Saturday, August 20, 2011

Priceless Theories


The first contest ever on this blog. This is basically a short story contest. Priceless Theories, open to everyone who wants to write. 

Rule Book:

1. We all have theories right? Theories about the most random things in life, everyone has at least one theory. Now if you want to know what I mean by theory, here's an example (hypothetical) : I think the best way to get over a break up is to accept it, live with it and stop consoling and pitying yourself. 

2. Take any theory and build on it, bring out this theory of yours through a short story. There is no world limit, but it shouldn't be too long of course. 

A THEORY according to what I'm saying is something you believe in strongly that may not actually be true. Its just your thought or perception.

3. If your still confused, don't worry. Its just a story which has a theme of something you believe in, to put it in simpler words. 

4. You have to put up the story on your blog with the title : ''PRICELESS THEORIES'' and subtitle whatever you want to name your story. 

5. After you are done posting your story on your blog, leave a link in Mr Linky at the end of the post. If Mr Linky is not working then leave a post in the comments section. 

6. If you are not a blogger and still want to take part, I'd be pleased so please do take part. Mail your stories in a word document to 

7. Add the badge on your blog and do put it in the post! Just save image on your computer and insert in the post.

8. Spread the message. 

9. The last date for sending or posting stories is : 10th September 2011. 

10. Do take part because there's prizes! And of course because you love writing. <3


1st Prize winner: Gets a badge for his/her blog (winner badge to show off), and two e-books (which one? Its a surprise!) and you will get a chance to do a guest post on this blog. 

2nd Prize winner: Gets a badge to show off and an ebook!

3rd Prize winner: Gets a badge to show off :P and some love :P





    I got confused about where to leave the link so I'm just hoping this is the right place? :P
    Lol, good luck judging and stuff :D

  2. I gave your contest a shot and had already submitted my entry. ^^


    Hey this was a nice contest... Something I liked writing too... Good luck to all :) . Thanks Sonshu :)

  4. I have posted my entry..
    A great initiative and best of luck to all the bloggers. :)

  5. This is my entry-

  6. Sonshu,

    CONGRATULATIONS on Triple Century.

    Finally I beat my lethargy and caught up with pending posts. Your letter to RPIS made a very interesting reading with valid statement in closing lines. Now looking forward to read write ups on Priceless Theories. I am sure that will be very interesting as well as informative.

    Take care

  7. Thankyou for all the comments and participation people.

    All the best to all the participants and those of you who have mailed your responses too! :)

  8. We should be thanking you for coming up with something like this Sonshu.. Can't wait to read the winning entries :) .. So when will the result be out?