Friday, May 20, 2011


I woke up to find myself petrified. There was someone standing next to my bed, my blurred vision wasn't helping much either. Slowly I began tracing your familiar silhouette only to find myself worried. Why were you in my room at this time of the night? I looked out of the window as the blackness of the eerie night crept onto me. You began striding towards me one step at a time. Each step of yours brought about a loud heartbeat of mine. 

Then, you crawled onto the bed advancing closer and closer. I lay still, in a state of delusion. And then I felt your hands grab mine and envelop them tightly like you'd never let me go. My beats grew faster and louder, I could almost hear them. Sweat drops trickled down my forehead landing on my vest. 

'Why are you here?' I heard myself mumbling.

You closed your palm on my mouth signaling me to stop talking, and I even obeyed. Then you made me get off the bed. We took exactly two steps forward, the sound of your shoes made the floor creak while my leg made a big thud on the ground in fear. 

The room suddenly illuminated and they all stood in front of me acting innocent. A huge grin on all your faces, it almost felt unreal! With a huge board which said, "Happy Birthday, we'll miss you! Don't leave us who'll we scare then?" and then I stood, my face flushed and then teary. Happy teary. Blessed is the word of the day.  

Sonshu ;)


And I'm back to being an irregular blogger. Very unfair innit? Sorry my lovely readers! Its just that college has re opened and the first weeks been a major 'Bomb'. And in between the reading books, going to college, travelling etc I miss out on blogging. Saaad. I wish we had unlimited number of hours a day. I mean seriously. Anyways since its 12th grade this year, its gonna be pretty much more busy than last year and it involves a lot of reading, so we're given a lot of book reading, reviews and all so I am totally enjoying it. To the fullest. :)

Now I'd promised Blackouts and a few other things. I'd even planned a picture post but seems like its not in fate for a while. I'll be really packed this week with dance and college. So prolly next week. Oh and my heartfelt apologies to those whose blogs I haven't been visiting! I miss reading all of you. I shall visit back soon, real soon!

The blogging world hasn't been that active either. Maybe its just as busy, haha. 
Coming to the point, I'm going to try write a haiku and probably if I do make it, I'll post it. Tons of posts coming up, when? I don't know. 
I solemnly swear to post at least once each week till July. :)
Tadaaaaahh! :) Cya soon. 
Oh and this is post 292 :)
My  note was a little Toooooo long. :P


  1. :)

    I guess I could finish reading your older posts, then :D
    292 is a lot of writing. :P

    Dont let the book worms bite. (if that madee an y sense) xD


  2. Sonshu,

    Good one. Keep your priorities right. Do keep writing or visiting as and when you can. I am also culprit that way.

    Take care

    PS : If you feel comfortable do drop a line. My id is in my profile.

  3. @BlueRoses: Hahaha :)Yeah sure do, id be pleased :)

  4. @Jack: Yep i know :P Im gonna read blogs :P

  5. Oooohhh.... the college life. I experienced a little of it last year, so I can understand how fast time can slip between your fingers at times. Nonetheless, I am proud that you are actually looking forward to reading all those text assignments. You are one dedicated student indeed. Study hard! XD

    (I apologize for my inactivity too. I haven't been visiting your blogs because of some inconveniences, but I promise to do better next time. If not, I'll just have to catch up like this time and you'll just have to deal with my comments all at once. ^^ I hope you won't mind!)

  6. @Shawty: yes I am :P
    I surely will drop by soon!

  7. You have a wonderful way of building up the tension -- perfect for writing thrillers :)

  8. reallly dats a vry sweet post....i mean it is so so sweet
    nd u alwaz say u r teenager nw, bt dunno aftr reading ur post jst d wrd "kiddo" gets out of ma mind
    (i apologise if u dnt lyk it bt dint get ne odr wrd)

    cheers :)