Thursday, April 29, 2010

Over the Mountains And Beneath the Oceans

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I look through my window and see the horizon
Smiling I get ready for a journey of a lifetime
And then I take off 
As I pass by I Look at the shimmering water
Its so clear that I can see myself
Then I pass over the mountains
Oh dear you are no trouble to me
No matter how high I manage to pass by
Oh you make me shiver
Mountain dear!
Then I look at the vast oceans below
And dive deep into it
Fishes looking at me
Golden, Green and Yellow
Its the prettiest sight I have ever seen!
And then I come back up
Now I fly oh so high 
And reach the sky
Birds pass by and wave at me
Oh how delightful it is
I never want to go back 
To life now
Where everything seems nice,
But it is so not!
This journey of a lifetime will remain the best thing
That has ever happened to me!
After all whats better
Than Mountains and Oceans! :)

Sonshu! :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tomorrow in Our Hands

Photography Graphics

Photography Graphics

What if we knew what "Tomorrow" had in store for us? Would it change the way we would do things?
What if we knew the mistakes we would make, would we try and not make those mistakes?
But what if we knew about a surprise a friend had planned for us? It would change the way we react to it right?
What if we could only know what we wanted to know about "Tomorrow"? Can that happen?
What if we had a second chance to make those things right? 

<3 love

P.S (Very Important) : I've been working on another blog for few days and its finally done. Go check it out. 

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Promise. I Will Be Me. Forever and Always.

I may be crazy
I may have sudden laughter riots
I probably dance like I am high at times
And sometimes i dance even to a little beat
And maybe I cry about silly things
I may be a shopaholic
And take a million pictures
I probably act like a kid
And jump up for little even a little happiness
Maybe i facebook too much
And am forever tweeting
I sing songs out loud though i can't sing too well
I smile at random people
And wave hands at kids I don't even know
I walk on the road jumping around ,
Singing and dancing to the song I am listening to on my I-pod
Maybe I love books more than everything.
But this is just me
If you have a problem,
Then go away.
I promise one thing
I will be Me.
Forever and Always
No matter what.
or whom.

Lots of Love
Sonshu *_*

Monday, April 19, 2010

1 New Message : Very Important.

Seriously, When? When has this ever worked? Why do people even bother pissing you off with crappy messages like this. You needn't tell your true friend she is your best friend by sending this message! There's better ways of saying that. Why in the world would i send some stupid Message like this to a friend. A best friend. Damn You Sender. Damn you Creator of the message. 

Have You ever Forwarded a message like this thinking that if you break the chain 'something' will happen? Have you?


Next post:  A Conversation With The Beautician. [When i went to get a new look!]
One of the best Convo's Ever! :P Look Out! :) :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

No Matter How Hard We Try, Somethings Can't be Understood!

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket!

People say,  "Money doesn't grow on trees!" Then why in the world do banks have branches!

Glue, Doesn't stick to its bottle! Though its supposed to stick to everything!

A pizza which is oh-so-round comes in a square shaped box...

And Why is it that a building is called a "building" when its already been built!

Loads of Boards say "Don't Drink and Drive" But then why do bars have parking lots?

You say i hate you to your best friend, and are hugging her the next minute! A Hate you means a Love you! 

You smile at him, but inwardly you just wanna curse him!

You say, I'll be right back! But you just go off, Because that conversation was going no where!

You tell him you don't want gifts, That means "Oh baby, show me all the love, I love gifts you give me, i love being pampered!"

No matter how hard we try, we can't understand why things are like this. We, humans live in this huge world, huge funny not understandable world!

Cheers to the Human Race, Cheers to our world! We are the complicated Species~ Homo Sapiens

We rock! We rock our world! Keep Smiling and think about this!!! :) :)

Sonshu! ~ A Homo Sapien

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Book Review(s)!!

Vampire Diaries : The Awakening (L. J. Smith) :-"Twilight" is so bloody similar to this!! The Stefan guy and The Elena plot is somewhat similar!! And the Damon guy kinda is like Jacob kabab mein haddi types! But well I've read only the first part entirely and its a thoroughly entertaining amazing book! I loved it! After all I am so a Vampire Fan

Definitely Catch it!

Be My Baby Tonight (Kasey Michaels): I didnt know what to expect of the book with the weird title and all that. But its more like a "Wow-able" thing that two school buddies meet up one day after a long gap of many years and then they go to Las Vegas, are totally attracted to each other and ahem ahem! Well all through i really didnt know what to expect, and well what was going to happen it was little weird and different. But then its kinda nice and its a fun read. If your bored and have nothing else to read then sure read it! Its a fun thing! :P

Umm, this one's...Your choice!

Six Suspects (Vikas Swarup- Author of Q & A!) : Gripping, Thriller, amazing, wow, awesum, lovely, never could i have guessed the killer! Must read! If i say more I might reveal the murderer! :P LOL

Isn't it obvious Catch it , Better Catch it!

Sugar Secrets (The first four books): I've always wanted to read this thing Cuz i loved the Sweet Valley High series and this was similar. Yeah its those high school books! Its a nice read for teens mainly! And its all love, drama, envy, this and that! Surely read it on if you love the high school teens and their drama!

Definitely a catch it for teens!

The Damsel in this Dress (Marianne Stillings) : Okay seriously this book took me off to somewhere! I never had such expectations. I thought it would be ordinary. But it was AMAZING. Well its a totally romantic thing but also has murder and detectives and all. How two people who hate each other fall in love without knowing they fell in love with the person they hated, and then this crazy stalker person! Oh, wow, i just couldnt put it down, i read...and read and read...finished the whole thing in 2 hours!!: ):) Only 372 pages! 

Obviously a Must Catch it!

Chicken Soup for the Teenagers Soul 
Chicken Soup for the Teenagers Soul on Love and Friendship : Oh i loved it. The stories are brilliant and so realistic. You actually experience this stuff! Real! Wow! Loved it! Loveeed both the books!!

Catch it shuaaaly! For both!

♥ ♪*Shona* ♫ ♥

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Humans! Aaargh. Blaah!


Why do i even have best friends for humans? Maybe i should take to keeping teddies, stuffed toys, and the grass, the walls, and everything else not alive. All non living things. They listen, they dont tell you hateful stuff, they wont ignore you [they listen all right, they are good listeners, bad speakers!]

I've decided. I hate human beings. They are overly yuck, stupid, nonsense, hateful, hate-able people who only annoy you. *

*Humans here referring to those people in particular who i currently hate. [Only one person actually,

I am reading this totally gripping book. Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup. its amaaazing! Its some murder mystery! Seems wow. It was so good i got done with about 54 pages in 15 minutes.

But thats like my saviour. When i read, i forget the hate. The yuck humans.

Sorry for the hateful post. Its just some annoying creatures sometimes. They like get on your nerves. Sorry.

Just get lost
Go away to some other place
Leave me alone
I dont want to know you any more
Oh go away,
I Hate you so much. 

Sometimes i wish all these people who make your day bad, who spoil your mood, who are a main cause for this huge bubble of hate to be formed all around you, they vanish away. Can't they go. I want them to go. Shoo! Get lost you yuckos!!
Sorry again. I'm miffed.

Before i say anything more.

Love you.

♥ ♪*Shona* ♫ ♥

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunlight, Gramps, Weyuurrd!! ....Ooh Thats It!!

[ I love the sunlight.]

I'm seriously writing this post because i feel the need to blog. Blogging somehow makes my life brighter. But i have absolutely no idea what i'm going to right. Maybe I'll just randomly rant and rave or something.

I'm so waiting to go back home, Oh yes I'm at my cousins place.

I sit here in the garden staring at the lush green grass and looking at the beautiful sunlight. Its rays lightly touching my skin and making the flowers bloom. Ah. Bliss. Picturesque.

And well today my grampy's came. Well not exactly direct grandparents. But of that sort. So they came here to aunts place. And well they were so over joyed to see me. Hehe. They pulled my cheeks off. I swear. I like grandparents and stuff. But one thing i may so not like is their constant advising. They seem to want to tell you this is wrong and that is wrong. I know I'm being mean to them by saying this but then sometimes it totally gets on your nerves.

Them: So you know to speak tamil and kannada? (Well becoz i'm a tamilian and i live in bangalore)
Me: Well we usually speak english or something so i sorta kno tamil and i know to read and write kannada and i manage to speak.
Them: Means you don't know that well?
Me: Not really, Im not like a punt (Expert) In it.
Them: Thats bad! You should know your mother tongue and the language of the place you stay in
Me: I know it, just not that well.
Them: Bad!!
Me: Hmph...Fine! I'm going upstairs now to read gramps!
Them: Okay *grinning*
Me: *Grins back artificially*

I mean yeah they're my grandparents, of sort. But. Whatever. Sometimes its annoying.

Them: So your eating ice cream?
Me: Um..Yeah, I have summer hols..
Them: Icecreams are bad for your teeth.
Me: What? Oh, I know its not like I'm eating all day na?
Them: But still!
Me: Hmph....*Walks off* And smiles also! (fake one)

And yeah, My vacations are so not going as i'd planned for it. And thats like so depressing. *Sigh* All I've done is sat and read books. I mean its not like im cribbing that i read or whatever, but sitting all day and reading book after book is pretty pissing off. And well I am so not going out naw. I mean i went on The first few days but since saturday I've been rotting here (literally, lol). And I might just vanish into thin air or something due to boredom killing me. I seem to be so so so damn funny, don't i? I consider that i am a very humourous person. Unintentionally. And you better agree with me. Or i will make you vanish into thin air too. lol.

Now, Im so much habituated to waking up at 7am, getting ready, wearing that oh-so-i-dont-like-uniform, and then going to school in that lovely auto and seeing my friends every dear day and yeah so on, Now, I am missing all of it, maybe i used to crib before but now i really want that back, but i shua will never get it, cuz school life is over, and I tell you I suck at moving on. When my section got changed in the beginning of this year you know how much time it took for me to get adapted to the new class. Well i just get attached to things to fast and its darn tough for me to move on, i hate changes.

Oh, btw, i am like so happy!! :P heheh! Yaaay okay well i got soo many awards recently! I've added them all in my showcase (Scroll to the bottom of the page to see my lovely award filled shelf [i am not showing off] Yeah! ) Thanks to Leona, Raji, and Tharangi. [I know Im lazy and all, that i didnt upload the pics here and all, I'll do it. Im sorry] But my heartfelt thanks to three of you!! Love you muaaahz!! I totally loveeee awards! They bring a smile on my face! :P


Isn't the space bar an awesome creation. What would we do without it? Seriously.  

And now another thought. How come i get struck with such random thoughts. How come? It is so weyuurd. I am so random, I even decide to post all this stuff. Like I'm so bleh.

So the movies I've watched since March 31st. 

1. Prom Night [Aweesum Thriller]
2. Nancy Drew [Cool movie!! me likey]
3. Just Married [ I've watched it before, but well yeah, its cute!]
Books I've read since March 31st:

1. Confessions of an ex-girlfriend 
2. Vampire Diaries- 1 - The Awakening
3. Chicken Soup For the Teenage Soul.

Naw, I am going. I have blabbered enough. I was weyuuurd right. Oh wait. I am weyuurd. 

[Naw, this is really nice, aint it? Credits to whomever did this! Totally aweeesome!!]

♥ ♪*Shona* ♫ ♥

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Sunshine!

I sit on the lush green grass
Staring high up above me,
All i see is a beautiful yellow
A Lovely colour so bright,
I just cant take my eyes off you
Your the most prettiest thing Ive seen ever...

Staying up there you are so sweet
Wish you always are there for me,
You always give me a shoulder to cry,
Be like this forever my,
I am so involved since that day.....

As i stare at you
I feel your the best thing that ever happened to me,
Times we had,
Memories we shared
And there you are smiling at me,
Forever and always

Its always been my pleasure,
Being by your side,
It hurts to stay away for a while,
Life is a pastry with you,
And just as lifeless without you.

You smile at me,
It makes my day
And how i love it when,
I hear your voice on the phone
You turn every tear,
Into a smile...

Its an utterly obvious thing,
Missing you hereafter,
Will just make me sad,
Always remain mine...
And you are my sunshine....

 [Pictures: 1- He gave it to me! 2: Deviant Art! :) ]

Sunshine as you all know is a BFF of mine. We both wrote this together. Its actually a pun on the sunshine which refers to both "HIM" and the Real sun wala Sunshine! :) So yeah hope you liked it! 

Lots of Love
♥ ♪*Shona* ♫ ♥