Monday, November 7, 2011

Black and White Baby!

Hello Awesome folks.

I truly apologize to all of you. Those who read the previous post when I was a little psyched. I decided to change the title. And my valuable brother really screamed so bad that I realized what a bad idea it was. So all of you who read it, please ignore and forget it now.

Back to normal. So I think I'll be starting the Blog Store soon. Tell me if you'll would like to see something in particular for that matter.
So coming to the outfit for the day. Was headed to buy stuff for ethnic day which is this week by the way.

 So you will get to see ethnic wear soon. Oh shit I shouldn't have revealed that. Darn it. Anyway. It was a rather hot day. So I pulled out those shorts. Warning, I don't have great legs. Funny right? It is supposed to be Autumnish Winter types but Bangalore keeps changing her mood often. Its so sad that other bloggers are pulling out their mittens and boots and it tends to be so hot here sometimes. But I won't grumble anymore because I love the Bangalore weather and how it changes and keeps a suspense all the time. Bwahhahaa, my awesome Bangalore. LOL.

Now enough of the random rambles. Oh before I go on to what I'm wearing. The second part of the story I posted before is coming up soon. For those of you who thought it is like P.S I love you wait and watch. It is going to be nothing like that. Bwhahahaha. I love that book and I wouldn't dream of even trying something like that. She's magical.

What I've done for today is the Monochrome look. I've gone with plain old black and white but they're all time classy colours anyway. I've worn the zebra striped scarf to add oomph to the outfit. And the earrings are a personal favourite. 

Wearing: Monochrome Look
Black and white top: Sale (I <3 sales)
Black Denim Shorts: USA
Striped Zebra Scarf: Vintage
Peace chain: Ayesha
Ring: Local Boutique
Desi slippers: Local shop
Earrings: Commercial Street

Anyway, till next time
Love and more love


  1. YAY!! Toucher Tes Reves is the backs!!!! :D <3

    Ethnic wear, that should be interesting:)

    And blog shop, how does that work? Pardon the ignorance:|

  2. Store,what store, WHAT STORE, tell meeee!
    BTW, need I even say it? You look damn cute. :D Sacchi!

    Uff,here it's not cold at all. :|
    Hot hot hot -_-
    P.S You've got mail

  3. Hey I love that scarf.. Give me give me :D .. hahaha and shorts was a good idea.. great way to beat the heat.. btw where do you buy em from usually? I don't find my size.. big waist u see, so I need help :( .. Oh and ethnic that must be nice...good going.. waiting :D

  4. the zebra scarf with the peace chain is super cute.

  5. @PeeVee: Will explain soon. :) Once I'm figured with everything. :)

  6. @Blah: Ahhh is it ever cold there? And I thought I replied jee? :)

    Will check again


  7. @Confused: ohhh I totally get it. Mail me your size I could buy em for you :) okay?


  8. @Oh to be a muse: Ahahaa :) Thanks a ton :P glad you liked it.

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  10. Your eyes, your eyes and your eyes :D You look so cute :)

  11. Your eyes, your eyes and your eyes :D You look so cute :)

  12. You look so cute.. Really love the top...
    Thank you for commenting on my blog :)


  13. Amazing outfit dear and great blog!
    Following! Follow back? <3

  14. @fashion meets art: Aawww thankyouuu!!
    I will be there soon!! :)

  15. @PhilO: Aawwww thankyou. imma take that as a comlpliment.

  16. @FF: No problemo. Love your blog. THANKYYY GIRL :)

  17. @Marella: Thanks! Coming right to your blog. THANKS FOR THE FOLLOW.

  18. Amazing, again! And I'm happy that you're blog title is back! Sorry for commenting late, have my exams going on! :)

  19. @Paanipuri: Aaww thats okay!! All the best for them! :) Rock it!