Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Love- Hate relationship!

I share a love hate relationship with them. They can be angels in disguise or devils flying around. You already know what I'm talking about don't you? Sure enough it is super easy to guess. Yes, I'm talking about our awesome not so awesome autorickshaw drivers. Also known as Auto bhaiya, Auto wala, Rowdy people and what not. I have always wanted to do like a full thesis on them because they interest me and with so many personal experiences I've begun wondering what goes behind they ruddy personality. Before I get to thesis I thought I should do like an introduction to my thesis so a basic analyzing would be necessary.

On keen observation I have come to the conclusion that there are various types of auto drivers. Yes, we all know that, so lets learn a lot more about auto drivers today. Yes Im pretending to be a teacher, that's super lame but hahahahahahha anyway.

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Different Types of Auto Drivers by Sonshu

The rude brat like auto driver: This type is the most commonly found auto driver. They can be such annoying things. They scream at you, and hurl abuses. They refuse to come anywhere and demand extremely high fares for nothing at all. They don't deserve to have a vehicle, nor a meter. They should be taught how to smile, and behave decently with customers. 

The lazy bum auto driver: Yes, another example that we often come across. They can also be known as gossip queens. All that they know to do is sit and chit chat, pass comments at girls, and make fun of people. Ask them any place they'll make a face at you that leaves you disgusted, like you live deep inside the drain among the insects. They honestly can give away their autos, sit on the road and continue gossiping because its a waste of vehicle and road space.

The inconsiderate loser: Some of them are so inconsiderate, they don't want to get the auto inside the building when there's an old person or when you've so much luggage. Why? Especially when you tell them you'll pay them some extra cash. Why are they so inconsiderate? How sad right? Inhumane people. 

The pretend like I don't know auto driver: I don't know if you'll have come across them but they pretend like they don't know what you talk about. If you ask anyone in Bangalore where Mantri Mall is they'll know, but these people are auto drivers and they don't. That's funny and uncanny. Can't be true? So why can't they just tell us straight they don't want to come. Diplomatic much? We aren't fools around here.

The overly talkative auto drivers: Ugh. They're so darn irritating. I've had so many experiences. Imagine, you've had pathetic day, are completely tired and you get into an auto and are trying to relax listening to music and this guy starts talking. Telling you his life story, asking yours, talking about random-est things and screaming so you don't miss out on even a syllable. Excuse me? I'm not interested, Get a life and keep things to yourself. 

The simply asking auto drivers: I've had so many times when auto drivers demanded like fifty bucks extra and they end up coming for the normal fare after I've argued a bit with them. Why? When asked they say, 'Its my duty to ask extra, if you don't give, its okay'. If it really doesn't matter to them, why ask? Simply? Fine whatever, I'll keep arguing with you. 

The smokers and alcoholics: They smoke in the auto. Believe it or not. The fumes hit my face, and I feel like hitting him. Gosh. i can't stand the smell of smoke, let alone smoke on my face. And he has to smoke? Really? And to top it all he puts the cigarette behind his ear when he's bored. What the hell? Is it that awesome? No. You'll die soon buddy. Also the alcoholics, they drink and drive. Even if its faint, the auto stinks of alcohol, how disgusting. I walk away from such autos. 

The meter cheater: We've all traveled in autos wherein they've rigged the meters and the speed it changes at is like maniacal. I have nothing to say about them, because they're just frauds. They should be cheated in turn. Bwahahhahahaha.

The music auto driver: He has a woofer system in the auto of his that plays music at high volumes and especially latest songs like Kolaveri di. Its so much fun to travel by these autos because the music's fab except its blasting literally inside your ear. 

The phone auto driver: He's constantly on the phone, handset, bluetooth and what not. Makes you feel insecure about his driving. What if his girlfriend breaks up with him, he's broken hearted and dashes into a poll? Not cool. 

The F1 Racer auto driver: As you can guess, he drives like a crazy F1 Racer, he thinks roads are his tracks but doesn't realize that traffic and people on the road are obstacles and we aren't use to the speed. Sometimes I feel like I should jump off the auto. But I end up closing my eyes and chanting God's name. Gosh! 

The good auto drivers: Ratio of these auto drivers are 1:500. I swear. They're decent. They take meter charges. And they don't incessantly talk. They behave like auto drivers, keep to the point and are fit to be autodrivers, they should be rewarded with gifts and priceless things. Honestly. They don't even fuss to come anywhere. They are so hardworking. 

Oui. I am done for the time being. That's my list of different types of auto drivers most commonly found. might just make a list 2 soon but after a while, so you can breathe. All this being said, I couldn't imagine life without them. How I'd make it to so many places, How I wish there were more of the last type. You get it right? Its a weird thing. 

Bye for now.


P.S: College is a blast because we havent received our answer sheets yet. Wohooo. And I've been photo starved, will do fashion asap. Okay? Loads in mind. 


  1. This is SO freaking true!
    I hate the rowdy one's who spit tobacco and laugh when you point it out.

  2. Oh good lord..I hadn't expected you to conduct a thesis on the types but this was fascinating...Come across most of em and its so frigging true... Sonshu, really where did you get the time to observe the lot :P .. hehehe nice post, as always :)

  3. i didn't even realize there were so many different types of drivers until this list--so true Sonshu!

  4. Hi 5 babes!!
    I have come acrossmore than one of each type :P

  5. Sachch! true it was! And decent aut drivers are actually 1 in 500! I know!

    Nice observation, though! :P :D

  6. I am SO the loud music driver. I have an amp and a sub in the back of my car (I know, right?), so it is always playing at full volume. Also, I absolutely must dance and sing anytime music is playing, so I am doing that while I drive. And sometimes I text .... like a moron. I suck at life.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Sonshu,

    Well researched. Please be thankful to F 1 type as he at least makes you remember God. Kindly visit Delhi for categorization of their brothers here.

    Take care

    PS : I have posted concluding part of Solution?.

  8. Lolx... I had never taken the time to observe and classified the drivers into categories like this. I love it. Your classification are so true now that I stop to think about the many different kinds of drivers out there. Thank you for sharing! :)

  9. Hahahahaha. Thank you all for your precious comments. :) i SEE YOU AGREE WITH ME. Auto drivers truly are like this I assume :) Haahahha.

  10. @Suze Me: Yes. They are so annoying. Dirtying the roads.

  11. @Ohtobeamuse: Ahhh there are. :) thanks!

  12. @Paani: How I agree :P Pity us. lETS BE AUTO DRIVERS.

  13. @Jack: True thing. but I always have time for that. Dont worry.

  14. @Jack: True thing. but I always have time for that. Dont worry.

  15. @Shawty: Aawwwie. No problemo.