Thursday, November 10, 2011

Update and City news: Ethnicity.

I know I've been gone for what seems like forever but is less than a week, but I'm back and you'll be seeing lots of posts all lined up.

Its really sad that exams are in a week now. I mean all I'm doing is tensing up, more than actually studying my ass off. That means lesser time to blog so I thought I'd line up posts before I become caught up with exams. But I wont be able to reply to comments till I'm back :)

Oh and this is a short update I''ve popped in for. Basically I've so much to talk but no time to pen it down so I'll do it over the long weekend once I've attained self satisfaction by studying something.

As I was saying Ethnic day happened and here's what I wore and how I looked. Feedback? :)


So I've been rather picture starved this week, I've gone so many places and not even clicked pictures of the outfits because I was too lazy. Seriously? Week Blues. Heard of it?

But I've been doing loads of writing and all that. So you'll be seeing it soon. Part two of Guardian Angel coming up very soon. 

Yes, this post was very short. And I like RaOne okay? It is entertainment material. Srk is hot. Now shoot! 


P.S: I want Christina's shoe closet. Now. You've got em moves like jagger girl, I want you closet :P


  1. love the pink sareeee :) :)!!
    Alll deeee beesshhhht for the exams girlie! :) I'm sure you'll do well! :D :D
    *shhoooot* (with a water gun - i wanna know what happ to rest of the Guardian angel story :P )...

  2. I love it! The colour suits you like madddd! :D

    Oh, and good luck for th eexams. Killl them off! :P

  3. the saree is so pretty and you look like a bride Sonshu.

  4. You in a saree??! :O :O You look big :P and cute :D
    I'm so jealous of your long hair :(

    RaOne??? :O :O *gasps* Are you serious?? :P

  5. Wohoo sari.
    Specially pink.
    I likey.

    But change the layout of blog please. Its soo not you anymore.

  6. Your hair is just gorgeous, lady!!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. @Viya; Thankyouuuu and I hope so too :P
    Hehhehe yes coming soon :)

  8. @Meghana: Thanks :) And yes, I hope I will :P ehehhee.

  9. @Nia: I've been getting a lot of it. Experimenting. :P ehehhehe. thanks!

  10. @Bonnie: THANKYOUUU SO much Bonnie :)

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  12. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    *splashes water in the eyes, sit and checks the screen again*
    ^ thoda zyada ho gaya na? Sorry :p
    That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute. Even cuter than that. Multiplied by infinity. The whole thing raised to infinity. Yes, it is possible. Don't ask how though. :P
    You look cute. :D Damn cute, at that!
    Yes. Ra.One is cool. SRK is fuckall hot *mega drooling*
    Take care

  13. you and the girls look great in your outfits.

  14. You're looking stunning, girlie! Like totally! :D :D

    And, I see the changes and they're fab as well! So sorry couldn't comment on the previous posts, exams are going on! :|

  15. omg sareeeeeeee :D .. heheh nice nice..pretty pretty :)

    Oh and all the best for ur xams..i got mine from now m in a rush..tata :D