Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Battle.

I am in a trance
Seeing a me, that I have wanted to see
When the sun shone it told me I was,
exactly what I'd  dreamed of being

My universe began falling in place,
for a while it was right as rain
But they say that things last not long
Soon I saw an end to this ecstasy

He was right there at the end of the room
Gawking at me,
I could feel his eyes pierce right through mine
and then he flew and he was right beside me
She fought with all her might,
to push away the blue eyed monster
Little did she know that reality beats dreams
Reality was evil

He crushed her into tiny pieces,
all that was left of her was ashes
She was broken into a million pieces,
and never was she sewn back
Now, that's the story of reality
Dear folks, understand that reality is a monster
All it cares about is proving its point,
and of course crushing your dreams
But you, can fight back.
I know you can, don't give up like her.
Destroy it and make those dreams come true. 

Sonshu <3

And I'll be visiting ur blogs slowly, it'll take time, please forgive me. I'll definitely catch up on all the action :)


  1. But it is always good to dream while we are sleeping. :)

    Yeah, life's a bitch, but a monster? Seriously? My hands are shaking. :)
    Seems like we'll need to punch through.

    Nice one.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. This was much heart felt .. liked the lines .. Neat blog !

  3. loved the idea!

    the usage of 'I', 'he' and 'she' in the third stanza made me a lil confused; maybe I shud read this again :)

  4. another superb poem
    u always rocks

  5. Sonshu,

    Very motivating. One needs to fight all odds to achieve what one aims for.

    Take care

  6. dats really beautifully written

    cheers :)

  7. Just the right post for me. :) I have been job hunting this whole week and I have to be honest, hunting for a job is miserable! It's a long, painful, and tedious process. I am on the verge of throwing my hands up and surrender. However... I also don't want to end up another hopeless bum due to laziness and lack of ambition, so I will keep this poem in mind and continue to work hard. I won't let the ugliness of reality take me down. Keep up the great work!

    By the way, you've been tag. :)

  8. @BA: hahha i agree. life can be a bitch sometimes :P LOL.

    haha hands are shaking. LOL.

  9. @Lady: Aaawww, thankyouu :) means a lot!

  10. @sawan: GLAD. oh really? okay! :/ oopsies, sowwy then!

  11. @Chirag: REALLY?
    thankyouu chiraaag: )

  12. @Jack: Yes, ive begun writing all motivating stuff know? How weyurd, maybe i should get back to same old :P

  13. @Shawty: That was utterly sweet. And dont worry what has to come to you will do so no matter what. Keep trying :)

  14. im really sorry i havent been here for awhile :<

    how are you?