Monday, October 17, 2011

Shopping is a happy thing. You know it!

As I promised, I am back with some action and inside scoop. 

The other day, I was randomly being bored as usual and my friend called and said she needed to go shopping. Of course the word shopping always wakes me no matter what. So I was all curious as to why the sudden need to shop etc. Apparently she wanted a wardrobe change and like a complete makeover, and she mentioned that since I was such a shopaholic it was best to go with me. 

Here's what I chose to wear to go around shopping in Commercial street, a place I love because of all the lovely things and hate because of the buzzing crowd. Yes, we share a love and hate relationship, like many other people. 

Images copyright to Toucher tes rêves
I didn't really click loads of pictures as I always do because I literally had to force my brother who was in a bad mood to click these. And by force I mean coercion, like serious annoying. After all the drama he clicked two pictures both of which I have uploaded here. 

It was a pretty lazy day so I sort of decided to go for a very casual look, with a spaghetti cross over and to avoid tanning I pulled along a shrug. If you don't know I'm a crazy accessory fan so I have to always have some funky accessories on, like always. So I decided to wear the squared long chain that really is what I call a geometrical chain. I added the bronze kada to give it a vintage look and the skirt is a personal favourite. The sandals are rather new so its my current obsession and the anklet was a random last minute add.

Across the shoulder spaghetti - Marks and Spencer
Long squared neck piece: Don't remember
Bronze Kada: Commercial Street
Knee Length skirt: Thrifted
Green anklet: Gifted
Leather Sandals
Black shrug 

What did you'll think of the first fashion post? Let me know! You know you can mail me anytime? Or leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you. 

WHAT'S NEW? You can mail in your pictures to be featured in my 'Featured Fashion Bombs' Section. Coming soon. 

If you think you know to get your way around clothes then dont forget to mail your pictures to and you shall be featured :) Yaaay!


P.S: Shahrukh was in Bangalore and I did not know it. How ignorant am I? But I always live resting on the hope that someday he'd probably know me personally.

P.P.S: Ignore the copyright symbols all over, paranoid. 


  1. i think that top is pretty cool. i love the criss-cross! <3

  2. Omg sonshu, you look so freaking adorable...the pics have come out so well... love what you're wearing.. WOW :) ... Keep posting love :) ♥


    And the blog makeover has come out well indeed. How do you get such awesome stuff?! Teach me, no:|

    And I have a thing for skirts so yeah, love the skirt and I'm a fan of anklets as well:)

    Waiting for more...!


  4. A little bit of fashion will add a nice touch to your blog, but I wouldn't want to see the other kinds of posts disappear. I like the outfit too.

  5. nice post. and yep i love shopping too. :)

  6. Absolutely love the skirt!!!!!
    try getting those hippie kada kind anklets. They will look hot paired with those skirts or even shorts!

  7. Sonshu,

    Good start. Keep at it. Better luck next time SRK visits your city.

    Take care

  8. @Muse: Ahh thank you for your valuable feedback :) ahahhaa.

  9. @Confused: Aaaawww, thankyou so much! :P
    You made my day.

  10. @PeeVee: Hey soul sister :P LOL
    heheheh :)
    thanks a ton. gladdd :P

  11. @Tahlia: Ohhh thanks a ton. :P ehhehe I wont ever stop writing.

  12. @Red: Ohh Ive been looking for them all over, going to get a pair sooner or later :P
    Hahhaa thanks :P will def try that :P

  13. Awn dear, I love the way you write! It is so good when a person wants to shop with us, right?! I also loved the print of you skirt!!!!!

    Have a lovely day,