Thursday, September 15, 2011

When Cats and Dogs fell in 'Love'

I've been gone. Where you may ask? I'd try to be funny and say 'Gone with the wind'. You'd tell me how lame that sounded. I'd say 'I hate you'. You'd tell me you love me. I run away, cheeks turning crimson. You do know I love you too right?

Its weird how some people are waiting for you, like they were sent by your guardian angel. It makes you wonder if the world is real. Makes you re-think the possibility of the entire thing being a segment of your imagination. And then that book comes along telling you how wrong you are. How everything is true and cruel. You're broken- into tiny figments and you believe that nothing can fix you back again. But you're proved wrong when he comes hopping along, and mends you into one like you were always that way. That much is enough to tell you a lot that was supposed to be said.

You were lying in the trash, thrown by someone who brought you into this world. Around you lay filth and disgust, it made you sick to death. You felt a strong urge to puke, with all that pungent odour. If only you could walk and say something, you'd tell her how she didn't deserve you. But you didn't let go of yourself, held on. The pretty woman came by and picked you up. You saw the sparkle in her eyes. She took you and cleansed you thoroughly. A new light, a new day. She made a promise never to let go, and you remained in her arms, and still do.

He jumped over the fence and ran across the lawn. She came right after him and they went around the house in circles trying to catch each other. Failed attempts left them in a state of utter disappointment but they did not give up. Each one wishing the other would surrender. So it happened that they had a telepathic conversation and both of them surrendered. She came towards him and they nodded at each other acknowledging the sparks that seemed to flow between them. She progressed taking longer strides with her paws sweeping the grass. He was ready to accept her the way she was and so was she. 

Love exists in different forms. Does it actually have a definition? What is love to you?

(Sorry If I haven't been there much, been occupied with college work, shall be at your blogs soon!)