Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Looking through the minuscule glass.

Strolling on a road with shattered glass pieces
Thoughts gushing, how depressing the world can be,
And then I saw the colours shine
It was so mesmerizing to the eyes
A sight so beautiful, I'd rather not explain
I picked up the minuscule piece and looked through it
What I saw was the lush green of the grass
and then I noticed the deep brown of the barks of trees,
the magnificent blue of the sky pierced me 
Then a butterfly passed through and I grinned with joy
I even noticed a tiny kid sitting in the corner playing with her balloon
Of course I saw my self dancing, enjoying the bliss
I was struck with a sudden blow of what a wonderful place we live in
Then it hit me, how much I grumble about the world being a cruel place
Sometimes we get carried away by our always ill humored selves and end up screaming at the world
Memories followed, reminding me that I should be thankful for what I have
Then a mighty, fiery wind hushed by and knocked me down
I was hurt, and the glass was broken
But I continued looking at creation with glistening eyes
Oh how thankful I am, to be here today.

Lots of Love

P.S: Sometimes, one just feels so inspired and happy. This was a piece that I truly felt and experienced. 

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

If your happy and you know it clap your hands!

The bell rang and it was time to go home. It was just one of those days when you felt like talking to, well, nobody and all you wanted to do was sit by the window sill and read a book. We all have those days don’t we? Well today was one such day. 

The scorching Sun shone high up in the sky spread the warmth and yellow all over. It was like the Sun desired to display its power and might. I felt like surrendering, my head did the great job of being a pain and I could feel the stinging pain running through every nerve.  Then I saw it, the bus approaching us waiting passengers. We all hurried to get a seat and although my favourite seat was taken, I found another comfortable and convenient one. As I settled down with my bag and baggage (Yes, I carried junk and stones to college, dummy!) the conductor came around collecting money screaming ‘Tickeeets’ in his screeching voice. I just felt like yelling at him to just keep his mouth shut but of course that would result is pathetic consequences so I decided against it and continued reading my book. 

At the next stop this rather peculiar man and his child walked into the bus and headed towards the empty seats next to me.  What I first noticed were their peculiar mouse like features. The small squiggly eyes that glare at you and give you the shivers, the ugly unkempt teeth, two of them popping out almost and of course the weirdly shaped nose and the small face all together. Father and daughter had similar appearances and they had this manner less behavior of staring at me reading like I was committing some crime. 

First the kid was eating this milky chocolate and then she took out the wrapper and began dropping chocolate all over the bus seats with her father just telling her to ‘push it off the seat’ , her father glanced at me giving them the its-not-your-house-for-god-sakes-look!  Next she decided that she wanted to worsen my sulky mood and began falling on my bag smearing white chocolate on it, she cunningly acted like she was reaching out to her father and began putting chocolate on my bag. I immediately wiped it off for fear of insects. This daughter of his was seriously an annoying creature.  

As  if that was not enough she took out a book of her own and began reading aloud. I saw on her label that she was in grade 1. She started reciting ‘If you happy and you know it’ and boy! Did she know them? No, she just kept saying the same If you happy…line over and over again you know as if she just wanted to annoy me. I was going to storm out shouting, but we had almost reached our destination. Going by facts, usually I say kids are adorable and I love baby-sitting because I think kids are the easiest to manage.  This child though proved to be an exception. Yes, she was totally born to irritate and infuriate me. This creature started imitating the way I read and kept pulling her hair front and then pushing it back. As If it was necessary. Then she made her father get up and went to his seat and then again came back to her seat and continued the same process. I almost lost count of the number of times she did it because I was overtired.  I was almost asleep when this first grader stamped on my feet so hard that I almost screamed. Luckily the bus came to a halt and it was time to go. I jumped out of my seat and quickly paced towards the door.

It was over. After effects: Moody behavior, Pathetic and ever so nuisance creating head ache, irritation, screaming for no reasons, bad weekend. 

That’s exactly what kids can do to you. Evil souls they are sometimes don’t you think?

Sonshu <3
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Battle.

I am in a trance
Seeing a me, that I have wanted to see
When the sun shone it told me I was,
exactly what I'd  dreamed of being

My universe began falling in place,
for a while it was right as rain
But they say that things last not long
Soon I saw an end to this ecstasy

He was right there at the end of the room
Gawking at me,
I could feel his eyes pierce right through mine
and then he flew and he was right beside me
She fought with all her might,
to push away the blue eyed monster
Little did she know that reality beats dreams
Reality was evil

He crushed her into tiny pieces,
all that was left of her was ashes
She was broken into a million pieces,
and never was she sewn back
Now, that's the story of reality
Dear folks, understand that reality is a monster
All it cares about is proving its point,
and of course crushing your dreams
But you, can fight back.
I know you can, don't give up like her.
Destroy it and make those dreams come true. 

Sonshu <3

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