Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Girls and Clothes. Friends forever (:

Girls and clothes. There's some connection. Its always been there, maybe we're born to be clothes obsessed.  This weeks GT topic was something you proudly own or something you'd wanna own. And I was so happy reading the topic because I have a major shopping for clothes obsession.
Of course, i'm totally obsessed with so many Gossip Girl clothes which I'd wanna own some day. But currently the stuff I need to buy asap and which I totally wanna own are.

1. Summer dress- Ever since summer began I've been wanting to get myself this cute little summer dress, you know the colourful oh so pretty ones. I so lack one for the time being, but I shall shortly get myself one. We al love to own a summer dress don't we?

2. Floral- The one in the picture's from Westside. I've gotten this sudden like for flowers and floral prints, i think if put the right way they look super super awesome. And this particular floral dress totally caught my eye when I was browsing the net last week. And since then, i've been going on and on.

3. Puffed sleeve dress - The blue dress in the picture isn't how I exactly want my puffed sleeve dress to be. I'd want it to be somewhat green, the cute green. And have a small belt sorta thing. Don't you think puffed sleeves are so amazing? They make a dress look more royal-ish.

4. White wrinkled shirt - Honestly speaking white, i don't usually like. But white is pretty hot and all and wrinkled shirts are even hotter, pair em with the right jeans and your set for a movie day out. I definitely need one of those as soon as I can lay my hands on them.

What'd you think?

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Sonshu. <3


  1. I want a white tee shirt too. I think the summer dresses are pretty.
    Looking forward to more posts.

    -Do visit my blog back.


    -Confessions of a Shopaholic. Heheehe xD <3

  3. @Poulomi: Aaawwww. HAHAHHA XD :)

  4. large prints are soo fun! if ever i get addicted to wearing dresses, you'll most probably see me in those :D

    nice picks, love the wrinkled shirt best :D