Friday, August 19, 2011

300 Pebbles Young!

A Letter to the people who deserve it the most.

Dear Loyal Readers,

I was in a muddle about how to start this letter. Unlike how I usually go on talking forever, I didn't know what to write. Let me start off telling you why I want to make this such a grand celebration. Firstly, we don't need a reason to celebrate, if people celebrate a lazy day then why not a 300th blog post? YOU- my readers, loyal followers and intellectual body of people who always tell me what to do - are the reason I came this far. Many people sent me mails and asked me to talk about the journey of this blog, my journey, and how I reached here. But I choose not to take up that task now, it is a journey that I'd have to do a lot of justice to and now, through the course of my exams that would be impossible.

Before we start celebrations, I have a few things I'd like to say. I do get to make my host's speech don't I? Lets hope you all don't end up falling asleep okay? (Like we do usually). My intentions of starting this blog were purely to express emotions and develop writing skills, basically something so keep me busy. But now, I am proud to acknowledge the fact that Blogging has merged with my soul and become a part of who I am. We all know very well that you'll are the reason I am inspired every single day, to switch on the laptop and type my heart away, you'll are the reason I feel like no matter how stupid and immature something may sound you'll will give me your opinions on it. You'll know me better than many of my friends, to say, you read me. What I write is practically who I am. You, my constant support are phenomenal and I dedicate this celebration to you'll. 

Writing, I always loved that word and 'writing' it. When I asked mother if I liked to write when I was a child, she answered me: 'Sonshu, You always wrote. From the time you knew your alphabets you always kept scribbling something or the other. I always knew you'd turn up like this!' I was rather amused to read some of my poems as a child. Blogging is a medium practically where I can write. And, yes, if I do get to publishing that book of mine, I'll be thanking you'll too. All those comments you'll left have turned me into a better writer and with time, I am sure it'll improve my writing even further. 

So let me end by saying, I will love you'll and thank you all my life. <3 You'll made me who I am. 

Amateur Writer
(I'd never send this letter, for the fear that I was being too mushy.)

Too much sentimentality driving you crazy? I'll spare you the horror. Time for the promised fun.

A Note- Sonshu

Honestly, I was rather shocked when people said they wanted to know more about me in this post. Once, my best friend told me- ''You reveal too much about yourself on your blog sonshu, you should stop saying so much about your personal life!'' When I sat down and retrospected I realized that you'll know very little about me, as I am now. So here's a small insight.

1. Six. Teen. 
2. Stop believing in true love and fairy tales when she was struck by reality.
3. Breathes dance. 
4. Seasonal obsession with things. 
5. Has theories and philosophies about everything.
6. Loves the smell of mud after rain but hates walking in muddy puddles during rains.
7. Can be very contradicting at times.
8. Is not afraid to voice opinions, even if they're against yours. Loves arguing endlessly about some pointless topic, resulting in laughter.
9. Apparently has a distinct, weird sort of laughter.
10. Keeps smiling at everyone to feel happy.
11. Believes that a diary can truly be your secret confidante.
12. Sets goals for herself and works to achieve them.
13. Organized in a disorganized way.
14. Wishes to publish a book in future.
15. Hates pink. But owns many pink things because that pink is nice. See contradicting? Black is my favourite color, purple follows.

Can you believe I just told you 15 things about me? Isn't that more than enough? It is. It is. I'll keep saying more, you'll will comprehend more as posts progress. Look at me - so formal. I think the lecturers are having an influence on my writing. Haha. (:

The Button

The button, wondering what this is all about? Well, If you'll didn't notice we got a button. I put the button up long time but I didn't really notify you'll about it. So this button is for you'll to show that you read my blog or just randomly put it up on your website if you think you'd like your readers to know. Its also available on the tab section -'Button'

Just copy the code and paste on your sidebar or wherever you feel like. Show some love <3

Toucher tes rêves now has a button!


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The Contest

As I had promised you'll that I have something coming up for you all, here it is. Unveiling the Priceless Theories contest. What this is all about? Well it is a contest that involves writing. So get ready, put those words together, hold your thoughts right there.
This one is COMING SOON. Watch out, like real soon! And there's going to be prizes for winners too. Are you ready to showcase your Priceless Theories? 


And this is just to let you know, that I've lined up many more contests on the blog after this one so get ready to write lots. :)

What they Say

When I asked you'll to post in reviews about the blog or mail them to me, I didn't realize I'd get so many responses. This is what you have to say. &amp;lt;3 You'll made my day. I LOVE GETTING MAILS FROM YOU'LL. All these sweets things you say about me, make me want to write more. &amp;lt;3

Your blog is one of the cutest blogs I’ve ever come across. I haven’t finished reading even 10% of your posts and I’m a huge fan of your writing style! With the way you write even a layman could understand the thoughts put behind the post and that’s a rare but valuable talent that writers should have.  If someone asks to publish a book of your blog, I won’t be amazed. This is one webpage where it takes a lot out of me to close it. Its awesome, captivating, insightful, fresh, numinous, thought-provoking, deeply affecting, Inspiring, and I can go on and on!


I love the title. 'Toucher tes reves'. Touch Your Dreams, right? Well, it's the first thing that attracted me to your blog.

Love the layout. It's sweet and simple.

And the best thing that I love about your blog is the way you write. There not many people who can present stuff the way you do. And it's just not the words but the whole feel about it. Simply put, it's just amazing. :)

I hope you (and your blog) continue to bring a smile to everyone who comes across it.

The blog "Toucher tes rêves" by Sonshu. I love how there is a ton of awesome stuff all whipped up into this fantastic blog. If you happen to be reading this, Sonshu, CONGRATZ! Keep up the good work!

-Zoe (she mentioned starting her blog and one of the reasons being that I inspired her? 
How sweet is that right?)

Congrats on your 300th post. Only a recent follower but I love your blog already:) And I especially like the layout and the template.

The best thing I like about your blog is the friendliness and innocence in your writing ! Keep it going :)

I shall make an attempt to answer your question(s).
I think your blog is great. I really enjoy reading your thoughts, rants, poems, letters, and posts because I never know what your next post will hold. I like the fact that your blog doesn't stick to one particular subject but instead covered a variety of topics too. I know that it is a blog so it holds a lot of personal stuff in your life, but I really admire the fact that you are not afraid to share them. You are not afraid to voice your thoughts and share with us your experiences no matter how unpleasant they are. I love how your blog have some posts that holds little words but leaves the deepest impression. Your poems are always a joy to read too, for I find them very inspiring. Although some are dark and really depressing, I still find them very beautiful. The only comparison I can find is to compare your poetry to classic books. I HATE reading classic books because I CANNOT understand the language at all, but if I find a book that I understands, then I will find myself liking it such as "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee. Sometimes, I don't understand poetry, so I don't like reading poetry books, but when I find a poem that I understands, I find myself liking it. In other words, your blog posts are like classic books that I find myself falling in love with after reading them because I UNDERSTAND. Your blog is full of creativity too, and that's what I like to see. It helps me with MY creativity sometimes.

Apart from that, your blog is superb! You express yourself beautifully and it’s a delight to read stuff here...Keep blogging sweetz! :) ♥♥
-Confused Soul

What I think about your blog is it is interesting to read. The literary pieces you write here are nice..

The Email

Guess what? Guess what? 
Well I just realized that I enjoy reading your mails and it'll be so awesome if you'll mailed me often. So do mail me when you want, whatever you want. Some random blabber, 
rants, things you want to tell a stranger anything!

Yes, the random idea popped because when I'd put up the email last post some sweet person actually wrote me a random mail about something totally out of the world and I 
had a smile on my face after that. So. :) MAIL ME.

Let us conclude this post, with a hope of a lot more milestones and a lot more readers. Of course, a hell lot of emails from you'll. Look out for the contest. Coming up right NOW. &lt;3

(This post actually was so random!)


Dear blog, 
Thankyou for bearing with me so long, I shall let you free? Well, don't even think about that, you are in my clutches forevermore.



  1. Hey!
    Congrats on 300th.
    Nice celebrating here.

  2. And this is one heck of a post!
    Total awesome time reading it and Happy 300! :D :D


  3. That is one heck of a post! Awesome read.
    Happy 300! And keep writing!

    Love. :D

  4. Looking forward to this... Hopping idea, doode :)

  5. Lolx... Your post left a smile on my face. Congratulation on your 300th post Sonshu!

  6. happy 300th really moved by this post :)

  7. I read it all, and I am awed. I am speechless for now. When my speech comes back to me, I'll try to come back here again :)

    Happy 300. And best of luck for the tons more to come :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. @Snehal: thanks once again! :)

  9. @Sinful: THANKYOUUU :) EHEHEH glad you liked it.

  10. @BA: Speechless? OMG. thanks, thats like such a big compliment. :P