Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When things become as complex as the earth itself.

Dear Whomsoeverthismayconcern,

Today I write to you as a troubled Earthian again, but this time I write not directly to you. This very special time, I send along one diary excerpt. It is for you to know how I actually felt after the incident happened. I would like to say nothing more as of now, as I am deeply troubled by the happenings on earth. I wish that such trouble may not touch you when you descend on this complex land

Diary Entry : October 18th 2011.

We were walking together, laughing our backs off. As we walked out of college, another day was over. We decided to stay back and click some pictures. The fragrance of the boiling corn spread through the group, the chat masala tingled our noses and we craved for corn. Nothing could stop us as we all walked across to buy corn. Just as I was getting my order, I felt something pinch me. At first I ignored it, assuming it to be some loser from the crowd that was slowly growing around this lucky corn seller who was going to make a fortune today. But later the incessant pinching continued. 

As I turned to see who the hell was so annoying, all ready to punch them I saw an old man. Yes he was begging and he was pinching. Honestly, I don't really give beggars money because they are annoying and they can earn themselves. But sometimes I feel pity for old people and end up giving them something. This particular man though was an exception, the very look of him annoyed me. How dare he pinch me? 

I shouted at him and controlling my temper I walked to the other side. All of us were sort of freaked. You may ask why I didn't react...but the answer to that lies in the fact that this man looked mentally unstable. We all felt it, and as psychology students we are taught how to deal with them. But he was no normal person, he was a beggar and a greedy one at that. So we just ignored him. He continued pestering us, till we finally told him to get the hell out of there and stop irritating us like a buzzing bee. The corn seller frantically shouted at this man too because people were running away from his stall due to the creepy old man. We were indeed saved. *Sigh*

On the way back home, as I always did, retrospecting, I thought of various aspects. I've already spoken about beggars once but that is not what I want to say this time. Shouting at the old man made me feel sad and guilty. He was not really in his senses and I couldn't blame him. But what else would one do when someone was pinching you? Tell me what would you do? He even tried to snatch my friend's ice cream. How can people behave like that, old or not? 

What would you have done?

As I said I won't say anything more, I'll just bid goodbye for now, but I will be back soon when I'm well to talk again dear person, keep safe and don't come to earth as of now, it is not a nice place as you see. 

Earthian Representative.


P.S: A fashion blog post coming soon too. And don't forget to mail me, with pictures or letters. I love hearing from you. 


  1. i think you handled it fairly well. i would have felt bad afterward as well, but sometimes you don't know how to react in a situation like that.

  2. There are no easy answers. At one level I feel that Rom or the gypsy persons are so ill-treated and discriminated in Europe. But understanding this and wishing that society will be more open and accepting towards them, is completely different from my actual reaction to some of them when they are very aggressive and abusive. Afterwards I too feel very guilty ...

  3. Sonshu,

    I am sorry you and your friends had to go through this. But as you said he was mentally unstable, I think he was totally not aware that his actions were annoying. I am sure you will agree with me as you are student of psychology. In my opinion the best would have been to give him something to eat and report this to police to move him out from there to some institution where his ailment could be taken care of.

    Take care

    PS : Left comments from Cats & Dogs one onwards.

  4. @Muse: You spoke what I had on my mind. I was so flabbergasted that I was unaware what to say. :)

  5. @Sunil: This was a case in India, but I agree with you. Thats the same case here, its a pity but they need to be taken care of.

  6. @Jack: Yes, I later felt that we should have just given him what he wanted but the fact that he was being aggressive was a big factor in our not giving him anything. It was a spur of the moment action. We felt guilty later...


  7. Your act was justified. He was mentally unstable and i dont think, giving him money wud help too.

    Also if a normal person pinches, well i guess you do know what to do. PUNCH !!

  8. @Red Handed: That made me feel so much better. Ah! Yes, but the guilt was natural. If he was stable and all I woulda punched, but he was not :P heehe.