Saturday, November 26, 2011

A lot of blue, a lot of purple. Oh Black isn't alone don't worry!?

Hello lovely folks,

Officially, I'm back. Yes, dreaded exams are over. Now I'm satisfying myself thinking about how exams are next year. In january that is. Lol. Anyway Exam week was boring and I had fever everyday, yes fear motivates me to write. Lol. So today exams were over and we had chocolate shots. Yum. I've actually written a thesis on auto drivers, I shall share a part of it with you'll very soon. Yes yes. Blogging more often.

Now this outfit is reader dedicated again. So here's the mail I received and I decided to give the advice through a post. So here's your reply Maithili. 

I have a query and i think you can answer it best. Its winter season and I really dont know how to wear my dull coloured clothes. Winter is already so dull and I don't want to just throw them away. 

Also, do you think I can go out in sweatpants. Is it cool? Give me help


Yaay. I love mails so yes I'm going to answer this one again. Here's what I styled together to match the queries she had. More about it after the pictures. 

Lol. Lol. I look so cold. 

Anyway what I'm wearing is an over sized sweater, inner purple tee, grey sweatpants, Purple and Blue floral scarf, Head bun using silk tier (Made by self), Silver bracelet, Blue shoes, not seen. Sad. 

So sweatpants are really cool because they are so comfortable, and I personally love sweatpants. So The boring grey combination was making me all gloomy so I decided to add in the crazy scarf and the bun tier that's really easy to make. You can totally go to the market or just for a morning jog or something its super cool and after all you can make anything look fab! I hope I answered your query. :)

Now second outfit for the day. Yipeeeee, outfit overload and more to come. Here's another winter look I put together randomly for an outing. Here's more to it. Oh and scarves are totally for winter, so pull out all your scarves and deck them t the top of the closet.

Hahaha. Yes. I am wearing grandma slippers. They are comfortable and super great for winter because its leather and it keeps you warm. Yes. I love vintage grandma slippers. 

What I'm wearing? White vest, Netted Black shrug, Black maxi skirt, Woolen scarf, Bauble Bracelet, Mini carry tote, Vintage Grandma Flats. 

So I was super bored with my hair so I decided to do a side pony tail that surprisingly goes with most things. Woppeeee. Woot! 

What do you think? Which look was better?! Tell me, I'd love to know. Waise, what are you people sporting this winter? Tell me, mail me. Featured section starting soon, sorry was caught up with exams will have to start it a little late. Coming Soon okay? Forgive me.

More on the thesis coming next post. I miss you'll. I'm back! Wohooo I am happy. I'm catching up on all your blogs. If I've not visited, drop a message. Oh and keep mailing me. You provide inspiration. Love Love.


P.S: Tomorrow I'm going to the book fair! YAAAAAAAAAAYYYY. I hope I return car full. And the blogosphere has been awesome lately, such cool posts at  your blogs. 


  1. I love the second look, more than the first one.. and pls pls do a post on DIY na SOnshu...pretty please :(

  2. hey there
    u look v cute :) n u can team ur dull winter clothes with catch and bright scarfs, boots,heels, sunglasses, hats.. so so many more things.. :)
    Thanks for your lovley comment on my blog.. Im glad u liked it :)

  3. I looove he second luk...really pretty and I am sure going to try this luk!!Pakka Pakka!

  4. I absolutely love the woolen scarf!!!

  5. i liked the 1st look! :D :D .. i've been stayin indoors mostly to avoid the cold air and have been literally living in sweat pants and PJs.. and adding the colour with a scarf was so cool! :D and i love the silk scrunchie/tier you've made!.. I wanna know how you maaaddeee it!!! :) :) Looking forward for the DIY posts!

    Hope your exams went well!! :D :D
    And temme how the Book fair wasss.. :| i've been buried in work and thatsy missing both the book fairs this time :( :( ..

  6. Wohooo second look rocks.

    I personally dont like the bun but it looks great on you.

    Way to go.

  7. I loved the 1st look as well! <3 <3
    But the second was equally cute! :D :D
    And, your blog change is super cute! <3 <3
    And, book fair??! I understand! :D :D :P

  8. Sonshu,

    You can even wear socks with those slippers if it gets too cold.

    Take care

  9. You look hot. :-) You are so cute. I love the fashion sense. I might have said this before, but hey! I mean it. :-) You made sweat pants look great. I am in awe. Need to take a leaf out of your book.

  10. definitely spicing up muted tones with colorful scarves is a great way to dress during this season!

  11. @Confused: I surely will do one. THANKYOUU!

  12. @Red: Im glad you did. Haha. :) Ohhh and that'll be awesome. id like that!

  13. @Viya: I will. THANKYOUU. I'm glad. Yes DIY soon. :) Oh and book fair rocked!

  14. @Nia: i know. many people dont. But I love it specially this season!

  15. @Paani: yesyesyes. :P Geeee. It was awesome. Thanks. Im glad you liked it. I got so many books.

  16. @Zeba: REALLY? OMG. THANKYOUUU! you made my day girly! :P yipeee.

  17. @OhToBeAMuse: Ahhh, sure is. :P hehehe.

  18. @Suze: Thanks. i love it personally.