Friday, October 28, 2011

Hair, its a funny thing I tell you?

People who are obsessed with their hair,
Those, who care a damn about it.
Some of them just pretend to care
Others who torture it and send it to hell
But then there are those who love it for the way it is, and treat it as special as anything else.

Yes, I know of people who are crazy about their hair, fiddling with it every minute or so, always checking if its right, and honestly it can get irritating, for their hair and for others. Those people who maintain their hair shabbily, don't rinse it regularly, and tease it like crazy, aaaaah, if I was hair I'd scream. I swear on my hair I know people who torture their hair, straightening it one day, curling it the next, colouring it every week, adding chemicals, dying often, and what not? Such people are seriously demons from hell. 

 I strongly believe that hair is just like any other thing that has life. It is like a baby, it is like an organ, it is like a plant. It needs nurturing, protection and proper care. If it isn't given the above requirements, in plain english it starts hating you. Basically love it, and it loves you.

I remember, I was always the girl with the short hair, just so that it was easier to maintain. Back in 5th grade and even till 7th grade I had chin length hair, that'd just be right for two small fountain ponytails. But after 7th I wanted to experiment with hairstyles and grew my hair. I began using different shampoos to see what suited my hair the best. This was the worst phase for my hair, poor thing was being tormented as I was being a rebel and trying to experiment. It began throwing tantrums, hair fall, thinning of hair, scanty growth.

But luckily senses were back soon, and in no time I was back to being good girl. I let my hair grow.

One fine day, I went to the parlour to get a trim, and guess what? The lady chopped my hair so short that I began to wail and scream. I told her she had no rights to shorten the length when I'd clearly told her not to. I felt so conscious considering, i've a round shaped face and short hairstyles hardly do any good.

But, touch wood now that horrendous journey is just history and I shall not let history repeat itself. Come 10th grade, I began respecting and gently caring for my hair. I realized that Dove was all that worked on my hair, and I continued using it. I still use dove, though the old ones have gone, there is something that suits me with dove. I love dove. So I've been tending my hair delicately and its been giving me all the love in return.

I was called Ms Beauty Hair by all my friends in 10th and I still am known for my hair. Its staying with me like I wanted it to and I'm showing it how much I respect it.

Love is a two way street, love your hair and it loves you back. That's by far the most honest and true line I've heard. My example is one to believe and I've lived it.

I'm now in 12th grade with pretty long hair and its just the way I want it. I love it. It loves me. We love each other.

Now some humour and sentiments.

Here's to my hair
Thanks for being there for me when I needed you
Thanks for covering up for me when I was crying and didnt want anyone to notice
Thanks for making me look prettier
Thanks for not letting go when I pulled you so hard
Thanks for being good hair days and bad ones
Your very existence has me intimidated
Our journey together is forever.

This is also a tribute to all those battling cancer, and those women who aren't afraid to go bald. You'll are the prettiest. To bravery and fighting.


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  1. Good post like your blog title
    iam sure you pulled and tagged and knotted it during math hour:)

  2. I liked how you literally gave a tribute to your hair. Nice one.


  3. Awwie girl! You have mast hair! awesome ekdum! :D :D

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  4. @Specs: TALK ABOUT MATH? :P omg. I'll run away. I remember how math made my hair bleh cuz I'd be all tense. :P

  5. @Sejal: THANKS FOR STOPPING BY AGAIN. I WISH you wouldnt have to comment anon. But you've mailed me so I know. ;)

  6. @Paanipuri Lover: Thanks girl :) Will drop by your blog soon.

  7. Well written sonshu..i've had a bad trim as well..i am extra careful when i got to the salon ever since..lesson learnt !!!

  8. A girl's best friend is her hair :) and not diamonds :D

    I loved the post. The tribute was good. Those women are definitely strong!

    Good luck for the contest :)

  9. Loved ze post. :D
    And the tribute part, truly really amazing :)

  10. @Sharon: Really? YOU HAVE? Sigh. :( These beauticians, I tell you. thanks!

  11. @PhilO: OMG. That was well said. And THANKYOUUU yes yes.

  12. @BlahBlaholic: THANKS dahling. :) Much love. ehehe I loved yours too.

  13. superb. just marvelous penning.
    best wishes.

  14. u have nice hair!! n post made me smile :) yeah hair are almost like a baby ur hands keep on going to ur hairs evry now n den :)

    all d best!
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    shop n njoy :D

  15. a beautiful post.. the first para is too good, actually it is the reality. Your tribute to cancer patient is a touching thought.. and you have got a great hair too.. All the best..

    Someone is Special

  16. You are more mature than what I expected a XIIth std student to be. You are kind too-the tribute to the cancer patients. Be untangled like your hair. God bless you.

  17. @Megha: hahahha thanks a ton. Will check it out.

  18. SiS: thankyouuu so much. :) I'm glad you found it nice. :)

  19. @bemoneyaware: Aaww I get that a lot:P THANKS A TON.