Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Choices. (:

*Accio Clothes. *

If only Accio existed how easy would life have become?  


If Obliviate existed, imagine the state of the world, the state of us. We'd all be in a totally horrendous shape, with of course corruption at its peak. 

Dammit, why does everything have to have pros and cons. Why is it we have so many choices and we're expected to chose the right one? Recently, a few books I've read have taught me:

*Forgiving someone who's hurt you the most, is like climbing Himalayas, but at the end of it your a winner.
*Everyone learns something from each relationship. 
*People make mistakes. MANY. PLENTY. TONS. But, little do they learn from it.
*Humans believe a lot in what they "hear", than what they actually see. Hence gossip-mongers are successful. 
*Everyone lies. White or Black. A lie is a lie. Imagine the number of sins?!
*Determination leads to Success which eventually leads to pride. But what actually matters the most is remaining humble no matter what.
*Humans fear. They fear every single thing in their life.
*Prince charming - he doesn't exist.
*World = Cruel. People = Inhuman.
We gotta change that!

But he's family after all.
He never was, was he?
Biology speaks for everything,
Mistakes were made, some unforgivable.
All he wants is a second chance?
What if? , But..?
Just give it a try.
He spoiled your life.
People change. Maybe he has.
He'll just be the same old jerk.

Why are there two roads?
I wish they'd merge somewhere
Why should I make choices?
I wish there weren't options

If only my life hadn't turned upside down,
I probably would see what was right and what was not.
If only I had the courage to stand up against the world,
I'd show them that it ain't no tear
I'd show 'em all what I was,
I'd show them who I wanted to be.
I'd show them, I ain't scared. 
So let them come,
We shall see. 
For I have achieved closure

 Gyaan: *Achieving Closure : approaching a particular destination; a coming closer; a narrowing of a gap, solving of a problem, taking control of the situation.


  1. I too need to read...impressive gyaan

  2. Closure? so soon? you must be a genius to have got that far so soon.

    Well, that is something time would decide, but if this is giving you the energy to push back the world when it tries to get on you, keep pushing!!


    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. Nice blog. Thanks for visiting mine. I can see we have perspectives in common. I'll follow you on Twitter so we can stay in touch.

  4. Whoops, you aren't on Twitter. Too bad. I'm following you on Google friend connect.

  5. To explain my last comment, when I clinked on the link on your page for following you on Twitter, Twitter said that your Twitter page didn't exist.

  6. good one sonshu ... :) coming here after a long time and this place has changed a lot deariee

  7. Interesting post. Something to think about...

  8. Sonshu,

    Very witty but factual.

    Take care