Thursday, April 28, 2011

T-e-c-h-n-o Beat Babay! :)

Yeah Techno?
No not music. Technology Beat. The sound you hear in your head when you see these glittering things called gadgets. I'm not this technology or gadget freak, but we all have something we'd like to own some day don't we? Well, I do too. This weeks GT is about technology. Like seriously ;)

 I own essential gadgets. Ones required for existence. I love my phone, mp3 and lappie. They mean the world to me. I think I'd love to own a professional camera. But I'd take a long time to decide which one but for the time being I seriously want to own a Black Berry.

Yes, BB Bold 3. Who doesn't want to own one? But there are some gadgets that you can only dream of isn't there? (: BBB3 is like that for me. Everyone knows having a BB is like owning a pet, its like your own sibling. Its very addictive. But then, i don't want one now, cuz I have seen some serious BB addicts. And I wouldn't wanna go there now. But someday I'd like to be a BB owner. A BB Bold owner.

A professional camera. A DSLR. Its every amateur photographer's dream to own one. Isn't it? But I've been wanting it since like forever. I love capturing stuff. Be it a chaiwala, the lady on the road selling chains or leaves. I just love it. And a 12 megapixel cam is just not enough at times. It just doesn't capture the essence of the moment like how you want it too always. But who's cribbing? Im happy for now. But in the future I definitely want one. Currently I'm eyeing Canon EOS D550. And also Canon EOS 5D Mark II :)

So I'm not a tech freak but we all are things freak. And we wanna own something. Fact. Hence dear angel, please grant my wishes if you think I've been a good girl all year.  :) Haha so cheesy. Enough with it know? Okay. Till next time.


Girl Talk. :) Just makes blogging fun. (:


  1. I owned two BB phones here in America. One is BB Pearl and BB Tour but my BB Tour got wet from the rain last year (though it's still working) so I switched to Samsung Galaxy S phone. I sent all my BB phones to my sister. Mine is up My GT Entry.

  2. I've always wanted a professional camera too. :) It has always been one of those 'wanted' things on my WANTED List. Before I own a digital camera of my own, I thought that any camera would do and in a way, a camera works fine, but.... There's just something about being a fan of photography that doesn't cut it with a simple camera. I hate it whenever my digital camera fails to capture what I want. I hope one day we can both own a professional camera though. XD

  3. :) every blogger wants to have a DSLR! thanks for droppin' by my site :)

  4. My gosh, I would have loved a camera upgrade!

  5. camera again, dami na talaga tayong naglalaway sa camera

  6. @Haze: You had two BBs? And here im struggling to get one!! HAHAHA

    thats sad ?! :(

    but Samsungs hot too!

  7. @Shawty: See exactly! I was making the same point! :) There you go. So im not an idiot. Yes, we both will own one. (:

  8. @bee: Who doesnt ? ;)
    thanks for dropping by too!

  9. @Shydub: I dont get philipines. So i translated. :)

  10. i want to own a BB too someday!

    Come and see my dream gadget. Never hesitate to drop by my STREET.

    Happy GT!

  11. Sonsh.. :) remember me. ? Nia here. :D
    heehee.. nice one.. :) I own a bb bold :P :P :P
    You can have mine.. I wanted pearl :)

  12. Every professional, was once an amateur. Does it matter? Sometimes a professional equipment itself catapults our stride towards professionalism. Go get a DSLR =)

    I want the BB that US Prez has, they say it has more games and a button to nuke places :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  13. another DSLR? wow, this really is one hot stuff, lol!

    mine's HERE by the way..

  14. @Simply: We all do :( sigh. I HOPE WE CAN! :P

  15. @Nia: Ya right :P dummy, course i remembah you :)

  16. @peachkins: Me toooo!! :( :)

  17. @BA: I shall, once i start earning. Haha :) that'll be in a few years or so. :P

    that one? LOL.

  18. @Kim: Yesss. Another DSLR. hahaha :) will stop by!

  19. so many little time :)
    here's my gt entry:

  20. I know what you mean about the BB addiction. I don't own one yet but I already feel like it's something I must have. And when I have it, I know I'll be stuck. Haha.

    Thanks for dropping by. Happy GT!

  21. your entries, my dear, always make me smile. :)

    i don't get the thing for mobiles, maybe it's because i've chucked out mine a couple of years ago and have been phone-less since.

    but i totally have to agree on the camera. it's essential for blogging. like life-and-death essential. really (i'm just convincing myself so i'd go out and buy me a better one. LOL)

    i hope you get your dream gadgets sooner than soon!