Sunday, July 31, 2011

AO: Ballet

Balance and beauty
Added to poise
Lingering presence forevermore
Lyrical steps taken
Energy in grace
Tears whilst happiness

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Love lasts forevermore.

He staggered and walked

She took long strides, huddled against each other
They fall to the rough ground
Vultures feed on the flesh
They remained so-
Now and forever

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Candies don't last forever, Scars do!

 Memories, make you or break you. Luck decides what it does for you, but what matters is what you choose to keep in those memories. Memories matter...How much do they actually matter to you. Have you ever lost a memory without wanting to?

She smiles, she laughs-
Snippets of memories flew in her mind,
Those times they laughed and kissed in the rain
The memories they'd promised not to forget,
Struck by a sudden wave
Those lengthy pledges were dissolved,
All in a minutes job
It was like it never was...

He pushed her to the ground,
Hit her black and white
She tried to save herself,
But it resulted in pointless disdain
A whip came next-
Caused scratches that hurt so much
She cried for that memory to be erased,
Sigh, nothing came of that.

Sorry, for such a long absence and all that. Its just that I've been really pre occupied with college and other assignments but I will try my level best to be here as often as possible and also on your blogs.

Lots of love,