Thursday, November 17, 2011

Observing Polka Dotted Blues.

Hello there awesome folks from awesomeville.

Yes, this post has been written before and is being posted on automation but the fact is that I'm doing it because I don't want to blog to die of starvation. I've loads to say to you'll, loads to share and I don't want exams to harm that you know? :)

The title is an amalgamation of a lot of things this post contains and is required to make no sense okay? So excuse me. Exams have been getting to the little sanity I had left.

Anyway. I always tend to get through exams thinking of times after them when I can roam around and shop and read more books and stuff. So lately I've been reading the House of Night series, I've finished the whole series now finally after the last book arrived from flipkart as a pre order.

Lately I've been observing people a lot especially when I'm on my way to college. Yes, I observe random people on the road and their behaviour and it is uncanny how I see the same people everyday doing the same thing in the morning. Now this may sound very stupid but imagine going to the same shop every morning and buying bread. Isn't that boring? At least for me it is. Personally I try and change things, like if i'm  taking a green auto today, I'll take a black one tomorrow. Or if I'm taking the pink bag today, 'll take the brown one tomorrow.

People I observe daily and their uncanny behavioural pattern.

The bread guy: Every morning, this guy with spiked up hair (God knows how he gets time to gel his hair and set it so early in the morning) goes to the bread shop that I pass and he wears the same army shorts and blue shirt every single day. He pretty much has the same order too. White bread and one biscuit packet. How I observe so much? Thank god for signals.

The government servants: Three women dressed in fluorescent saree colours sweep the same road everyday. I don't blame them, its their duty. What is weird is that they sweep in a pattern. They stand in a diagonal line and sweep the same direction like its a dance or something? They also try and match their saree colours and patterns. Either they all wear floral on one day or plain on the other. I've been observing them for a week now.

The auto rickshaw guys: I pass this auto stand everyday and those people literally sit and stare at all the women on the road. Sadly there's yet another signal there so they peek into the auto and look at me too though I've stared back and them and freaked them out. All they do is check out random ladies. When I asked my friend he said that they are known to be autos that don't go anywhere. Only sit there and gossip. What's the purpose of their existence anyway?

The crowded masses of people: Every morning at 8.15 exactly I see these people all crowded around this showroom. I haven't been able to see what place that is, I miss it every time but I never miss the gathering of people there. I must observe why they've all crowded around every morning? Must be something write? Free clothes? Lol.

The auto rickshaws outside college: My friends have officially declared that I am worthy enough to write a thesis on auto rickshaw drivers. Honestly,I analyze and dissect every behaviour of theirs. Its very amusing. And maybe I will do a thesis on that. More on it soon. So these auto drivers outside college are specimens. For two years now I've been seeing them and I know their faces very well. They just gather around and do nothing. Either they refuse to come or ask double the auto fare. Seriously? We aren't  going to pay that much. Not even if the world ends.


I'm still observing people daily so I'll do a part two of this post once I've found new specimens. Till then let me leave you with an outfit I wore recently. So the dress is very spring-y but I couldn't resist wearing it though its fall because I hadn't worn it in what seems like ages. I paired it with my Zara tee and I was off to go. Later I sort of dreaded not wearing tights because I was freezing. Maniacal weather I tell you?

I've never tried the pretty bun with a dress and so I decided to do it this time. The tie knot but. Tell me what you think of it? I'll do a tutorial soon on some hairstyles, been getting lots of mails. And the belt, I made myself! Wohoooo. :)

Wearing: Blue dress: Season Sale
Black tee: Zara
Polka dotted belt: DIY (Made by self)
Black and White hand bracelet: Handmade local store
Necklace: Diva
Black Bow flats: Ginger
Hairstyle: Self :) 



  1. cute cute cute..I do the bun a lot!!! Its like my signature style But with side flicks :D
    I loved the belt! I wish I could make one for me too :(
    Cute look!

  2. Blue dress is awesome .Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

  3. very girly sonshu..and I love the bun! I guess autowalas are all the same in every part of the world!

  4. i really like your observation of the bread guy. i think i'd be observing him too--same order every day!

    you look too cute in your dress and polka dot belt.

  5. Ah. Looking pretty as usual. And love the post. People watching at its best. You notice things others might have missed.

  6. Sonshu,

    Good observation trait. Waiting for next post on this. At times it is good to take things from same shop as you are assured of quality, quantity and price. One should surely change attire otherwise it becomes boring. When are you planning to give more about Autowalaas? LOL.

    Take care

  7. @Red Handed: Aawww thankyouuu :)
    And yes its super chic. :P

  8. @Roopa: THANKYOU. No problemo.

  9. @Bows: Ha. Thanks!!! So much. And sure they are! Gosh!

  10. @Muse: Aaawwwie!!! Thanks a ton. :P yaaay!

  11. @Zeba: You always compliment me. Aawwwie <3 thankyou.

  12. @Jack: Yes, I sure do agree with you. :) Hahah. Soon uncle.

  13. cute