Sunday, May 1, 2011

7. Waaants are unlimited.

In economics we learnt that wants are unlimited. Human wants that is. But we get to satisfy our wants based on many things- priorities, economy etc.

Now, coming to the 10 day challenge, i skipped doing it yesterday. *Sigh*

7 Wants.

7. More Books: I can't ever stop wanting books. No matter how many I own, its not the greediness, its just the pride of owning a book. Its just book lovers, can't help but want to own a book than use the library. :P

6. Library: In continuation to the previous want, I love to own books also because I do plan to own and start a library some day :) Its always been a dream.

5. BlackBerry: As I said in my technology post, I want a BB. I mean, all my friends have one, why shouldn't I? And BBMing would be so cool, especially with this one particular friend. :) 

4. Writer: I want to become a better writer :) I think I have a long way to go with my writing. 

3. Writing a book: You all know I've wanted to write a book always. And I shall do it. Maybe not now, but then later in life. Once I'm more mature and once I'm done with degree. 

2. Meet Shiamak, Shahrukh and other people I waaaant to meet

1. Dancer. (Accomplished. Choreographer. Well versed in all forms of dance)


P.S: Oye. PEOPLE. Im stopping the challenge now. I really cant do it now, cuz I have SO MUCH to write (: Haha.


  1. hmmm a lot of wants cn say, bt u vl definitely be a better writer nd dancer(though i hv nvr seen u dance only abt writing i knw.

    cheers :)

  2. @Aspirant : THANKYOUUU so much :)

  3. There's nothing wrong with desiring entertainment and knowledge. :) I too am greedy for more books. XD