Thursday, November 3, 2011

What's in it after all?

The mystery has been revealed. 


I was rather astounded when I received a mail from a certain 'G' as it said. Since I'm rather used to getting a lot of weird mails these days, this was just another to the list. Or so I thought. As I read through, I realized that this G knew a lot about me. He's probably been a follower for a long time. Anyway, I'll spare you the rest of the details but what amused me the most is what he asked me at the end. A post suggestion rather. It said: 'Whats in 'your' bag Sonshu?' 

I've often been asked what I carry around in my bag, because honestly there's hardly a day where I go without a bag. Ever since I was a kid, I'd always have some sort of a bag along. Be it a backpack or a cute kiddie handbag. And the trend remained even as I have morphed into a so called teen. Haha. My friends often ask me why I always find the need to carry a bag, here's why. 

Disclaimer: This is an image heavy post. Do not die of shock at the crazy colours or the bright pictures. I heart colour.

This one's a bird view of all the things that my bag contains. :) I don't always carry all of them especially when I'm carrying clutches or satchels but most of the times I prefer carrying all of it. I kind of feel incomplete without it.

This is the bag I chose, a current fav, its so glitzy and shiny and huge. It is a pink kitschy tote. And the best part is, it goes with almost anything and is so huge that it can easily hold all of my stuff. Not only that it is sort of perfect to go shopping as I can stuff all my awesome treasure into it.

Colossal Kajal by Mabeline and Street Wear Lip Gloss. I prefer to have these handy products for sudden unplanned trips, which keep happening all the time. Especially at college. The best part is, they are so handy.

Nightingale natural shade paper notebook to scribble doodles and write down stuff when I feel inspired. This book also sort of contains my wishlist as I see things and the things I need to buy. Including To Do lists. Also my staedtler fineliner pens, to make it colourful. I love writing with different coloured pens. The sponge bob straw is what I got along with my Mc Donald meal and I adore it and have to carry it along

House keys with customized made to order key chain (Sonshu). I love this and its super special to me because I've had it in like forever. The mustard rubber band is awesome because it fits my hair perfectly and I always like to keep an extra just in case. The phone is my baby. Yes I love my Nokia phone.

My scary beauty mirror. I got it as a gift and I find it uber cute. The two clutch clips are super useful when I've to pin my hair up when its too hot or something. The mirror is always of use duh.

Coin purse from Fab India. Customized. Yes I've made it specially as I wanted it to look. DIY. Very easy to make. I can do a tutorial if you'll would like or you'll could order if you want. :)

Easy to use portable purple tote. This easy to use portable bag is fab when there's extra luggage or something. I don't even need to get shopping bags with this around. And its purpleish indigo that makes it all the more awesome. 

Random clips to pin my hair just in case. The clip holder is what I made myself. Again a very easy DIY and I like making these things myself because it just becomes a lot more fun and you feel proud to have made it yourself. How do you like it?

Rectangular wallet/purse. This one's super funky and has all sorts of stuff written on it. Cracks me up. 

Starry box with shades, which I treasure because it's so girly and all. And my Mp4 player which I have to have all the time because it keeps my grooving and moving. Songs. :) Oh and if I've forgotten to mention my deo and my body and hand lotion. The lotion is a favourite as it is the dead sea one from Israel. 

Yes, so that's my story. What's in my bag? Now you know. Also I usually have a book along which Im reading, I always carry it to read along when I'm bored. But currently I am not reading anything, so I need to go book shopping. 

What did you think of this? Wasn't it a good idea by the reader? I sure enjoyed doing it. 



  1. awesome and soooo girly! :D :D
    very cute stuff you got there! :) I love the vintage poster clutch! :D :D
    and the fold-able purple tote! (that reminds me, i need to put mine back into my bag! )...
    i loovvveee maybelline Kajal toooo! :D :D
    nice peek into your bag :D ;)

  2. Wow all that's in your bad.. Nice.. I love the DIY items.. especially the clip holder.. Gosh my bag is always so empty.. When it's not it just holds my wallet and maybe a deo..and that's it.. haha i like the glitzy bag and the wallet :D .. So want the wallet, purple tote and coin purse... aaah m drooling..
    I'm glad you did this post :D

  3. except the pencil and writing stuff, pretty much same!!
    This G seems to be quite something eh? :D

  4. Hii..
    I got the same kajal from Maybelline.. N you have so many nice goodies in ur bag.. My bag doesn't contain such colorful stuff as I have uniform in college.. Can't carry it :( Still I manage

    N abt my fish-braid.. yes it is casual.. I don't like making it tight.. Little messy is what I like.. THanks for commenting on my post :)


  5. nice stuff :O wow :D:D:D dats my fav lip gloss ...

  6. Seriously you carry all this stuff??
    Kajal, I understand, 'cause even I carry it like all the time! :P

    But really, you proved that you're a big time fashionista! :P :P

    Makes a nice read, but just for girls! :P :D

  7. That sure is a bag full of goodies!!! I like the fact that you carry spongebob around...I really love does Rabia...:):) Aaaand...interesting positioning for the copyright things too!!! Is that your diary?? And a question, which was your last book that was in your bag??

  8. You remind me of Adele....I've been trying to figure out who you remind me of and now I know...:):):)

  9. i am a new fashion blogger from indonesia living in singapore :) i really like your blog. i will really reaaally appreciate & it will be an honor to have u as my blog member. 

    and of course i will folback!!! :D also, u can mention me anytime on twitter @tiodang if you want me to check out your latest post & leave a comment ^^ 
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  10. Whoa. Truly a color explosion =D
    I am jaalus :(
    I wish somebody would put together such a bag with my fav stuff and give it to me. I'd marry that person. :P
    That's an awesome collection!

  11. @Viya: I am so glad you all liked everything. :) ahahhaha. The Poster Clutch I like too :) hahaha.

  12. @Confused: Everyone is different :) And it makes me happy to know you loved all of it.

  13. @Red: Ahh I can never leave those two back at home :P and YES he does.

  14. @Fictious: Aawww we can take cell phones and mp3s though. So I dont take those to college. :)

  15. @Paanipuri: YES. I do carry all of it. THANKYOU. oohh you made my day.

  16. @Anushri: YOU ARE OBSESSED kid :) And...last book I dont remember.

  17. @Anushri: ADELE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??! okay!

  18. @Winda: Thankyouuu and I will visit back.

  19. @Blah: Aaww ask him to give na :) Hahaha. And dont be jealous of your twin. :P AHAHAHA


  20. Gosh! I so love your bag and wallet. Its so quirky :)