Saturday, February 12, 2011

Poisonous Craft

She dismembered him
And watched him bleed 
And a pernicious laughter echoed
It was the beginning of an end...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Humpty Dumpty

This is a painting I came across on a photosite .
All rights to the painter/owner. :) Pic isnt mine. Credits to where the pic was gotten from wasnt put!

Hovering over fantasy land
Unavoidable desires for toys
Making everyday so special
Problems all seem distant
Time in plenitude possession
Yearning for that love

Desires change, with time
Until the innocence stays
Mistakes take that away
Problems rising when unnecessary 
Trolls begin haunting nights
Your cycle of life

Written for Acrostic Only

My Analysis : So basically this acrostic depicts a child and compares it with adults or what we grow up to be. As children we are so innocent and fragile but we grow up to be weird and totally different people. Keeping in mind this concept, I wrote this one. I'm explaining this one because I want to put across what I thought while writing.

There is a pun on the word toys. Now toys to children are probably everything. They eat, sleep and breathe toys when they are young and once we become adults the same toy has a different meaning. We often toy around with emotions, people etc and end up hurting others and ourselves. Ive also used the word desire to show the difference in desires with change of time. The rest is for you to understand. I wanted to explain this in detail because I intended for the theme to be put across :)