Saturday, April 30, 2011

Money turns the world around.

I think...
draw the line between money and girls.

Note: The other day I was reading the newspaper and I came across this article where this guy exploited the girl and in turn she had received money. I was astounded since this wasn't a case of rape, but of prostitution. How can girls agree to sell themselves just for money? We've seen so many cases like this!
Through this black out poetry I mean, there should be a line drawn between money and girls. And this line should be drawn by the human race in general. 



  1. i def agree w/this!!!!! horrid stuff. anyway i am vry happy u hv been blogging so much recently :)) wut?? 6 posts in 3 days! thats so awesome :) keep up the awesome posts :D

  2. True.
    We should be blamed for whats happening, lovely post.

  3. @Zoe: HAHA, i know right? ITS JUST THE SUDDEN obsession!
    LOL. thanks!

  4. @Anon: Yeah :P HEHEHE. glad you agree.

  5. Okay I just wanted to write 'Very good post and a very good attempt at blackout poetry'

    But then today I noticed a veeeery big Leave your comment instruction and I thought that a single line to such a big request?

    But then I don't have much more to say. :P

    So a pat on your back. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. @BA: lol. I cant help it. I talk too much:)

    Oh and thanks a lot :)

  7. dats really a big topic yaar....yeah u r ryt one shud dram d line bt systems nt goin to chnage by 1 or 2 persons, bt yeah we cn spread d thing....
    a vry nice atempt agains this evil....

  8. (Sigh) Like the government cares enough to add more concerns onto their plate. Drawing a line between money and girls is the least of their worries as well as for the people. With all these big world thing going on and plummeting economy, the only one that is mindful enough to get work up over this is people like us who actually have morals and values. I love your photo though. Real men will not use their money to buy girls.