Monday, July 25, 2011

Candies don't last forever, Scars do!

 Memories, make you or break you. Luck decides what it does for you, but what matters is what you choose to keep in those memories. Memories matter...How much do they actually matter to you. Have you ever lost a memory without wanting to?

She smiles, she laughs-
Snippets of memories flew in her mind,
Those times they laughed and kissed in the rain
The memories they'd promised not to forget,
Struck by a sudden wave
Those lengthy pledges were dissolved,
All in a minutes job
It was like it never was...

He pushed her to the ground,
Hit her black and white
She tried to save herself,
But it resulted in pointless disdain
A whip came next-
Caused scratches that hurt so much
She cried for that memory to be erased,
Sigh, nothing came of that.

Sorry, for such a long absence and all that. Its just that I've been really pre occupied with college and other assignments but I will try my level best to be here as often as possible and also on your blogs.

Lots of love,


  1. Violence and love, a terribly sad mix! Very beautifully expressed.

  2. Very beautifully expressed!
    BTW loved the layout :)
    BTW thanks for stopping by my blog .. Do keep stalking :P

  3. Now that was a nice post... For your age, I think your an amazing writer... Future Journalist...I see that! :D ...

    Btw thanks for dropping by my blog & leaving a comment...that was sweet!

    P.S. Love the blog! ♥ =)

  4. @Sunil: Oh, well thank you so muuuuch. That does mean a lot. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. @BTL: yes, sometimes all you want to do is sigh. :/

  6. @DramaQueen: No problem.
    Oooo thats a lot of compliments. Thankyou so much dearie. :)No problem, Ill be a regular reader now. (: Haha.

  7. @Confused soul: Yaaaay, thanks for saying that. You made my day. :)

  8. very nicely written.....
    sumtyms memories just say no to get erased, no matter hw hard u try

  9. Have I ever forgot a memory I had wished I'd not forget?

    I really don't know. I don't remember if I had a memory once which I have now forgotten, you see, either it never was there, or I forgot. Now I don't remember any of it. :P

    And, She should seriously consider involving the police. There's a law to protect women. :P But then, love binds and more so, blinds.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. It takes only a moment to break but ages to patch-up again

  11. @Aspirant: How true, thats exactly what happened the second time?!

  12. @BA: yes, yes. Police protection, how many people would go tell their on their husbands.

  13. @Pesto: Yuss. Yuss. True story.

  14. "what matters is what you choose to keep in those memories. "

    YUP! Bottomline - perspective and choice.

    Thx for dropping by. Your Duracell long lasting battery wish is kinda working on me :P

  15. Thank you for liking the new layout. ^^

    Such bittersweet poem but I love it. Memories really can make you or break you. And yes, memories can be full of scars too. But then again, what doesn't kill us will only make us stronger. :)

  16. @Sugar Cube: No problem. :) Im glad it is...I always hope for smiles and happiness around. :)

  17. @Shawty: It really is fab! Thankyou. Yes, bittersweet would be the word :)

    Everything we go thru makes us stronger. Love that you brought that up!

  18. Sonshu,

    So true. One can get deceived and get into trouble hoping for all candies all the time. Good way to warn.

    Take care