Friday, December 30, 2011

Lessons of life.

Vacations are not all about fun and shopping. It counts for a lot more than that. It teaches you lessons and things about yourself and your lifestyle. 


I'm back from what seems like a short week because I've really had the time of my life on this short vacation that I went on. It was like a total stress buster, with so many exams that are waiting in the new year for me, I really needed a break. This trip though taught me so many things that I'd like to reflect upon now. Some of them have been great lessons and values that I've learnt and others some realizations I made. 

What touched me the most is seeing how some people get happiness and try to obtain joy from the littlest of things in life. They'll be happy swinging on two of their mother's dupattas, they'll be overjoyed playing with a can of oil using it as a car. And those people who are so concerned about every drop of water and drink it like its the last they'll get. Its all been such a lovely learning for me and I think from then on I have begun looking at the smallest things from a different point of view. 

Someone gives you two clips for Christmas, be happy because maybe that's all they can give you but the thought matters. It isn't necessary that everyone can afford to buy you a versace bag. Yes, I got lots of gifts this christmas, some in cash and others in material. Shoes, bags and what not. The two teeny clips that I got made me happy two because the person who gave them to me, atleast thought of me? And that makes me happy. I met this cheerful guy who survived on making Bhel Puri at the beaches, on asking he said that he earns about 150 rupees a day on an average and that too not every day, only during weekends. On weekdays its way lesser. But the way he found joy was in serving people, singing 'Main toh Bhel puri kha raha tha' and other such songs.

Another lesson learnt is the fact that people who live on roads and have minimum facilities are way better people and have a bigger heart than those who live in gigantic bungalows. The latter would never give a damn if you've hurt your feet and need to wash it off but the first would invite you in and even go along and get a band-aid. Its like that. The latter don't realize value of things, value of money often but the first they know the value of every speck of rice they eat. They are more humane. 

Having a bed to sleep on every night, tea that you drink in the evening, a hug you get every morning from your mother, a hand made card from your brother and so much more. It matters...

As I've mentioned, so much learnt, so much to say but I'm currently still retrospecting and its been a lovely procedure I must tell you. 


Moral of the week: Treasure every single thing you have, every person who's a part of your life and every hug you receive. 


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Friday, December 23, 2011

Rockstar Giver. New Reformist.

Courtesy:, Courtesy: PeeVee :)

Hello there folks. :) 

Just to let you know holidays have begun starting today and I'll sadly for the blog and happily for me be leaving. Yes, I'm going out of station for a bit. Will miss you people like lots and your posts more. Oh and blog shop starting in Jan! How many of you'll are interested in buying accessories hand picked by me? And some of my DIYs too? At super affordable rates of course. Tell me if you are and what you'd like to see if any in particular so I can go shopping for you'll! I can't wait for it. You can mail me too if you want anything specific. But I already have a few items gathered up for grabs.

Now I'm working on a story that I thought I'll schedule but decided otherwise so wait for it, I'll complete it and then post it after I'm back. 

In other news, I haven't watched Breaking Dawn yet. Hides face in shame. (That was embarrassing.) Have got to watch Don 2 and Desi Boyz. I wonder when I'll stop being so lazy and actually watch something. Thinking about it college has been keeping me busy. 

Oh and let me tell you something. I kinda didn't make this a new year resolution but I did it. So I was one of those people who would chew and bite their nails. But voila, good news. I am a reformed nail biter. I have LET GO of that disgusting habit recently and have begun seeing the likes of nail paint on my finger nails! I've even started nail art and stuff. So hooooraaah. I'm really happy to be ending the year with such an awesome change. Don't you think? I used to hate that habit of mine, I'm done with it now. 

I haven't scheduled any posts but do keep reading if you haven't been doing so for the past few posts. I'm going to be back with a hell lot of outfit posts for sure and much more to share. 

Oh and I didn't reply to comments for the last two posts SO SORRY!!! Will do once I get back. :) 

See you on 30th people.  


This is a small random outfit that I's worn when I went out with friends, to McD in particular and a little roaming around that we do.  This was a month's back though :P Some of these just don't get featured on the blog you know.

Wearing: Denizen All We Need is Love Tee, Levis Jeans, Reebok Tote, Warmers - made by self, Loafers, Bracelets- local shops, Rockstar attitude: Self. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ruffle me down pink.

Have you heard of writer's block? Same old non sense eh? Well not really, usually a writer's block kind of inspires me to push myself to write more but this time it just isn't happening. So i've been complaining and trying to write a post ever since I woke up today. But in vain of course.

It was a chilly mundane Sunday morning and all I asked for was some quiet but the day was anything but that. Nonetheless as it touches midnight, I finally gather the courage to write a post when my writing is not at its best.  The whole day I roamed around, skipping and hopping with my camera. Old reunited with love. And if you don't know yet, let me tell you I am not writing a letter to Santa this time because everyone seems to be doing so, it becomes too boring you know after a while. :P I've hand written it though.

Coming to an outfit post, this was a random outfit I did.

Disclaimer: The 'Bun' Love doesn't end okay, bear with me. I promise to show you new hairstyles SOON.

Taking Red Handed's suggestion into consideration, this week I've been playing with layers. And I think layers is something that people assume doesn't suit all body types, but that's not the case. It all depends on how you pair them together. Wear 3 different tee's and a parka and you are bound to look like a ball. So what I've done here is done a 2 simple layer thing. 

Wearing:Black netted shrug, Ruffled tube top, Pink Spaghetti dress from Local Boutique. Multi coloured chain from Ayesha. Colourful bracelets all from Brigade road. Head piece made by self. Yellow bun band from Tibetean market. 

For people like me, on the heavier side, they say ruffles don't look good but when you layer it, always layer it with something contrastingly straight. So the ruffles and the straight work together to retain your shape. Also it's always advisable to wear knee length, but that doesn't stop us from experimenting with accessories and stuff. Now when you layer always do so like with a trench coat and a vest. I'd say a don't do would be an oversized tee and a blazer, that'll just bloat your image. So I usually avoid such combinations.

Now a commonly asked question is : 'Will I look plump when I wear dresses?' Well I don't believe so because I wear a lot of dresses. One good trick that helps is using a belt to accentuate your strengths. As I always say, showcase your strengths and keep your weaknesses in the shadows. 

This was just a basic on layering, I'll do more as I do more outfit posts. And for those who look forward to writing, I'm so sorry but I'll be back soon. Next post hopefully.

There goes. IGNORE THE SPELLING MISTAKE in the last pic. With the blogspot. I was in a hurry and I'm kind of sleepy. Have been down with fever the whole week so excuse me.

Love and more love

P.S: Any particular post you'd like to see?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday calls for flea market.

Hello Fantabulous readers.

Disclaimer: This is an image heavy post. 4 kgs to be precise. :P LOL.

Yes, It was a Sunday yesterday and you know we all love Sundays. You must be wondering why I'm stating the obvious? Well, have you ever felt like you are crazily high on shopping? All the time? We should totally form a group. [As I always say] Anyway, yesterday was one such day for me. Have you ever heard of Sunday Soul Sante? Its this awesome flea market of sorts. Music. Fun. Shopping. Art and what not. Before I say anymore you should have a look at this. 

I've posted a few of the gazillion pictures I took. Can you see what you missed out? If you weren't at Bangalore or if you missed out because of whatever reason, its sad. Really. 

I loved the variety of colours, vibrant people, lovely food, coconut express and the lovely fresh lime, tacos, lovely bands, great bags, good bargains and whatnot. It's one potpourri of craziness. Oh and if I forgot, the puppies. Adopt a puppy thing. I almost took one home, just the last minute thought of consequences and certain people's allergy and I had to leave the poor thing behind. Some day I will have you baby. And if you have a pet, Do Not Tell Me. OKAY? please. 

If you still are wondering what the Soul Sante is? Here's an insight, from their page: 

The first event was held on 19th September 2010, the brain child of Asha Rao, this awesome Sante is held on a second Sunday about 4 times a year in Palace Grounds (home to lovely flea markets as this). It showcases art, music and food. The very best in all you can ever ask for. 

Enough huh? Don't even ask me what I bought? Shopped like peanuts. Though it was all pretty small and compact hence it fit in the supposed eco friendly newspaper bag. Oops, you didn't see what I wore yet right? So here's the outfit.

Trend Tip: Red is totally the colour of the season. Buns are my favourite somehow and they seem to go with everything.

Wearing: Red Handmade band, Black and Grey turtleneck scarf, Hand painted metal necklace, Red dress worn as top, Blue Knee Length jeans, Black Zara shirt, Versace bag. :) My clogs didn't feature. How sad.

Random people sort of stopped me and told me they loved what I wore and many people loved the brief case like Versace bag. :) Ah, what lovely people at the fair. And just so you know, It was pretty cold but not over the top cold hence i didn't just want to wear a dress. 

[Will do a special shoot for the Versace bag soon.]

What do you think? Oh and I promise you'll see lesser buns. Sorry for the obsession but its very thrilling and chic. :)

So tell me what you thought of it and if you visited the Sante? I'll surely post a reminder next time it comes around. Tell me if there are any fairs or flea markets coming up in Bangalore soon? Pleasseee. :P

Till next time
Sonshu :)

P.S: Send me pictures of yourself to be featured in the Fashion Falooda Section. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Flowers and Colours have no bounds.

 Ah. Ah. Ah.

Is that all I have to say after such a long break? And no I did not die, nor was I being tortured by exams. Its just December seems to be a busy month with so much happening. We had our sports day and then I had my dance show. Class party coming soon as well as Christmas party and then vacations. I love December but its sad I didn't get to blog. I missed my Blogoversary which was on December 1st. Its been 3 years and this blog has evolved. From small fonts to bigger fonts, from random posts to more sensible posts and fashion blogging. That's it, I shall shield my senti emotional stuff for the time being. Because I have so much more to say.

First: I missed you'll. Cliche? Well. I didn't miss you'll. Happy?
Second: I am so glad to be back and I hope I've read all your posts, tell me if I haven't okay? I'm trying to do my best.
Third: I am an idiot. I can see you nodding there. Before I punch the teeth off your skull stop it. :P Yes, I can be evil, live with it.

I've totally missed sharing my daily outfits with you guys. So here I am with an array of posts, outfits and what not, you'll be seeing me more often buddies.

What I'm wearing: Random Floral Top, Black double belt, Fab India Ceramic Necklace (Hand Painted), Crafty Colourful Bracelet. Three of the set bracelet from Pondicherry, Earrings from Kolkata, Mojri like chappals from flea market, Wallet from God Knows Where?, Jeans from Mustard. 

P.S: Ignore the weirdly weird poses okay?

Tell me what you think of this look? Somehow combining prints has been my fav this season. Here I've combined the florals and the abstract print of the wallet. The double lined belt as I call it is something I made myself. Yesyesyes :) I can't wait for holidays. More DIYs. 

Oh and today another auto driver was smoking and this time I couldn't bear it so I went ahead and did it. What I've been meaning to do every time I see someone smoking. Oh and excuse the gibberish kannada, I make an attempt.

Me: Bartiya illi? (Will you come here ******)
Auto Driver: Nods head
After 15 minutes.
Auto Driver starts smoking while driving.
Me: Flabbergasted and annoyed. Feels like pulling his hair. But controls self and composes self.
After 2 minutes.
Me: Uncle, ivaga smoke mad bedi, nanige allergy aagate. Please. (Please dont smoke now uncle, I have an allergy)
Auto Driver: Nimige ishta illa andre naan smoke maadbedi? Yeenu idu ma? (Just because you don't like it, I should not smoke? What is this?!)
Me: Uncle, naanu helidaru nanige allergy aagathe, adika, naan hogamale neevu maddi. (I said I have allergy so after I go you can smoke)
Auto driver: Neevu auto inda kelegade hogi
Me: Jumps off auto. Then feels like punching him.
Nimige makale idara? (You have children?)
Auto Driver: Yaake? Ide. 2. (Why? Yes. 2)
Me: I pity them. Seriously. Neevu ee thara smoke madtiya amele avaru madtare ninne nodi. ( You smoke like this, later on they also learn from you and start smoking)
Nimige gotha? You'll die faster. Real fast. ( You know?)
Auto Driver: Madam, listen to me. Its my wish. I wont die. My children already smoke.
Me: You know english? Why did you not converse in english before! I was struggling to scream at you.
Auto Driver: I have studied till 12th. I do know english. I wont stop smoking. What will you do?
Me: I wont do anything, go check your rotten lungs. And you know, spoil your life for all I care, don't spoil others by smoking in public. Get a life dude. Get a life.

And I walked away, ignoring him. Yes, he was hurling abuses but I don't care. I hate it when people go around doing what they want in public which inversely affects people. Passive smoking you all know is as dangerous. Aaaaaaagh.

Moving on, so many flea markets, so many fairs. Shopping going strong, no ban and all. :P

Oh and did I tell you? Neewww found love, greeting card making. Have been making cards for friends. Lined up birthdays. Finally over. Bro's next though. Save me. :) Suggestions what to give him?
He's turning 11. Owns all the toys of the world anyway. And doesn't like getting clothes as presents. Enough?

Till next time. (Which I promise is SOON. Very soon)



Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Love- Hate relationship!

I share a love hate relationship with them. They can be angels in disguise or devils flying around. You already know what I'm talking about don't you? Sure enough it is super easy to guess. Yes, I'm talking about our awesome not so awesome autorickshaw drivers. Also known as Auto bhaiya, Auto wala, Rowdy people and what not. I have always wanted to do like a full thesis on them because they interest me and with so many personal experiences I've begun wondering what goes behind they ruddy personality. Before I get to thesis I thought I should do like an introduction to my thesis so a basic analyzing would be necessary.

On keen observation I have come to the conclusion that there are various types of auto drivers. Yes, we all know that, so lets learn a lot more about auto drivers today. Yes Im pretending to be a teacher, that's super lame but hahahahahahha anyway.

Source: Google Images

Different Types of Auto Drivers by Sonshu

The rude brat like auto driver: This type is the most commonly found auto driver. They can be such annoying things. They scream at you, and hurl abuses. They refuse to come anywhere and demand extremely high fares for nothing at all. They don't deserve to have a vehicle, nor a meter. They should be taught how to smile, and behave decently with customers. 

The lazy bum auto driver: Yes, another example that we often come across. They can also be known as gossip queens. All that they know to do is sit and chit chat, pass comments at girls, and make fun of people. Ask them any place they'll make a face at you that leaves you disgusted, like you live deep inside the drain among the insects. They honestly can give away their autos, sit on the road and continue gossiping because its a waste of vehicle and road space.

The inconsiderate loser: Some of them are so inconsiderate, they don't want to get the auto inside the building when there's an old person or when you've so much luggage. Why? Especially when you tell them you'll pay them some extra cash. Why are they so inconsiderate? How sad right? Inhumane people. 

The pretend like I don't know auto driver: I don't know if you'll have come across them but they pretend like they don't know what you talk about. If you ask anyone in Bangalore where Mantri Mall is they'll know, but these people are auto drivers and they don't. That's funny and uncanny. Can't be true? So why can't they just tell us straight they don't want to come. Diplomatic much? We aren't fools around here.

The overly talkative auto drivers: Ugh. They're so darn irritating. I've had so many experiences. Imagine, you've had pathetic day, are completely tired and you get into an auto and are trying to relax listening to music and this guy starts talking. Telling you his life story, asking yours, talking about random-est things and screaming so you don't miss out on even a syllable. Excuse me? I'm not interested, Get a life and keep things to yourself. 

The simply asking auto drivers: I've had so many times when auto drivers demanded like fifty bucks extra and they end up coming for the normal fare after I've argued a bit with them. Why? When asked they say, 'Its my duty to ask extra, if you don't give, its okay'. If it really doesn't matter to them, why ask? Simply? Fine whatever, I'll keep arguing with you. 

The smokers and alcoholics: They smoke in the auto. Believe it or not. The fumes hit my face, and I feel like hitting him. Gosh. i can't stand the smell of smoke, let alone smoke on my face. And he has to smoke? Really? And to top it all he puts the cigarette behind his ear when he's bored. What the hell? Is it that awesome? No. You'll die soon buddy. Also the alcoholics, they drink and drive. Even if its faint, the auto stinks of alcohol, how disgusting. I walk away from such autos. 

The meter cheater: We've all traveled in autos wherein they've rigged the meters and the speed it changes at is like maniacal. I have nothing to say about them, because they're just frauds. They should be cheated in turn. Bwahahhahahaha.

The music auto driver: He has a woofer system in the auto of his that plays music at high volumes and especially latest songs like Kolaveri di. Its so much fun to travel by these autos because the music's fab except its blasting literally inside your ear. 

The phone auto driver: He's constantly on the phone, handset, bluetooth and what not. Makes you feel insecure about his driving. What if his girlfriend breaks up with him, he's broken hearted and dashes into a poll? Not cool. 

The F1 Racer auto driver: As you can guess, he drives like a crazy F1 Racer, he thinks roads are his tracks but doesn't realize that traffic and people on the road are obstacles and we aren't use to the speed. Sometimes I feel like I should jump off the auto. But I end up closing my eyes and chanting God's name. Gosh! 

The good auto drivers: Ratio of these auto drivers are 1:500. I swear. They're decent. They take meter charges. And they don't incessantly talk. They behave like auto drivers, keep to the point and are fit to be autodrivers, they should be rewarded with gifts and priceless things. Honestly. They don't even fuss to come anywhere. They are so hardworking. 

Oui. I am done for the time being. That's my list of different types of auto drivers most commonly found. might just make a list 2 soon but after a while, so you can breathe. All this being said, I couldn't imagine life without them. How I'd make it to so many places, How I wish there were more of the last type. You get it right? Its a weird thing. 

Bye for now.


P.S: College is a blast because we havent received our answer sheets yet. Wohooo. And I've been photo starved, will do fashion asap. Okay? Loads in mind. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A lot of blue, a lot of purple. Oh Black isn't alone don't worry!?

Hello lovely folks,

Officially, I'm back. Yes, dreaded exams are over. Now I'm satisfying myself thinking about how exams are next year. In january that is. Lol. Anyway Exam week was boring and I had fever everyday, yes fear motivates me to write. Lol. So today exams were over and we had chocolate shots. Yum. I've actually written a thesis on auto drivers, I shall share a part of it with you'll very soon. Yes yes. Blogging more often.

Now this outfit is reader dedicated again. So here's the mail I received and I decided to give the advice through a post. So here's your reply Maithili. 

I have a query and i think you can answer it best. Its winter season and I really dont know how to wear my dull coloured clothes. Winter is already so dull and I don't want to just throw them away. 

Also, do you think I can go out in sweatpants. Is it cool? Give me help


Yaay. I love mails so yes I'm going to answer this one again. Here's what I styled together to match the queries she had. More about it after the pictures. 

Lol. Lol. I look so cold. 

Anyway what I'm wearing is an over sized sweater, inner purple tee, grey sweatpants, Purple and Blue floral scarf, Head bun using silk tier (Made by self), Silver bracelet, Blue shoes, not seen. Sad. 

So sweatpants are really cool because they are so comfortable, and I personally love sweatpants. So The boring grey combination was making me all gloomy so I decided to add in the crazy scarf and the bun tier that's really easy to make. You can totally go to the market or just for a morning jog or something its super cool and after all you can make anything look fab! I hope I answered your query. :)

Now second outfit for the day. Yipeeeee, outfit overload and more to come. Here's another winter look I put together randomly for an outing. Here's more to it. Oh and scarves are totally for winter, so pull out all your scarves and deck them t the top of the closet.

Hahaha. Yes. I am wearing grandma slippers. They are comfortable and super great for winter because its leather and it keeps you warm. Yes. I love vintage grandma slippers. 

What I'm wearing? White vest, Netted Black shrug, Black maxi skirt, Woolen scarf, Bauble Bracelet, Mini carry tote, Vintage Grandma Flats. 

So I was super bored with my hair so I decided to do a side pony tail that surprisingly goes with most things. Woppeeee. Woot! 

What do you think? Which look was better?! Tell me, I'd love to know. Waise, what are you people sporting this winter? Tell me, mail me. Featured section starting soon, sorry was caught up with exams will have to start it a little late. Coming Soon okay? Forgive me.

More on the thesis coming next post. I miss you'll. I'm back! Wohooo I am happy. I'm catching up on all your blogs. If I've not visited, drop a message. Oh and keep mailing me. You provide inspiration. Love Love.


P.S: Tomorrow I'm going to the book fair! YAAAAAAAAAAYYYY. I hope I return car full. And the blogosphere has been awesome lately, such cool posts at  your blogs. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Observing Polka Dotted Blues.

Hello there awesome folks from awesomeville.

Yes, this post has been written before and is being posted on automation but the fact is that I'm doing it because I don't want to blog to die of starvation. I've loads to say to you'll, loads to share and I don't want exams to harm that you know? :)

The title is an amalgamation of a lot of things this post contains and is required to make no sense okay? So excuse me. Exams have been getting to the little sanity I had left.

Anyway. I always tend to get through exams thinking of times after them when I can roam around and shop and read more books and stuff. So lately I've been reading the House of Night series, I've finished the whole series now finally after the last book arrived from flipkart as a pre order.

Lately I've been observing people a lot especially when I'm on my way to college. Yes, I observe random people on the road and their behaviour and it is uncanny how I see the same people everyday doing the same thing in the morning. Now this may sound very stupid but imagine going to the same shop every morning and buying bread. Isn't that boring? At least for me it is. Personally I try and change things, like if i'm  taking a green auto today, I'll take a black one tomorrow. Or if I'm taking the pink bag today, 'll take the brown one tomorrow.

People I observe daily and their uncanny behavioural pattern.

The bread guy: Every morning, this guy with spiked up hair (God knows how he gets time to gel his hair and set it so early in the morning) goes to the bread shop that I pass and he wears the same army shorts and blue shirt every single day. He pretty much has the same order too. White bread and one biscuit packet. How I observe so much? Thank god for signals.

The government servants: Three women dressed in fluorescent saree colours sweep the same road everyday. I don't blame them, its their duty. What is weird is that they sweep in a pattern. They stand in a diagonal line and sweep the same direction like its a dance or something? They also try and match their saree colours and patterns. Either they all wear floral on one day or plain on the other. I've been observing them for a week now.

The auto rickshaw guys: I pass this auto stand everyday and those people literally sit and stare at all the women on the road. Sadly there's yet another signal there so they peek into the auto and look at me too though I've stared back and them and freaked them out. All they do is check out random ladies. When I asked my friend he said that they are known to be autos that don't go anywhere. Only sit there and gossip. What's the purpose of their existence anyway?

The crowded masses of people: Every morning at 8.15 exactly I see these people all crowded around this showroom. I haven't been able to see what place that is, I miss it every time but I never miss the gathering of people there. I must observe why they've all crowded around every morning? Must be something write? Free clothes? Lol.

The auto rickshaws outside college: My friends have officially declared that I am worthy enough to write a thesis on auto rickshaw drivers. Honestly,I analyze and dissect every behaviour of theirs. Its very amusing. And maybe I will do a thesis on that. More on it soon. So these auto drivers outside college are specimens. For two years now I've been seeing them and I know their faces very well. They just gather around and do nothing. Either they refuse to come or ask double the auto fare. Seriously? We aren't  going to pay that much. Not even if the world ends.


I'm still observing people daily so I'll do a part two of this post once I've found new specimens. Till then let me leave you with an outfit I wore recently. So the dress is very spring-y but I couldn't resist wearing it though its fall because I hadn't worn it in what seems like ages. I paired it with my Zara tee and I was off to go. Later I sort of dreaded not wearing tights because I was freezing. Maniacal weather I tell you?

I've never tried the pretty bun with a dress and so I decided to do it this time. The tie knot but. Tell me what you think of it? I'll do a tutorial soon on some hairstyles, been getting lots of mails. And the belt, I made myself! Wohoooo. :)

Wearing: Blue dress: Season Sale
Black tee: Zara
Polka dotted belt: DIY (Made by self)
Black and White hand bracelet: Handmade local store
Necklace: Diva
Black Bow flats: Ginger
Hairstyle: Self :) 


Monday, November 14, 2011

A Guardian Angel - 2

You read part 1 here

She ran to the door, after a minute of hesitation she opened it and was rather shocked at what she saw. He stood there like he knew her from childhood, his eyes bore into hers. She felt uncomfortable but was afraid to take her eyes off him, like she'd be struck by lightning. He walked towards her, and she was helpless. She felt the need to let him say what he wanted to. He stopped right at the line that divided the porch from the living room. 

'Hi' he said plainly

'Who are you?What do you want from me anyway?' she asked putting up a bold front. 

'I'm sorry my lady, I've lost my way.'

'And I'm supposed to help you? I'm sorry but I don't think I can do so, please leave.' I said coldly

'Okay, I won't trouble you anymore. I just thought you'd be able to help me somehow.  I shouldn't have left my valiant soldiers.' he mentioned bitterly

I closed the door being inconsiderate to his emotions. And then as if it was all a dream, I heard no noise anymore. Not even the sound of his footsteps, nor could I hear rage filled comments. There was some sort of eerie silence that made her want to jump. She went back to the room reading his letter once again. It gave her goosebumps, shivers and she could feel the air whisper his name.

After a while it began pouring, she peeped through the window and was astounded when she saw the whole back yard had been flooded, she decided that it was indeed ruthless of her to have let the poor nomadic soldier roam around in a town he didn't even know. She had to call him back, what sort of a person was she changing into. Finally making up her minded she ran outside grabbing her polka dotted umbrella on the way.

Running down the street she came across a small shack like structure that looked like the aftermath of an earthquake's destruction, all it had were four not so steady pillars and a roof sort of thing, it was open from the front so she ran inside and was rather happy to discover the strange soldier lying in a corner looking tired and weary from all the travel.

Unable to move, fixated to the spot she gazed at him and something seemed very true and honourable about that face of his. Something told her that she should truly help him and so she walked towards him and shook him lightly. He woke up with a start was the first thing he saw were her blue eyes, deep as mist and he felt like he was lost in the depths of her eyes. She helped him get up and they walked slowly to the loft. Instead of an awkward silence with both of them lost in their own thoughts what it became was a beautiful silence that gave them the space to think and weigh their actions.

He wondered about her, her past, her life and why he was so attracted to her. She wondered if she was doing the right thing. Should she offer that he stay over for the night? Of course he didn't have any place to go to?

Finally they reached the loft and as soon as they entered, he fell on the couch. She sat beside him keeping a fairy good personal distance between them that sort of defined their strangerism.

He then started, 'I want to tell you more about me. I think you should know who I am if you are being so kind to me. It is only fair that I tell you. I am not only a runaway soldier, there's a lot more to me.'

His sudden talk was creepy and made her feel cold all of a sudden. But something again told her that he was not bad and so she listened as he spoke thinking about her guardian angel, and how she was being one to this man now. The cycle of guardian angels amused her. Her last thought was about her lost love before she was pulled back into reality by the sudden twist in the soldier's story.

To be continued


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Update and City news: Ethnicity.

I know I've been gone for what seems like forever but is less than a week, but I'm back and you'll be seeing lots of posts all lined up.

Its really sad that exams are in a week now. I mean all I'm doing is tensing up, more than actually studying my ass off. That means lesser time to blog so I thought I'd line up posts before I become caught up with exams. But I wont be able to reply to comments till I'm back :)

Oh and this is a short update I''ve popped in for. Basically I've so much to talk but no time to pen it down so I'll do it over the long weekend once I've attained self satisfaction by studying something.

As I was saying Ethnic day happened and here's what I wore and how I looked. Feedback? :)


So I've been rather picture starved this week, I've gone so many places and not even clicked pictures of the outfits because I was too lazy. Seriously? Week Blues. Heard of it?

But I've been doing loads of writing and all that. So you'll be seeing it soon. Part two of Guardian Angel coming up very soon. 

Yes, this post was very short. And I like RaOne okay? It is entertainment material. Srk is hot. Now shoot! 


P.S: I want Christina's shoe closet. Now. You've got em moves like jagger girl, I want you closet :P

Monday, November 7, 2011

Black and White Baby!

Hello Awesome folks.

I truly apologize to all of you. Those who read the previous post when I was a little psyched. I decided to change the title. And my valuable brother really screamed so bad that I realized what a bad idea it was. So all of you who read it, please ignore and forget it now.

Back to normal. So I think I'll be starting the Blog Store soon. Tell me if you'll would like to see something in particular for that matter.
So coming to the outfit for the day. Was headed to buy stuff for ethnic day which is this week by the way.

 So you will get to see ethnic wear soon. Oh shit I shouldn't have revealed that. Darn it. Anyway. It was a rather hot day. So I pulled out those shorts. Warning, I don't have great legs. Funny right? It is supposed to be Autumnish Winter types but Bangalore keeps changing her mood often. Its so sad that other bloggers are pulling out their mittens and boots and it tends to be so hot here sometimes. But I won't grumble anymore because I love the Bangalore weather and how it changes and keeps a suspense all the time. Bwahhahaa, my awesome Bangalore. LOL.

Now enough of the random rambles. Oh before I go on to what I'm wearing. The second part of the story I posted before is coming up soon. For those of you who thought it is like P.S I love you wait and watch. It is going to be nothing like that. Bwhahahaha. I love that book and I wouldn't dream of even trying something like that. She's magical.

What I've done for today is the Monochrome look. I've gone with plain old black and white but they're all time classy colours anyway. I've worn the zebra striped scarf to add oomph to the outfit. And the earrings are a personal favourite. 

Wearing: Monochrome Look
Black and white top: Sale (I <3 sales)
Black Denim Shorts: USA
Striped Zebra Scarf: Vintage
Peace chain: Ayesha
Ring: Local Boutique
Desi slippers: Local shop
Earrings: Commercial Street

Anyway, till next time
Love and more love

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Guardian Angel

She walked across the beach, pondering over her already messed up life. She was stranded and helpless, what she needed was an angel in disguise. She continued walking and then began picking up shells, just as they used to do together. Then she sat down and buried her legs in the sand. She remembered how he would playfully sculpt the sand around her legs and then she would to his. They used to sit for long hours at the beach, smiling at each other enjoying the beauty of God's creation. But all of that came to an end when he was called from above. He was snatched from her. That stupid man who ran over him, would probably be feeling guilty even now, but a mistake is a mistake and no one could do anything about it. His carelessness had cost her husband his life. She cursed. 

The air gently blew and she felt like he was around. Telling her that he'd never let her out of his sight. She smiled at the enveloping air and tried to catch it. She spent the entire day walking and running around the beach trying to feel him and then catch him. Stupid as it may have looked to others, she had every right to behave stupidly. After all, it pains to lose your first love. Her only love. She thought back to how their fingers had been entwined all through their marriage ceremony. Everyone called them the happiest couple. That was her moment of bliss. 

Slowly she settled down on the rug, in their loft. The small one, they'd acquired over time with a lot of struggle and perseverance. She observed everything, each picture, each furniture, everything had its own story. And all of it was as crystal clear to her as his face was. Then she went to their bedroom. The place they'd decorated as they'd always imagined. She opened his cupboard and took out his clothes... laid them down neatly on the bed and then she noticed something weird in the cupboard. There was a box, she'd never seen it. 

Slowly she took out the box and placed it on the bed. She sat down and wondered if she should open it. It was his after all, he deserved privacy. Alive or not. But then she saw her name inscribed on the lock and it hit her. The necklace he'd given her a while back which his name on it, the one in the form of a key was the one that would open this box. He knew that we were incomplete without each other. She began crying, their love was deep and crazy and she knew that she'd never ever be able to live the same normal life. 

Slowly she unlocked the box with the key and was surprised to find a letter. He'd not left her after all. 

'He always wanted to ensure his presence. He'll never let me stray, never let me alone. He's always going to be my guardian angel'. She mumbled

And just as she was reading the letter absorbing every word as if he was saying it to her...

The bell rang. 

Also posted on TWL.
To be continued soon.


P.S: Anyone who is awesome at making headers please let me know? Please haan? 
Lots of posts lined up. See you soon.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

What's in it after all?

The mystery has been revealed. 


I was rather astounded when I received a mail from a certain 'G' as it said. Since I'm rather used to getting a lot of weird mails these days, this was just another to the list. Or so I thought. As I read through, I realized that this G knew a lot about me. He's probably been a follower for a long time. Anyway, I'll spare you the rest of the details but what amused me the most is what he asked me at the end. A post suggestion rather. It said: 'Whats in 'your' bag Sonshu?' 

I've often been asked what I carry around in my bag, because honestly there's hardly a day where I go without a bag. Ever since I was a kid, I'd always have some sort of a bag along. Be it a backpack or a cute kiddie handbag. And the trend remained even as I have morphed into a so called teen. Haha. My friends often ask me why I always find the need to carry a bag, here's why. 

Disclaimer: This is an image heavy post. Do not die of shock at the crazy colours or the bright pictures. I heart colour.

This one's a bird view of all the things that my bag contains. :) I don't always carry all of them especially when I'm carrying clutches or satchels but most of the times I prefer carrying all of it. I kind of feel incomplete without it.

This is the bag I chose, a current fav, its so glitzy and shiny and huge. It is a pink kitschy tote. And the best part is, it goes with almost anything and is so huge that it can easily hold all of my stuff. Not only that it is sort of perfect to go shopping as I can stuff all my awesome treasure into it.

Colossal Kajal by Mabeline and Street Wear Lip Gloss. I prefer to have these handy products for sudden unplanned trips, which keep happening all the time. Especially at college. The best part is, they are so handy.

Nightingale natural shade paper notebook to scribble doodles and write down stuff when I feel inspired. This book also sort of contains my wishlist as I see things and the things I need to buy. Including To Do lists. Also my staedtler fineliner pens, to make it colourful. I love writing with different coloured pens. The sponge bob straw is what I got along with my Mc Donald meal and I adore it and have to carry it along

House keys with customized made to order key chain (Sonshu). I love this and its super special to me because I've had it in like forever. The mustard rubber band is awesome because it fits my hair perfectly and I always like to keep an extra just in case. The phone is my baby. Yes I love my Nokia phone.

My scary beauty mirror. I got it as a gift and I find it uber cute. The two clutch clips are super useful when I've to pin my hair up when its too hot or something. The mirror is always of use duh.

Coin purse from Fab India. Customized. Yes I've made it specially as I wanted it to look. DIY. Very easy to make. I can do a tutorial if you'll would like or you'll could order if you want. :)

Easy to use portable purple tote. This easy to use portable bag is fab when there's extra luggage or something. I don't even need to get shopping bags with this around. And its purpleish indigo that makes it all the more awesome. 

Random clips to pin my hair just in case. The clip holder is what I made myself. Again a very easy DIY and I like making these things myself because it just becomes a lot more fun and you feel proud to have made it yourself. How do you like it?

Rectangular wallet/purse. This one's super funky and has all sorts of stuff written on it. Cracks me up. 

Starry box with shades, which I treasure because it's so girly and all. And my Mp4 player which I have to have all the time because it keeps my grooving and moving. Songs. :) Oh and if I've forgotten to mention my deo and my body and hand lotion. The lotion is a favourite as it is the dead sea one from Israel. 

Yes, so that's my story. What's in my bag? Now you know. Also I usually have a book along which Im reading, I always carry it to read along when I'm bored. But currently I am not reading anything, so I need to go book shopping. 

What did you think of this? Wasn't it a good idea by the reader? I sure enjoyed doing it.