Monday, October 31, 2011

When men take over the fashion booth.

As I said earlier, I'll be talking about Fall/Winter 2011 trends. Usually I'm not someone who goes by trends or follows them but lately when I was reading Elle 2011 I found something rather interesting that's in fashion now. I liked the look and wanted to try my own version of it.

Apparently the androgynous look is in this fall and that's very interesting. I mean dressing up in something that men can also wear would be super interesting. Anyway these are some looks that designers did this fall but I didn't really use any as inspiration just put together a simple androgynous look from what I could find.

Oh and sorry for the shortage of pictures I've been on a whirl with my bro so I've had to do some timer photography and they've turned out okay haven't they? Anyway here's somethings I'd like to share with you for this Winter 2011.

My Most Loved Possessions This Fall/Winter 2011:
Yellow wedges
Yellow sling bag
Checked Shirt
Black LBD
Beaded Belt
Purple Symmetrical Bag
Velvet Ballet Flats
Tan Satchel
Peacock Earrings
Artsy Skirts

And the list goes on, but enough for now. :) 

So what I'm wearing is:
Purple and White checked shit: Tibet Store
Black Blazer: Mustard (Borrowed)
Blackish Grey Trousers: Allen Solly
Shoes: Dad's (Park 
Avenue I think?)
Grey rubber band: Commercial Street

Now this look is super simple and actually quite nice to sport. I borrowed Mom's blazer and Dad's shoes. And then later when I informed him about it he burst out laughing. I was like *laugh laugh at my expense*. Dad doesn't understand why I was trying to be all androgynous dressed and when I explained he concluded that I've lost it. See? The things we daughters do.

I do not look my best here, do I? Obviously. I won't say I'm a girly person but most of my clothes are pretty girl oriented so it was hard to find something to do this look but since I made my mind up to try it, I went ahead and did it. I actually kind of like the shoes. They're comfortable and nice though they were like two sizes lesser than mine. And the shirt is so multi purposeful. You'll be seeing it often now, well I'll try save you the horror and try use it less often. Anyway I've lots of posts lined up now. I have my seasons too and Winter seems to be my favourite.

Oh and notice in one of the pictures I've done the side partitioned gelled look. Hahaha.  Bangalore is funny that way. As I write this post sitting in the balcony I can feel the chill wind that hits lightly against my face. Actually I'm almost freezing. And suddenly it becomes scorching hot that you'd feel like roaming in shorts. Funny innit? I love it nonetheless. 

The story I've been working on turned out bleh so I worked out another one and I've lined it for you'll next. :) I'm suddenly all excited and I've become all bloggery. Anyway. The story coming up and lots more. Honestly this season seems to have me going and I've been writing and blogging a lot. :) Yaaay the blog is no more starved.

Till next time.


P.S: The much requested Halloween look is coming up soon. Though I didn't attend a party this year due to lack of time, I will do a look and put up pictures. :) Post Halloween hahaha. :) Till then keep it spooky. Mail your Halloween look, I'd love to see.


  1. All I can say is babe you have raised the standards high. You look even cuter like this.


  2. hey njoyd reading ur blog but didnt understand its name... my blog

  3. Touch Your Dreams is what it means :D .. Google translate rocks :P .. hehehe btw you surely look good and the timer isn't bad..aheemm... Love the look Miss Trendsetter.. :D

  4. Whoa!! even though its pretty much a formal look, there's something very 'fun' about it! :) :)
    Very naiceee ;)

  5. nice outfit!! :)

  6. I really like your blog! It is soooo cute. Check out mine if u like :)

  7. love this look! the menswear look is def one of my faves :)

  8. @Adi: Aaww thanks. It means touch your dreams.

  9. @Confused Soul: Aawww. THANKYOUUUU. hehehehe. Jeez. I do?

  10. @Viya: Yeah.I didnt want to make it all lame and boring.:)thanks

  11. @Paanipuri: THANKYOUUU GIRLIE.! :)

  12. @TMRK: Will do. And thanks for dropping by.

  13. @Ilene: Aaww you stopped by!! :) THANKS!!!! Im glad you did.

  14. Dad's shoes fit you o_O Wow.

    And though I prefer girly suits and stuff that show my shape, what I have of shape that is:P I like this look:) So professional..

  15. Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,
    how do you manage to look so damn adorable each and every time????!
    Not flattering. Sacchi!
    Lub you :*