @Red: Ah, its just highness. :P Bleeeehie. HAHAHAHAHA. And yes im a fan of floral myself.

    Oh nice idea!! :P I should.

  9. Sonshu,

    Combination looked good. You did the right thing to tick off smoking autowala.

    Take care