Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Do you know what's going to HAPPEN?

The other day, we'd been to an amusement park with my cousins and all. It was just a few days after one of my cousins marriage and she'd gone to her husbands place so it was just 4 cousins and our parents. All of us were looking forward to the swimming part of the trip. The aqua world in that place that is. We finished off with all our rides and entered the aqua world. 

Soon we were seen swimming and enjoying dancing to the beats in the pool. It was a hot summer afternoon, but that didn't stop anyone from swimming. We whiled our time roaming around the pool while I taught my brother how to swim. At the end of it, that is about two hours later we all were pretty exhausted and tanned. We got out of the water and I noticed my mehendi had vanished. I was actually pretty shocked at first, because before I entered the pool it was dark and totally present. (the mehendi). I didn't bother to give it much thought as to why it vanished. 

Later that day when we went back home I saw my little cousin brother coughing and I remembered he'd drank a little swimming pool water by mistake. And a little later his sister had small rashes on her hands. Funny right? I wondered what could be the cause. I immediately googled everything and was shocked to know the cause of all this was 'Chlorine'.

Right, so we've learnt a lot about chlorine in chemistry. I never liked it anyway. Its a pungent substance (terrible odour I tell you) , greenish yellow in colour and super yucky. So that day when I'd googled it, this is exactly what I came across :

- Chlorine causes problems like difficulty breathing, cough, spitting up blood, tightness in the chest, a blue discolouration of the skin, severe headache, nausea, vomiting and fainting. It also causes itchiness of the skin and irritation in the eye. But swimmers get used to this over a period of time usually.

Now tell me what problem it doesn't cause? Thats a question you definitely can't answer right!?

Chlorine is like a monster. A monster that shall kill you. That will weaken you. That will take away all your strength. 

Do you want that? 

No you don't!

They say chlorine helps us get rid of bacteria, but now the government officials are using it in huge amounts that even bacteria will be scared of it. Nowadays, chlorine is just trying to get rid of us. But what exactly does it do that shall get rid of us, you may ask right?

And if thats not enough, apparently we drink chemical water too. Water purifiers contain some chemicals. But what chemicals, WHO TELLS US? No one. Who bothers to ask? NO ONE. People wake up. Fight for your rights. Each of us have to know what goes in those purifiers. Why the government is using high amounts of chlorine everywhere? Sure, soon enough there wouldn't be one drop of clean and pure water. 

The water you and I drink is hardly water. It is a liquid filled with chemicals. Both of us are getting cheated. Who can we trust anymore? Everyone is corrupt. Trust only yourself, go ask them what chemicals they use. How they are allowed to use it. Is the water safe to drink? 

What are water borne diseases? Diseases that occur due to unhealthy and contaminated water. Most of us fall sick on week to week bases. The only person benefited is the doctor. Not us. The cause for your sickness can be the water. The contaminated water we drink, bath and swim in. I recently came across the fact that taking bath in hot water is bad because our water contains chlorine and other such chemicals which will only increase in concentration if the temperature is increased. So we are being denied of a hot water bath only because proper measures aren't being taken to combat excessive chemical use in water? This is just not right! Why aren't we doing anything. Thanks to this campaign that people can be made aware of ill effects of chemical-ified water we get. And that in future we're prone to cancer, kidney failure etc because of this. 

Now, you just sit and relax okay? After all we all want to die right? Thats what we're born for?


Oh then you want to live?

Then do something. We all should take a step. I took my step by blogging about it, spreading a message, putting forth my points of view. What have you done?


Then do something. Now. Its never too late. 

Do you know what's going to happen?

We're all going to be sick people in a few years. So make a change. SAY NO TO CHLORINE WATER. WATER in which you don't know what chemicals are present. Ask YOUR PURIFIERS is they follow international standards of purification. 

Thanks to Mr.Bejon Misra, he's surely going to make a change. Support his campaign. 
Blog. Tell a friend. Spread the message.


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  1. A very good take on "Chlorine" .. Nice information.. nd ur own experience with chlorine.. :)

    But, for indiblogger.. u must have linked the website here on under ur post.. so dat.. ppl may vote(indibloggers) for ur post :)

    Cheers ^_^

  2. Well,
    Something informative coming from you :p
    I like it!
    Great post, i must say!
    P.S: Swimming for long can cause a tan too :D
    I thought you had vanished from blogspot :) But nice to read your stuff after so long!
    How have you been?

  3. Lovely post, very good attempt.

    your spreading the message, good job.

  4. Good details about symptoms of chlorine toxicity & you wrote this article in a personal way this signifies your writing skills.keep it up.
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  5. Your post have some good details of chlorine about chlorine toxicity and you told it in a personal way..good command our your skills . i am just adding to this crusade against chlorine moment by my post Eye opening facts about water purifiers in market

  6. Very informative and inspiring to take action. Thanks.

  7. @Madhumathi: Thanks a ton! :P I did so now :P

  8. @Juhi: AHHAHA,
    and no i havent ever.
    just became a little droughted in between !:P

  9. @Admin: Thanks and I shall def check it out :P

  10. Its better to heat water and then use it for consumption. at our home,we always make it a point to boil water at home than use these Water purifiers. Its better to be safe than get ourselves accumulated to these chemically treated waters. Yes I agree that water tastes a bit different after we heat it, but I guess its better than facing a cancer.

    I think what we face on the pool is too dangerous as well. The whole while we discuss this, we should actually come up with solutions that will either replace or minimize to a large extent, the use of Chlorine. I posted the same comment here as i did on Pramod's post because of the similarities of the issue.

    Emphasis should be on how to reduce the chlorine content or getting rid of it at all from every form of water and consumption fluids.

  11. I never thought to question my drinking water or my usage of water... I knew that the swimming pool have chlorine, but... I guess it's because science have never been my favorite academic subject that I never bother to question stuff. Your post is lovely though. You definitely did a good of spreading the words. I give you props for that. Thanks to your post, I am now aware of what I'm facing as well.

  12. Very beautiful post encouraging the folks to take some initiative, thanks for sharing the info about Chlorine, keep up the good work.