Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10. Secrets?

I came across this random challenge online. You know how I love challenges dont you? Hence I took it up ofcourse. (: So I gotta post 10 days and write about the above ten things. :P 

Ten. Secrets? First promise me to keep shut. About my secrets that can change the course of the world. Kidding. Okay I'll stop being cheesy.

Like seriously, i found the pic cute okay. Now shhhh.

10. I love shrek. Though many of you think he's ugly and all, I have a soft corner for the ogre. Don't ask me why?

9. PDA is definitely not cool. It just is totally desperate, I mean all you wanna say to those people is Get a room. Like seriously, don't they have better places than public in front of thousands of people to romance? Haha, XD.

8. I'm obsessed with bags. All sorts. Dont ask me how many I own, seriously. 
I can totally give you million excuses and justify myself. (:

7. I want to dance all my life. As a career. I want dance to be my life. <3

6. Pink, its just ewwww. :P Except a certain shade that is super hot. 
And associating girls with pink is totally wrong.

5. I've always wanted to be a doctor. If not for chemistry, physics and maths, I would have even tried to be one. But I just cant stand those subjects.

4. I hate lizards. They disgust me to the core of disgusting-ness. Their yucky eyes. Creepy crawly tail and slimyness. Its just so yuck. I cannot stand them.

3. I've watched Step Up 2 -35 times, Harry potter and the philosophers stone - 20 times, Twilight - 15 times and I've read the Twilight Saga over 50 times. Fact (:

2. I would die without dancing, I stayed a whole month without dancing because of my injured leg and believe it or not, it was the worst month of my life.

1. I don't believe in fairytales anymore. Sad fact.



  1. Thank you for visiting my blog AND following. XD I am here to return the favor and love. :) Your blog is really cute. I love your posts and the way you write. I'm looking forward to reading more blog posts from you. ^^

  2. hey well some r really strange truths like ur nt liking pink nd step up-2 35 tyms is really a limit.....
    but y hv u stopped believeing in fairytales ??? :(
    Dat thing really defines u, the real sonshu....

  3. Shawty: Aaaww, thanks so much. Thats super sweet of you. :) Looking forward to reading more of you too. (: hehehe

  4. @Aspirant: Yeah..I dont like pink. Except for certain shades. Like the one on my blog, and another one. :)

    And about fairytales. Maybe I just got hit by reality.

  5. Shrek is waaay too Cute :D
    and Lizards should just dieee ><

    I used to believe in fairytales. Then life happened. :|

  6. @Poulomi: HHAHA. i agreeee. SAME PINCH.

    true story.