Friday, March 26, 2010

My Fairytale?

Sailing in the boat on the lake
Beautiful sky, Lovely dreams,
The moon looks so gorgeous,
But then , 
You turn me around and say,
"Not better than you"

Thy leather jacket is so soft,
The amazing fragrance of you,
I almost fall down 
But I notice you,
Staring right at me

You tell me,
Your gown is so beautiful
Its pink silk
And it feels so nice
But you are looking even prettier tonight...

Your touch makes me shiver,
Your smile is worth a thousand pictures
Your eyes , I feel so lost
I wish all this was real
Why did it have to be this way?
Why did this have to be
My Fairytale Dream...

Lots of Love
♥ ♪*Shona* ♫ ♥

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You’re My Best Friend


Its 11 pm, 
I'm sitting in the corner of my bed
Wondering what to do,
Then I see my phone buzzing
With your name on it...

You texted me saying, "Hello"
And I replied
And on and on we went till 3 am
You told me
How much I made you smile
You told me about times when I was there
And how I was,
Your best friend..

You say "Hi" to me
And giggle and walk away
Staring at me from the corner of your eyes
On the way to the classroom
You come and sit right next to me
As I sit and stare at you...

You look at me
In that way like no one does
And then I smile and feel like laughing
Oh how, shall I tell you now
How much I love you,
How much I need you,
How much you mean to me...

You come home
Just to tell me
That your phone is broken,
You call me up
Just to inform me,
You’re coming to give my notes

You knock on the door,
I run to the mirror
To see if I'm okay
And then I rush to open the door 
And see your smiling face
And then I tell you 
How much I love you
How much I need You 
And how much you mean to me...
And you,
Just stare at me
Not knowing what to say
Then you,
Just look right into my eyes
And tell me....
“Oh, I love you too"

[Pictures: Deviant Art]

Lots of Love
♥ ♪*Shona* ♫ ♥

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"OMG!!, yes, Wait, What?! NO!! "

I seriously am trying to figure out why this happens to me. Tell me why? There's billions of other people there. But why me?

I don't know what to say
I don't know what to feel
Oh dear Lord
Help Me with this Deal!

Okay what happened was, Yesterday, i was talking to one of my bff's! He and I were speaking on the phone after a long time thanks to exams! So well yeah were basically catching up etc. And here's how the convo went. And well this was at 11:00pm...

So were were talking and all of a sudden
Him: You know your kiddish right?,
Me: OMG, Yes!!, Wait, What'd you say!? Of course not!
Him: Oh please, of course yes!
Me: Sunshine! Stop it! Of course not!
Him: Candy! Of course yes! Cmon...You know that your highly kiddish. I think you need to have that special someone in your life then you'll sober, calm down type...
Me: Sunshine. you have lost it. I am not kiddish.
Him: You are.
Me: And basically what does this special someone have to do with this kiddish matter?
Him: I dunno...people usually calm down, become more mature when they get into a relationship.
Me: Whatever! And I am not kiddish.
Him: You are!
Me: Bye Sunshine!! Cya!!
Him: What? Fine..Battery screwed anyway, Bye!

After i kept the phone i was pretty much miffed with him. Me? Kiddish? Was he kidding me!? But i just couldn't let go of it. So i had to ask a few people. Right That would work. I thought and well yeah i grabbed my phone and texted a few people. Everyone seemed to be sleeping. Cuz by the time i had texted it was 1am. 

But well someone replied. 

Sapphire: Um...Yes I'm sorry I will havta agree with that. You are totally kiddish. I mean i don't know why its not like you behave like a baby or something but, you are kiddish. Lol.

Thats exactly what he said!

Then well yeah I asked Bella [We call her that] this morning,

Bella: yes,sort of baby
sonshu baby...You are every aspect

Then i asked Tejas:

Me: Am i kiddish?!
Him: No you are not, Why? 
Me: Becoz 100000 other people told me i am!
Him: Okay..then you are!
Me: What?!
Him: No not entirely but sorta kiddish i can say!
Everyone's always saying that. From teachers, to random people. Everyone thinks i am Mad, kiddish i mean. But they just don't know what way! But on a whole, Everyone feels I am kiddish. 

This sucks. Am i really that kiddish? And hell what can i do about it?! And what?! 
I am so going to cry! :'(

Till next time
Forever Kiddish! :(
♥ ♪*Shona* ♫ ♥

*Edited: After Bella read this she said: 
you ARE absolutely such a kid :) 
*huh!!? Wth?!*

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Summer Vacation's Here!! [Hoooraay!!]

Hey there fellas! :P
Lolz, im becoming so lazy these days, i hate last week of exams, cuz we never feel like studying! :( Thats like so so sad! Blah! :(
And yea I so so so am happy! :P Leona gave me an award!! The Beautiful Blogger Award!! :P *blushes* Its been so long since i actually got one ! :) And this one has certain rules so I'll do it all in the next post! :)

Summer's here!! :) Only A week an a half left for Summer Vacations!! And believe me I've been waiting for this summer vacation since 9th grade!! :) Now lemme tell you why?! Thats because all the classes i ever wanted to join (Dance, guitar etc...) I waited for 10th to get over and then i would join coz i didnt wanna get distracted and All that so now the time has finally come....And i am so so happy! That its finally here! And so i obviously love making lists anywayz so i made this one! 

Things To Do In Summer Vacations :~

  1.  Watch Loadsa Movies!- Alice in the Wonderland, The Last Song, Valentines Day, Paathshala etc...!
  2. Read loads of books!! Been deprived of this so much this year! To start with - Angels and Demons and Some Sidney Sheldon
  3. Dance, Dance, Dance!! The first thing Im gonna do! :)
  4. Go For Guitar Classes! :P So wanna learn this from last year!
  5. Blog More!! :) Yup...!
  6. Diet.
  7. Facebook
  8. Tweet!
  9. Message x10 times more!
  10. Watch T.V - Oh i am so on foh this!
  11. Go join all the Dance classes ever!! - Contemporary, Western, Hip Hop!
  12. So learn to cook!! I have to.
  13. Spend More time with My Family!
  14. Shop, Shop. SHOP! 
  15. So so so fight With Brother!
  16. Watch More Movies Like Changeling
  17. Take more PHOTOS!
  18. Read more Vampire Series books! Seriously...So have to!
  19. Go WATCH EVERY MOVIE THAT RELEASES! (Not every but good ones!)
  20. GO Window Shopping! :)
  22. Listen TO MUZIC, all the time! : P
  23. Pay More Attention to Deelah - My Plant!!
  24. Try TO MAKE EVERY second of THIS VACATION  a memorable one!
  25. Write MORE SONGS!
  26. Seroiusly start writing POEMS again ....
  27. CONTINUE NOVEL and FINISH it UP! try to.
  28. BE Stupid. [I'm so friggin good at this.]
  29. DO everything YOU WANTED TO DO in these last two years.
  30. Complete all the ABOVE stuff. And Make this Vacation WORTHWHILE. 

Lots of Love and Kisses!!!
Till next time!
♥ ♪*Shona* ♫ ♥

P.S- I'm totally open to more suggestions as to what i can do!! And yeah suggest a few good books to read and movies to watch too! :P

Friday, March 19, 2010


She was a damsel in distress. He was a Knight in shining Armour. He came on a white horse. Defeated the Evil Monster of Gucci and Prada. She fell in love with him. Finally she climbed down the high tower of D&G and her prince caught her in his arms. Then, they rode away on the white horse. And they lived happily ever after...

New Life, New People, New things....Wow!!

[Picture due to random liking]

As I sat there studying Geography I was struck with sudden realization. [Don't worry I wasn't going to go run away and meditate or something. Im too crazy to sit in silence.]. That this is my last month where I'll be seeing my friends this often. Since the last five years I've been seeing them every single day [Except holidays] and now after being used to all this seeing friends, teachers, doing homework, and getting punished if not done, teachers screaming if we talk in class. All this has become a part of me, a part of my daily life. And now its going to be no more. I'll be going to a different college. Friends will be elsewhere. And we'll hardly meet. [I'm not gonna lie to myself. We cant meet daily. Its a fact.]

As i move on to this new life. With totally new people. Not knowing what lies ahead. I wonder. That, college is said to be a place where one makes friends who stay forever, I wonder that till now for me life was only school. And i cant believe it I'm done with it. And my best friends may not be my best friends any more. Frankly we're all going to different colleges. :(

And after the whole sad part I realized I'm confused. No not about what stream I'm doing. Because I so am going to do arts. And in 11th and 12th arts includes Economics, Psychology, Sociology, History/Political Science. The first three are a compulsion. Along with either History or Pol.Sci. And after that I guess journalism and literature. The other day someone asked me "What're you going to do like after 10th?" And i said "Oh, Im taking arts and then I'll be doing Journalism and Literature." That person was like Blank. He didnt answer. And I said "What?" And he was like, "Those subjects are for dumb people and you arent Dumb!" And i literally gave him the ~I'm going to kill you and eat you up look~ I said, "Dumb? Really? But hey think for a minute, smartness is not defined as knowing science and math. It is defined as being good at what you do." And he just stared. And i said "Shahrukh Khan, isnt a doctor, but he's smart and he's great because he'z excelled in his field." And i walked away. Wow that was amazing!

Now basically I'm confused about dance. I mean I so so so want to do dance always. And photography. I want to pursue that as a part time. And yeah Being an RJ. Now can i really DO all of this!? Is it possible!? I dunno. I want to know. I am trying to know.

And as i complete writing all this. I realized that i made sense. Omg all this stuff made SENSE. something which doesnt exist in my dictionary. So now time for Non-sense.

Let me teach you something.

 Blah + Bleh = BlahBlehBlu!
Actually Blah and Bleh when added is supposed to be Blah Bleh. According to maths.
But its diff in this condition. Here Blah+Bleh = BlahBlehBlu! Thats becoz...
This condition happens only in sum cases!! and its very rare and tough to understand
But since blah plus Bleh is equal to blah bleh where did blu come from is the question!
The answer to that question is that....Due to anti-math-ism hence these two blah and blah decided to break all laws and hence...they added blu in their group!

Hope you guys understood that!!! until next time!!! :) See ya!!

Lots and Lots of Love and Kisses!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm Back

No. No. No.
I cannot be coming online. Especially not on blogger.

Thats exactly what i was fighting over with myself. But how can I not BLOG for a month! It is so not possible. So yeah. Say hello to me. Cuz i'm officially BACK. Well hell yea. Im totally done with Science and tomorrow i'll be done with Socials. So yeaa..I'll be back to blogging a little. Randomly about future plans and torturing you. So please. Please bear with me. Please do. And hell yea you guys seriously need to help me. Im so so so confused about everything.

I'll be back tomorrow.To torture you. lolz no, its fun helping a confused teenager, especially one who's askign for help!! Like me!!

I should go.
Im gonna flunk geography.
Wish me luck.