Thursday, April 28, 2011

9. Loves *hearts*

9. Facebook: I totally think that facebook is awesome. Honestly, I am not kidding okay? It helped me reunite with many long lost friends. I was addicted to it. Facebook makes a life an awesomer place. But it also gets you addicted once in a while and the addiction is super intoxicating.

8. Blogging: Ive been blogging for two years and not once have I felt the need to stop blogging. Why? It gives me a medium to express my thoughts and feelings. Blogging is like writing a book. Except, you don't know if it will ever end. (: Blogging is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. 

7. Writing letters: I have had the weird obsession with writing letters. But the fact being I've never actually posted a letter. So its pretty funny. I write so many letters in books, diaries, blog posts but I have never written to anyone. :) Hence I shall write. Soon.

6. SD: I shall not talk any more about SD. Everyone knows how much I love him, he changed my life, his academy changed my life.

5. Photography: Taking pretty pictures is something which makes your day. You feel so happy that youve taken such awesome pics and trust me you can go for hours admiring them, looking at them.

4. Books: You know right. Actually you know a lot about me, I louuuu books. I plan to own a library some day. And Sonshufact: I am called a mini library by my friends cuz I own more than 200 books already. 

3. People: There are certain people in my life whom I love more than anything. Who? Well thats a secret but yes, they are special because they mean the world to me. 

2. Writing: Writing is the one of the loves of my life, it just makes me a whole new person, takes me to a whole new world and gives me power.

1. Dancing: Obviously dancing comes on top of my list of loves. Nothing can beat it ever. Dancing just does this thing to you, it takes you to paradise, shows you that your the star, makes you feel happier, stronger, and keeps you smiling. It does so many good things to you. Its like air. Like oxygen. I really wonder how life would be without dance. I wouldn't wanna think. <3 


P.S: My Blogs fb page. Have you seen it yet?

Oh and 10. Secrets? was the first post in the challenge. Check it out.

Oh and Ive lately become obsessed again with posting hence so many posts so tune in soon :)

Btw, I challenge all of you to take up this challenge.
The Aspirant, Shawty, Zoe, Ayu, Blasphemous Aesthete, Pesto Sauce, Polo and whoever is willing to take it up :P


  1. Wow,i love the book lovers, its interesting to read that you own 200Books.


  2. OMG, i have more than 200 books too. :D

  3. thanks for tagging me iv taken it up and will start in a couple of hours :) and in each of the things you loved i either nodded approvingly or thought "omg same!". lovely post :)

  4. well i really too bad in doin tags, bt vl definitely take this one very soon....

  5. @Syed: Thanks so muuuuch :) Hahaha I love reading. A lot.

  6. @Polo: And I just cant get enuf. :P

  7. @Zoe: Glaaad. :)
    Checked it out. Will commmenttt in a while :P

  8. @Aspirant: Youve done many i tagged you in. Please do :)

  9. Oh gosh... lolx... all right, all right. Since you tagged me with the challenge, I will be sure to do it. Thus, look forward to it. XD

  10. I'll get to it sometime soon. But nice passions? I wish I could repeat all with just one. SLEEPINGGGG!!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  11. @Shawty: Suree :)Looking fwd to reading it :) soon enuf!

  12. @AYU: yesss. Yusss. yipeee. It is :)

  13. @BA: yes, sometime soon:P SLEEPING? oohhh. i FORGOT that ;)