Thursday, August 11, 2011

A troubled Earthian. HELP

Dated: 16 August 2066

Dear Random person in space,

Hello, it’s me from earth. Yes, I may seem alien to you, but do you know that this is what you are referred to as by us earthians? Well, I truly do hope that you receive this letter after all the time I took to write it. Firstly I didn’t know who to address it to, so I’d be glad if you could provide me with sufficient details to contact you. Random Person In Space doesn’t count. 

This letter is in regard to the fact that we have been facing problems on earth. I have tried my best approaching all the authorities but it has resulted in much vain. It is only fair that I talk to you, share with you our concerns since you are the guide to each one of us. When I spoke to the officials regarding the water and sewage issues they ignored my calls and constant messages. I even made a visit but they were unaffected. Next, we citizens faced problems with the robots. They have begun bossing over us and of course it is like they are the masters and we, their slaves. What shall I do dear RPIS? Down here at earth it has turned into one ball of chaos. The newly elected king was Robot Machialtiz, and we earthians are helpless. Earthians no more work at public or private companies; these robots have completely taken over. Let alone working, corrupt politicians are no more able to spread their nonsensical activities. We can look at all these changes from two aspects just as we look at everything else but I prefer to see it as a danger sign. Maybe those corrupt workers who had to be bribed were better, at least the work would get done. In this case, robots don’t even listen to us and it is such a misery down here. We really wish you’d help us. 

I have one serious doubt though. Why is it that we have only two choices? Why couldn’t there be another choice? A better leader; something that will truly help our earthian race to progress! Just a suggestion but how about you pass by earth, drop by and check out the situation? That would be helpful.

Till next time.
Yours faithfully,
A troubled Earthian 

Much Love


  1. I was here. It seemed like very well thought of post. When you told me you were an arts girl, i agree to it now. You can paint with your words. Thanks for making us realize what we can come across.
    -Your Beloved
    One More Troubled Earthian

  2. lol...true, we need help...since we are not being able to help ourselves, help from outsiders would not be a bad idea...


  3. So true. Relevant. We really need a proper 'savior' now.

    Whether he decides to wear his inners outside or otherwise, that is another issue altogether.


    Nice post,
    Mucho love.

  4. Bang on! We really do need someone to save us from all this shit :/
    BTW that picture is beautiful <3


  5. This reall really expresses my sentiments. I hope RPIS drops by before it really is too late.

  6. OMG I loved your loved. As in really really loved it.

    First, Blog layout. Like wow. Those cute little cycles. Love each and every part.

    Second. You write like this awesome writer.

    Third. In short this blog made my day.
    You just gained a new follower.

    P.S: Edward Cullen? Really? *sympathies* Taylor is the way to go girl. TEAM JACOB

  7. well, dats a very thinkable thought.....the one fear dat vl alwaz prevail wid the advancing technology...
    Very nice post indeed.....

  8. What an alert citizen you are. :D
    Posting it way before so that things can be coordinated with aliens when the time comes. And yeah, you really might look, or seem like alien to aliens :P

    But did you know that the space mission Voyager, which by now is out of our solar systems' has a disk in it which contains sounds from this world like the sounds of the birds, waves and babies?
    Someone was planning of the 'just in case' situation before too. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. @Anuj: Haha, really? Does it show Im an arts girl? You just made my day.

  10. @SUB : you totally got the idea that went behind this.

  11. @Priyanka: LOL. That was a well spoken comment. :) THANKYOU

  12. @Meghana: Im glad. And yes, we all hope the same.

  13. @Blah: Oh well well, sure we need to. :) And yes, I loved it too.

  14. @Nia: And you just made my day.
    THANKYOUUU im so glad you liked it. It feels nice to be LOVED. (:

    and yes EdwardCullen but Taylor Lautner get it?

  15. @aspirant: THANKYOU. Your always all praise. So sweet.

  16. @BA: Oh wow, I didnt know that. Thanks for enlightening me. haha.

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