Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Letter I'd Never Send.

Disclaimer: This post, is very opinion based. You may not like it. But sometimes we all like to talk and voice our opinions. All that matters is that at the end of the day is peace. love. happiness. 

Dear Whomsoeverthismayconcern,

I wouldn't know how to start this no matter how hard I thought, because this is so important to me. Why, you may ask? I'd like to start explaining a certain philosophy if I may call it, that I was told once. Scientific theories, technical glitches can all be explained, but there's one thing that cannot be explained sometimes not matter how hard you try and that is emotions.We feel so many things. We have so many emotions. We develop a million prejudices. I want to tell you about emotions, about our society, about what I've understood, and about what I'm yet to understand.

We all phase problems. All of you have gone through this phase in your life where you felt very down because of someone or something. Its only natural. But have you ever felt that this particular issue builds up on you and just over powers you? It begins to creep on you and rule your world? Happens. You feel agitated, irritated and more like punching someone so hard. It all just happens. But this stupid overpowering thing, should be nipped when its still not fully grown. Kill it, cut it, get rid of it. Show it that you are stronger.

This world is a male dominant one. Men are utmost important. In our society, a widow or a divorcee is always looked down upon. People don't consider what happens to a woman when she is put through so much torture. When she is looked down upon by the society. Men, get away with all the mistakes they make only because no one cares. Do they ever see, what it has taken the women to get justice? Do they try to understand why she did  what she did? No. Of course not. What if a lady makes the same mistakes? She'd be punished severely. That is the state of our society. And it always has been, it'll change, provided 'miracles happen'. 

Whomsoeveritmayconcern, I'm telling you, this world is a confused place. Its so damn confusing that one day you might wonder what your doing here. Everyone is selfish. Everyone is self centered in our world. People only care about themselves. But there is one person, I can tell you, who you CAN trust. She will love you to her hearts extent, she'll give you all that she has and still not want anything. She's your mother. Honestly, mothers are like a form of God on earth. They are probably the only politically right people as you may call it. You might say she loves your sibling more, or whatever, but actually she is capable of giving equal love to everyone. Value her. 

Recently a friend of mine, her mother passed away. And believe me, it was rather sudden. No one expected it. Its rather shocking. I had tears in my eyes when I heard the news. What I wondered was, how on earth would my friend be able to stand straight? How on earth would she be able to breathe when her mom isn't? I can't imagine. Its the world's saddest thing, and people who make it through are the strongest ones. Hats off. 

Okay, this letter wasn't meant to scare you away or anything. Nor is it depressing, its just facts. And things I wanted to tell you Whomsoeveritmayconcern. Its just how the world tends to be when you look through a magnifying glass. 

There are other sides to the world too. Happy ones. Sometimes it gives you all that you want. You feel overwhelmed, joyous, like the happiest person alive. For a kid, a candy makes her feel that happiness, for you it may be love and for some others it might be material. Happiness is subjective. What I may find happy might not make you happy. Just how in economics they say, what 'goods' I find harmful, you may find useful.

Now, how to achieve happiness. 

I've learnt, there are two types of happiness. 
-The small happiness
-The big happiness.
Explaining in detail, the small happiness is basically the momentary or short period of time wala happiness. It lasts for a small time. This type of happiness can be : the happiness we get when we buy a phone or when we eat our favourite food.
The big happiness on the other hand is this particular thing that gives you 'happy' (like its a medicine or something) so much that your world is made. Its like achieving this happiness is tough. Trust me discovering what can give you this itself takes ages, getting to it will take a few more ages. But its all worth it. Let me tell you a secret, we were all born to find this thing that makes us super happy and our aim in life is actually to achieve it. 

There are certain people that have achieved this happy, but are still not happy. Now lets NOT talk about such people (: Haha.

So let me conclude this letter by saying the world is a confused place. An this was just the beginning. There's a hell lot more I'd like to say. We'll see about that in the next letter to come.

Till next time.
Lots of Love,
Yours truly,

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  1. this was an amazing post, i love it how you dont just write inspiring posts for the sake of it, you write it becuz you believe in it.

    nxt time, spell check ;)
    thank you for this.

  2. Wow! thats such a nice post!
    Loved it all the way!

  3. Nice blog. Hope it figures in our June survey, but won't make a judgement now. In the meantime, 'spotting!' it.
    All the best.

  4. I love the pinkness of your blog. :| Wanna steal it!

  5. hey sonshu
    i'm away frm blogger frm a long tym bt din't expect such a sweet post frm u wen i comebck.......
    well, u hv expressd d mst imp facts of our society nd lyf in d easiest way possible. I mean u said such serious things with a gr8 simplicity nd dats really remarkable.
    ur thoughts r growing with you...
    Nd i agree dis wrld is a damn confusing place lyk a riddle who solves it get d mega prize ;)

    just lovd dis post...

    cheers :)

  6. @Zoe : THANKYOUUU so much. It feels so nice to know that youve inspired someone! :)

  7. IndianTopBlogs: Thats like so sweeet.


  8. @Aspirant: Thats majorly sweet you know?

  9. @Anon: Thankyouuu so much panki :P