Monday, November 14, 2011

A Guardian Angel - 2

You read part 1 here

She ran to the door, after a minute of hesitation she opened it and was rather shocked at what she saw. He stood there like he knew her from childhood, his eyes bore into hers. She felt uncomfortable but was afraid to take her eyes off him, like she'd be struck by lightning. He walked towards her, and she was helpless. She felt the need to let him say what he wanted to. He stopped right at the line that divided the porch from the living room. 

'Hi' he said plainly

'Who are you?What do you want from me anyway?' she asked putting up a bold front. 

'I'm sorry my lady, I've lost my way.'

'And I'm supposed to help you? I'm sorry but I don't think I can do so, please leave.' I said coldly

'Okay, I won't trouble you anymore. I just thought you'd be able to help me somehow.  I shouldn't have left my valiant soldiers.' he mentioned bitterly

I closed the door being inconsiderate to his emotions. And then as if it was all a dream, I heard no noise anymore. Not even the sound of his footsteps, nor could I hear rage filled comments. There was some sort of eerie silence that made her want to jump. She went back to the room reading his letter once again. It gave her goosebumps, shivers and she could feel the air whisper his name.

After a while it began pouring, she peeped through the window and was astounded when she saw the whole back yard had been flooded, she decided that it was indeed ruthless of her to have let the poor nomadic soldier roam around in a town he didn't even know. She had to call him back, what sort of a person was she changing into. Finally making up her minded she ran outside grabbing her polka dotted umbrella on the way.

Running down the street she came across a small shack like structure that looked like the aftermath of an earthquake's destruction, all it had were four not so steady pillars and a roof sort of thing, it was open from the front so she ran inside and was rather happy to discover the strange soldier lying in a corner looking tired and weary from all the travel.

Unable to move, fixated to the spot she gazed at him and something seemed very true and honourable about that face of his. Something told her that she should truly help him and so she walked towards him and shook him lightly. He woke up with a start was the first thing he saw were her blue eyes, deep as mist and he felt like he was lost in the depths of her eyes. She helped him get up and they walked slowly to the loft. Instead of an awkward silence with both of them lost in their own thoughts what it became was a beautiful silence that gave them the space to think and weigh their actions.

He wondered about her, her past, her life and why he was so attracted to her. She wondered if she was doing the right thing. Should she offer that he stay over for the night? Of course he didn't have any place to go to?

Finally they reached the loft and as soon as they entered, he fell on the couch. She sat beside him keeping a fairy good personal distance between them that sort of defined their strangerism.

He then started, 'I want to tell you more about me. I think you should know who I am if you are being so kind to me. It is only fair that I tell you. I am not only a runaway soldier, there's a lot more to me.'

His sudden talk was creepy and made her feel cold all of a sudden. But something again told her that he was not bad and so she listened as he spoke thinking about her guardian angel, and how she was being one to this man now. The cycle of guardian angels amused her. Her last thought was about her lost love before she was pulled back into reality by the sudden twist in the soldier's story.

To be continued



    This is wowness. Fuck!
    Sorry :p
    Yeah, so WOW! Whoaaa. Wow.
    I wanna know more. Like the whole story more.
    Reminds me of all those books of mysterious people and voracious -- ugh, never mind. :P
    Seriously twin, this is wow. Sprinkle some of that on me also na?
    Write the 3rd and 4th and all parts FAST! :D
    LOL, I got 'sucks' for word verification. :P

  2. Sonshu,

    Read all pending posts. You look good in Alibaba pants. Had a good laugh at your advice to become invisible. Best of luck for examinations. When is the next part of Guardian Angel coming up?

    Take care

  3. oh so great. can't wait for the rest!

    and my latest post is up--and it's an outfit post. :)

  4. Hey nice nice flow to it!
    I am going to read the next one for sure!!!!!!!!!
    Sry for commenting late!

  5. @Blah: Thankyouuuu Ni! :)
    Hahahaha I feel awesome now. Thanks to you twin. :P Mwaaah mwaaah. :P heeheheh. LOL.
    You will know more in a while though so lets wait and watch!

  6. @Blah: Thankyouuuu Ni! :)
    Hahahaha I feel awesome now. Thanks to you twin. :P Mwaaah mwaaah. :P heeheheh. LOL.
    You will know more in a while though so lets wait and watch!

  7. @Jack: Thankyouu you always read back all the posts. Im glad :)

  8. @Jack: Thankyouu you always read back all the posts. Im glad :)

  9. @Oh to be a muse: Aaww thankyouu! I checked that one out. And will be soon!

  10. Oiii good story.. I'm keen to know more..Keep writing :)