Monday, October 24, 2011

Ways to become invisible to the world.

430119458_largeThis may sound random, made up or unrealistic, but the fact is it is very much true. This is a true story. 

One say I received a mail, from an unknown sender. Now this is not really uncommon because my email is all over this blog. But what's weird, is that the mail was freaky. I kind of had to read the mail over and over about ten times till I actually believed it. Do you want to know what the mail said?

Dear Sonshu,
I am a follower of your blog, and I like the way you write. It touches the soul and I think you can be a great author in the near future. 
I have often seen posts on how to be famous, I think that it is trivial considering fame is not important in life. I am someone who has a lot of fame in life, trust me. I am no actor or singer, but where I am, I am famous. Everyday I pray that people would stop noticing me and analyzing me, I'd like to know how to become invisible, please answer this query of mine. In fact you can do a blog post, I wouldn't mind. Thank you. Please help.


Weird is it not? Anyway, I was rather bored so I decided to answer it anyway. Besides I think the mail is kind of sweet and cute and all. But the whole wanna be invisible part is weird. 


1. Walk around with an invisible blanket that can be borrowed from Harry Potter. 
2. Stay indoors, lock your room and practically live there. Don't bother ever coming out of your so called pad. 
3. Annoy people, which further leads to rifts and hence people starting hating you and dont bother about you. In turn you become invisible.
4. Get a makeover, like total makeover so no one knows its you and they won't bother stalking you.
5. Stop doing anything whatsoever that calls for attention. Basically stop living, turn into a lame ass boring character.

Those are the random five ways I came up with to become invisible to the world. I believe that becoming invisible is like next to impossible, because we are social animals and the world is meant and rests on the principle of socializing. There is always that one person who's interested in what you are doing. 

I'll leave you off with Aristotle's quote: 'Man is a social animal.'

Please excuse the completely insane post. When I'm asked such questions I become rather crazy. 

Love and more love

P.S: More updates on the shopping, ban and more shopping soon.
Outfit posts, soon.
And another letter soon. 


  1. :) i had to smile at your advice for being invisible, lol.

  2. I found the letter pretty sweet, but somehow the invisible part got to me.. I know Man is a social animal, but there are times, when man wants to be just left alone..

    To think of it, someone who's famous, gets so much attention and they really can't do anything about it.. For me, if I had to become invisible, I'd stay off these social networking sites, switch off my phone and stay indoors.. But all this is just temporary..

    Sometimes, you really really want to be invisible...
    Somehow I liked the letter :) ..

    P.S. sorry for such a long comment :/

  3. At a point we all long and wish to be invisible and to cut ourselves off this world..
    But it's not possible, and the sooner we accept it, the better it is :)

  4. Hahaha! I wish no.1 was possible.
    That's the only thing I like about the entire HP series. :P

  5. so he is the strong example of 'THE GRASS IS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE" :p
    Looooove the points... The first one cracked me up.hehehe!

  6. @Soul: Aaww I love long comments.

    And...I think that the letter was pretty cool too, very unique and inspiring. :)

  7. @PhilO: How true, exactly my point. But it was a well asked question.

  8. @RedHanded: Totally I mean think of the disadvantages of being invisible? :P