Friday, May 28, 2010

Me The Saviour Of Existence =]

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Last night i dreamt.
I dreamt of fairies being bad
And witches turning good
I dreamt of houses being tiny like the size of  a normal person
And people being extra huge
I dreamt of skies being green
And the grass going red
I dreamt of myself having the power to fly
I dreamt of vampires existing amongst humans
I dreamt that no one harmed anyone
I dreamt that peace was a forever boon 
I dreamt that we could travel through bridges to our other home Mars
I dreamt that we all ate only grass
I dreamt that suddenly we all fell into a trap
And then we were being ruled by a tyrant
And we were slaves
And that we all sat all day neat-ening his overly large moustache
I dreamt that that land was filled with blackness
And we were deprived of grass to eat there
We had to eat animals like wolves and lions
And we all decided to fight the tyrant
We launched our battle
And we won
We were free but stuck in this land forever
And then I fly around and touch the ceiling and poke a hollow place
I can see sunshine
Then i made a hole
And flew outside and then destroyed the whole upper layer
Everyone climbed outside with the large ladder a magician had created
And everyone lived happily ever after

Yeah i had the longest dream i've ever had last night. It was so unbelievable, i usually dream of white gowns and horses, and forests! But this was, wow. So i had to tell ya about it. And yeah i woke up too late. Im sure my "visual" dream extended for a Laawwwwng time! :)

Sonshu <3

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ex-Best Friends. =]

You laughed with me
And cried when i was sad
You told me i was crazy
And thats why you loved me
You were always there by my side

We talked on the phone hour after hour
Long bills coming home
We became so close 
So inseparable 
We hugged each other 
And cared not if people laughed

We walked together
Every step
Completed each others sentences,
We teased each other
And had so much fun
Every minute together
seemed like a memory forever

But then as soon as school was over
We didnt see each other any more
No hours of talking on the phone
And we hardly ever spoke

Those memories we shared
Will forever remain with me
The best friends that we were
Was one of the best things that happened to me

We said we'd remain friends forever
But the promise was broken
Though we arent close anymore
Hardly even friends
I still miss you
But i'll always love you no matter what
And however far we may get
I will never forget who you were to me
And for that
I do love you forever

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Sometimes we make a million promises to each other, to remain close forever, and to remain BFF's! But hardly ever these work. I believed it would work. That i would remain close to my School BFF forever. But its hardly been two months and we already never talk to each other. We're just busy with our own life, and "school" was what brought us close, the seeing each other everyday. Now thats not there so we've grown apart! I do miss her, but maybe it was never meant to be. :( Sometimes we've gotta accept life the way it is. No matter we are just "Facebook friends" now and hardly meet, talk on the phone, or chat she still was a precious part of my life. And memories that i had with her, will forever remain etched in my heart. 

Sonshu <3

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Of Book Stores, and Cute Guys. =]

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So today i visited the bookstore [my favorite place on earth.] And yeah i was randomly picking up books and walking to the sofa to sit and read them. And after about an hour and a half i decided on Cecelia Ahern's "Where Rainbows End". Now why am i telling you all this? Lets see. 


So i was sitting on the couch and reading a random book i picked up and this guy walked into the store. He looked about 20 something! I guess. And he had this really cute face. [Eye candy] Yeah, and I decided not to care and continued reading. I so didnt want to end up staring at him. Bleh! Haha. So yeah i innocently continued reading. And i felt something looking at me. Yeah, seriously, you can sense when someone is looking at you.

So i looked up and happened to see that guy looking at me. Oh wait, looking isnt the right word, its more of staring. *blush* and then i continued reading. And i was kinda disliking the book honestly, i couldn't even concentrate, all i was thinking about was, is he still staring? yeah!

And then I walked to place the book back on the shelf. And went to the "Indian Fiction" corner. And i was browsing to see if anything interested me! And i wasnt in a mood for any of those books so i walked back to the couch and decided to start "Where Rainbows End" before buying it! And i was reading..when this guy walked up to me. And he was like "Hey!" and i was like "Ermm..hey!"

I couldnt believe he was talking to me. And then this is how the conversation went.

Him: wassup?
Me: Nothing really, just reading! haha
Him: Ermm..So do you know where i can buy guitars anywhere here?
Me: Ermm..not really, i mean there probably must be a few shops close by but im not aware! Sorry!
Him: oh that okay, And do you know anywhere close by where they coach?
Me: yeah, further down, there's this place called "PlaceX" where they do have guitar coaching
Him: Oh lovely, thanks! I actually wanted to buy a guitar today. I thought you get them here!
Me: Ermm...okay! Oh, you dont! :)
Him: Hmm...So whats your name?
Me: Er...Sonaksha
Him: Oh, im Sahil
Me: oh, cool, Nice to meet ya!
Him: yeah, totally. Btw, may i say you look gorgeous. The colour black compliments your fair complexion extremely well. I couldn't stop staring at you. Your extremely pretty!
Me: *Blushes* Oh...errmmm...Thanks a ton! [yeah i was wearing a black tee and jeans!]
Him: Errr...yeah!
Me: Hmmmm....
He: *kept staring at me*
Me: Ermm..Okie, cya later, gotta go! I've been here already for about more than an hour!
Him: oh, okaaay.. *has the disappointed look on the face*, catch you some other time.
Me: Yeah, tada!
Him: Yeah, where?
Me: Where, what?
Him: Where'll i see ya?
Me: I dunno!
Him: Ermmm....okay!
Me: Yeah! 
Him: *Gazes at me lovingly as i walk away*  
Me: *Feels shy about the whole thing*

And as i walk out of the store, i see him staring at me. And i walked on the road waiting for an auto. And i saw him gaze at me till when he could. Not that *dirty* kinda gaze, but that *loving, friendly* gaze. Maybe not friendly but yeah! So well was an experience of a lifetime! :) Interesting. Very Interesting! Maybe, I might meet him again, Maybe i won't. Haha. Lets see. Im gonna call him the "BookShopCutie" 

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I want To =]

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I want that dream to come true
I want that wish to be fulfilled
I want the world to smile at me everyday
I want that there be no evil
I want to smile each day
I want every kid to have the experience of school life
I want everyone to live happily ever after
I want fairies to exist
I want to be able to rest
I want to be able to do nothing
I want to diet
I want to laugh all the time
I want to become normal to see how it feels
I want to fly
I want it to snow
I want to become insane-er to prove normal-ness sucks
I want to be able to have the guts to start a fashion blog and post pics on them
I want to be able to do everything i want

But first, I want to SMILE when i see my results on Wednesday.

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Love and More Love
Me. <3

BTW. Ninety Nine Followers? OMG. yay. Thanks people! :) <3 ya. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some unimportant-ly important things.

What if this was actually true? What if you were a huge part of someone's life and you didnt even know it?
This thing creeps me out. 

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Why do we have to keep fighting? May it be with your brother, or with you mom? Or even with another country? Or maybe with your best friend? Can't we have peace? What does it take?

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Why do we Love brand names? Why do we believe in branded stuff, why not go for something handmade? Something unusual, something Non-branded? Why are we humans so brand obsessed?


P.S: Ive taken all your suggestions and im gonna not give up. I'm gonna write my novel again. A second chance is all i need. Hehe. 

P.P.S: I've become more perspective. Im looking deeper into things these days. And reading through the lines and stuff. 
So please DO expect more sensible stuff. Maybe. :P HAHA.

Friday, May 7, 2010

To Write Or Not!?

I have been trying to write. Trying to complete that novel i was writing. Dang, i realize myself, that the story sucks. Yes, I mean I was a noob to novel writing. I threw that away.

I sit here waiting for inspiration to strike, for me to get another idea. For a new plot, a new story. Then I realize maybe i shouldn't write. Is it worth giving it another try? My first attempt wasn't that great [Though a few people liked it.]  Is it worth, a SECOND chance? I don't really know. Maybe i will give it another try becoz life itself is telling me to,

My brother made a little something for me today. And here are images of it. :) This is what makes me love him so much at time. *Sigh* 9 year old brothers can butter you really well! :P lol.

Thats the book. Yes, a hand made book, with about 15 pages of hand made paper. He made it in his art and craft class!! :))

Yes he said "You want to become an author right, and you right stories and poems, this is for that!" And i was like OMG.

Now i have to give it a second chance, and im going to go find that inspiration! :P I love my brother i know that!! :)) Fighting with him makes me love him MORE.


[Yes, Im gonna use my name from now on! ...MAYBE] lol! :P

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can You Choose Them?

Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us ~ Oscar Wilde
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Memories are a part of one's life, Its something we take with us forever. 
They can be painful like a broken heart or even memorably exciting like the time you went out and freaked with your friends. 
How do you store your memories? And how do you make the painful ones fade away? Maybe we just can't choose. Maybe memories just come along....You don't choose which ones you want. What do you think?
Our memories are independent of our wills ~Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Package Filled With Love.

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What would you do if you woke up one morning and found a package outside your door with hearts on it, a box of chocolates and a beautifully touching letter of someone telling they love you? Would you make sure to find this person? What if you did find him/her? What next?