Sunday, August 14, 2011

Preparations have begun, JOIN THE FUN!


Aloha Lovelies,

How's the world been treating you. I love you'll for the amazing response I've been getting and to all the new followers: Welcome to this world of craziness buddies. Wondering what's with the title? Keep guessing. The agenda for today's post would be as follows: Ranting and then telling you'll about the 300th post.

Exams start on Tuesday, I'm dreading it. Its so ironic, I thought and planned these 4 days of holiday so well and now I end up having to study. Everyone's on weekend trips and Me? Sitting and doing morbid stuff like economics. How unfair can this get? Well, I can't change things so I should get to studying. Shouldn't I ? Bear with my rants. Please, its just one week.

Getting to agenda number two. Do you'll know what's up soon? Its my 300th post. yes, I'm turning old. Like real old okay? But this time its going to be different. Usually its all about awards and guest posts. This time I'm doing that post only for my readers. So tell me what you would like to see. We've already got pouring suggestions and that makes me so happy. But I want to do so much more and incorporate everything.

Now suggestion one is going to be a secret because that part of it is all left to me, it was made by Anuj from twitter again. Suggestion two made by dozingdodo on twitter is that I should take like a review of the blog and ask all my readers what they think of it. And hence I'm doing that.

What do you think of my blog. This blog? Maximum in about 10 lines. Send me your reponses, answers and reviews to:, @Sonshu on twitter, leave a comment on the blog, do something! You'll be featured in the 300th post. Okay? Just Kidding, But yes I would love to know what it is. I want to make this as reader-friendly as possible.

The rest of the post is all left to you. So do tell me what you want to see. This is the 299th post so the next post directly shall be the 300th post. Keep checking back here to see when its out. But first I need all your suggestions. STOP SLEEPING, START SUGGESTING. Okay?

Question: What would you as readers want to see in my 300th post. A READER DEDICATED POST.

Also tell me what new you would like to see on the blog after it crosses this milestone. What new types of posts do you want to read? Anything you have in mind that I should write? Mail in, tweet me, comment, but dont sleep. 

Getting back to normal-ness. I actually had something lined up for you people but posting everything in post would be too much wouldn't it? I had some theories, to put forth so look out after the 300th post. (: Coming Soon. 

Much Love


  1. Hey
    I like your blog. Dropping here for the first time. Maybe I want to see some of your photography. Or another letter. Your letters are nice

  2. 10 lines..? that's pretty long dont you think..?

    well, anyway,

    what i think about your blog is it is interesting to read.The literary pieces you wrote here are nice..well, its just me who isnt always here so i havent read them all. I hope you'll continue writing these because somehow it will be beneficial to someone or even to your self ..:D

  3. Em... I think on this 300th post, you do what you do best. Write what you feel you write best :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. i want a post that will contain
    ur journey from the first post to this 300 post
    people who helps u,whom u like in this journey

  5. pour out your heart...that is what i would want to read...


  6. The best thing I like about your blog is the friendliness and innocence in your writing ! Keep it going :)

  7. Oooh my god that's like a hell lotta posts man! ... Alright so av been new to your blog but have caught up on most of your posts and I absolutely LOVE the way you write... Since it's gonna be your 300th post, umm I'd like to know more about you...Sounds a bit silly there, but would love to know stuff that we don't already know...

    Apart from that, your blog is superb! You express yourself beautifully and it's a delight to read stuff here...Keep blogging sweetz! :) ♥♥

  8. I saw your comment on your blog, and that's how i am here!
    Shocked that you're even alive :O
    Your blog's changed! And I love it :D
    Will surely mail you :)
    P.S: Has your number changed??

  9. @Meghana: Aaah I like writing em.

  10. @Chirag: Ohhh nice :P thanks!

  11. @Sub: I'm always doing that :P


  13. @juhi: hehehe
    thanks! :) look forward to it.