Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Looking through the minuscule glass.

Strolling on a road with shattered glass pieces
Thoughts gushing, how depressing the world can be,
And then I saw the colours shine
It was so mesmerizing to the eyes
A sight so beautiful, I'd rather not explain
I picked up the minuscule piece and looked through it
What I saw was the lush green of the grass
and then I noticed the deep brown of the barks of trees,
the magnificent blue of the sky pierced me 
Then a butterfly passed through and I grinned with joy
I even noticed a tiny kid sitting in the corner playing with her balloon
Of course I saw my self dancing, enjoying the bliss
I was struck with a sudden blow of what a wonderful place we live in
Then it hit me, how much I grumble about the world being a cruel place
Sometimes we get carried away by our always ill humored selves and end up screaming at the world
Memories followed, reminding me that I should be thankful for what I have
Then a mighty, fiery wind hushed by and knocked me down
I was hurt, and the glass was broken
But I continued looking at creation with glistening eyes
Oh how thankful I am, to be here today.

Lots of Love

P.S: Sometimes, one just feels so inspired and happy. This was a piece that I truly felt and experienced. 

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Peace out buddies <3


  1. ..really a wonderful creation god made :)

  2. But the world isn't half as bad as we sometimes think it is.
    Ain't it?

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. Sonshu,

    It is mental make up of a person to be happy or not to be. If one chooses later, there is no end to seeing everything as source of unhappiness. Good inspiring post.

    Take care

  4. really wonderful post.....

    cheers :)

  5. Beautiful. I love those moments when the world strikes you as something amazing and beautiful in its creation and have yet to be tamper with by human creations.

  6. @BA: Well yuss, I feel that too, this was random you know I dont even remember why I wrote this. That random spasm of randomness.

  7. @Jack: I love your comments. They're so insightful.

  8. @Aspirant: Hey, thanks a tonne. :)

  9. @Shawty: Hehehe. :P How very trueeee. P.S: I like your blog's new look.

  10. Your blog is amazing. Love the layout :)