Saturday, April 30, 2011

8. Aaaaaah I'm so scared?!!

This post is going to be fun. (: I know. Haha :)

8. Cockroach: I cant stand them. They're so irritating, they move so fast, look so scary and are so weiiiird. In a bad way.

7. Flying ants: Who won't hate them? You cant even run away from they, they can damn fly and follow you around. So itchy and eeky. Baah. :P

6. Snakes: Okay, the thought of them can make me shiver. Theyr're so so so damn haunting, they gimme the jitters and cold shivers. Their long body sliding through. Aaaaack.

Fear is only in the mind. But we humans, just can't get over it!
5. Bees : Okay, they maybe pretty photogenic and give us honey and all, but they're evil. They sting you. Bees are like so cute, especially bumblebees but only in photos on google or flickr. Not in real. They scare me. Not much. But a little.

4. Heights : I have a light fear of heights, but I wanna do skydiving some day. Contradicting? I wanna get over my fear. I dont want my heart to skip 5 beats every time I'm on the 16th floor.

3. Losing people: I have this strange fear of losing people close to me :( I don't know why. As in not death, just not having them in MY life any more. I have strange feelings at times. Scares me. I fear it.

2. Did I mention INSECTS? :p Any sort. :P Scorpions. Tailed. Tail-less. Colour. Colourless.

1. Lizard: I can't talk anymore. I might just puke. End. :)


Hahaha, hope you'll have taken up the challenge. (: And are going strong. 


  1. nice post yaar
    nice to you some thing that u don't like....
    some of them are common to lot of people
    for me its losing people

  2. Have you left any insect aside?

  3. Same to same.
    Cockroaches and every insects in this world should just die ><

  4. @Chirag: Thankkyouu so much :P ahahha insects.

    aawwww, most of us feel the same

  5. @Polo: THEY ARE EVIL. hahaha. (:

  6. Lolx.... Your posts are funny, but I can understand your fears. Too bad I fail with my challenge and can't pull through. Seems you're doing an excellent job of continuing yours though. I hate lizards too. Heights is a big no-no for me. And about losing people... I feel you. For some reasons, I'm not scare of snake. 0__0 I mean, I guess I am afraid of them when they're poisonous, but I don't have a FEAR toward them. Insects... to some level. :)