Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Because life is just cool. Wohoo.

Walking home to your pre-ordered copy of a Nicholas Sparks book is fabulous. And your day just becomes better. Yippeeee. Recently I've been going overboard with my shopping, whether its clothes, accessories or books. Trust me, its super funny and I actually enjoy how everyone's talking about my shopping obsession at home. Thrift stores, bargaining and random shopping is utterly cool. 

 So when mom, aunt and grandma were going to out I felt the sudden need to go. No, I had no interest in shopping, just wanted to go along you know.

But its rather weird how I ended up buying a tan satchel. Which is so damn cute and useful, it has multi zips and is a great deal. Yes, I can't help it I shopped. Anyway then I put myself on a ban and ended up breaking the ban and shopping more next week. So lately I've been miffed with myself.

What I'm wearing: 

Black and white tunic : Commercial Street (Awesomest bargain ever)
Three-fourth jeans: Westside
Black porous ballet flats: Bata 
White desi chain: Thrifted
Black and Silver rugged bracelet: Brigade road. 
Bag: Marks and Spencers

Ignore the pointy feet, I was swirling and dancing around being rather bored.

Though the white desi chain is not really seen, its a personal favourite and I had to get my human tripod brother to click these pictures. He was cribbing and grumbling as usual. The ballet flats are extra comfy and I loveeeeeee them, its so casual and you can wear them everywhere.

Its diwali, wohoooo right? I'm super happy. Festival of lights and all. But I won't be bursting crackers as usual, I'm a fan of clicking pictures of them though.

Its sad that we have to wear salwar and kurtis for college so I'm bored of it and for diwali I'm definitely not going to wear that. Wait and watch what I wore for diwali. Coming soon.

Show me what you wore for diwali, mail pictures to me. You know I love getting your mails.

HAPPY DIWALI to all of you. :)
Have a safe one.

Oh and I love diyas, so I'm definitely doing that.

Tell me what you thought of this outfit, a random day out.


  1. I like the flats! It looks comfortable :)

  2. This is such an adorable outfit! I also love those shoes! =)


  3. Happy Diwali :)

    Which book is it? I love Nicholas Sparks but haven't gotten a chance to read much of him lately.

  4. the day i come to mumbai, you'll be my shopping guide :D

  5. Aw. You are so cute. And yes, hope you enjoyed Diwali.. Many happy belated wishes..

  6. Loved the top! And you have a wonderful smile! Lovable you are! :D

  7. @Khaay: They are definitely comfy :P

  8. @Confused: thanksieees girl :P

  9. @CP: Hahaha. Thankyou Kelsey. They are extremely comfortable too. :P

  10. @Raaji: THANKS! :)
    The Best Of Me. :P
    Happy Diwali to you too.

  11. @RedHanded: ehhehe thankyouuu.

  12. @Defiant Princess: I live in bangalore dodo. :)
    Yesyes. Aa jao.

  13. @Zeba: thanks!
    thoroughly did. What about you?

  14. @Paanipuri: HAHAHAHA. THANKS :) you are so sweet girl.

  15. Sonshuuu :D
    Adorable outfit. Love ze tunic <3
    And you, as usual looking so damn cute.
    I love you. :D
    Oh oh btw,can you please tell me how to become invisible? :)) Sorry :P Couldn't resist
    P.S You've got mail!

  16. @BlahBlaholic: HAHAHAH THANKYOUUU. I like it too. :P ahahha kidding.
    Anyway. Maybe I will tell you. :P LOL.