Sunday, October 30, 2011

When the geek comes running around?

Today is a holiday. It is a Sunday. OMG. Happiness. Can you actually believe but its been ages since I had a fun, sit online all day Sunday. That reminds me of how much work I've been doing lately. Gosh, save me Lord. 

So I love waking up to mails and the other day I woke up to see so many mails, and these weren't random offers or fb mails they were people mails. Diwali wishes, and fan mails. Oooh saying that makes me feel like a star.

The 14 year old and me continue to talk, she's adorable and it just takes that one mail to make your whole day. Anyway there was another person who wrote to me saying they wanted me to do a geek look. 

I've actually always been a fan of the geeky look and I think matching the geek specs with a chic outfit would do wonders. So instead of the entire geek look I went for a partial geek look. Now what's better was that I was actually going to the book store. Isn't that a coincidence? So I didn't want to over dress but I didn't want to look plain. 
Prints are in this season so I thought why not play with some cheetah prints. I am an ardent fan of animal prints though my animal print collection is minimal, if I should say. Oh and I also just found out Tunics are in too. OMG. How cool right? So this would sort of qualify for a basic FALL/WINTER 2011 Book Store  Look.

Geek Glasses: Church Street
Purple Symmetrical Bag: Vintage Shop
Almost Tunic: I don' remember?
Cheetah Print Tights: Muscat, Oman
Purple Flip Flops: Westsport
Dark Purple Kada: Fab India
Pink earrings: Indo Dubai Plaza
Belt: DIY (Made by self)
Black and Purple Bangle: Sale, Westside

I seriously wish one day I would walk home to see so many free clothes lined up for me, oh wait shoes too.

:) Honestly. In other news, a reader asked me if I was open to collaboration and sponsorship. WHO ISN'T? The reader suggested that I make a page to let interested sponsors know. :) Also if you'll know anyone willing to sponsor, let me know. It was a reader idea. And a good one. Thank you Kashyap.

Oh and recently I tried out a new look that's totally in this fall. That and more about fall trends, next post.

And if you'll notice I am responding to your mails and requests so do keep sending in such requests, I'll love you'll. Hahaha. Lately college has been relaxed but exams in about 20 days and I  have got to buck up and study you think? Yes I have.

And sorry to all those who look forward to my writings and random ramblings, lately I've been facing a writers block. I've actually been working on a story, so wait for that too.

Till next time.
Love an more love

P.S: Halloween is around the corner, I don't think I'm going to dress up this time. Kill joy. Have college and other plans. What did you go as for Halloween this time? Mail me pictures, I'd love to see.

Have you tried the latest fall look? Mail me pictures, I  know you are a fashion bomb. 


  1. Since when did geeky look so cute and 'in'?:)

  2. @PeeVee: Since I decided to make it look so. :)

  3. That geeky look = super damn cute!
    Haaye,I'd kill to look so adorable in my glasses :(
    Awesomeness. :D

  4. Girl, you look great in geeky spectacles! Cuter than before! And your hair looks great! I envy you, yaar! :P :D

  5. Ok I will take pride the next time someone calls me a geek :D

  6. @Blahblaholic: Aaawww thankyouu. You know how awesome youve made me feel. :P

  7. @Paanipuri: REALLY? :) omg. yaaaay thankyou. I dont really wear glasses but still. :P HAHAHA

  8. @RedHanded: YOU SHOULD. :) :P Its awesome to be a geek it seems.

  9. I love the geeky look! I have always wanted to appear geeky and 'cute,' but according to my sister, I do not need to try because I am already 'geeky' enough. =___=" (Sigh)
    I love your bag!!<3

  10. Cute outfit! Love the leopard print tights

  11. @Shawty: oohhh you do? Thank you shawty. :) Hahaha thanks a ton.
    And really? You dont look geeky. :P

  12. OMG the partial geeky look is so cute and you're adorable as ever... Yes halloween's around the corner and I was kinda thinking you'd do a look on that too .. C'mon that's not a bad idea or umm is it? :/ .. hehe.. great post...waiting for your story now :D

  13. And that makes the prettiest geek ever! :P

  14. @Confused: AAWWWIEEE THANKYOUUU Girl. :) And yes I will do a Halloween look. People have been asking :P thanks

  15. @FarahD : thanks girl. I'll make sure I stop by soon.

  16. @Nikhila: And that's all it takes to turn the BAD MONDAY into an awesome one.

  17. Awesome photos and really cool outfit, you look great, I love your tights, what a great print and that tunic is wonderful, the perfect touch to the outfit; your belt is cool, you are really beautiful! Your blog is awesome by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  18. @Sara: COMPLIMENT OVERLOAD. I will surely stop by right away.