Monday, October 11, 2010

Holidaysss. ♥

I was in a collage-ish mood! :D

Holidayyyyss. Don't we all just Loveee them?!

They always go so fast, don't they? So these holidays I've been doing Nothing.
No wait, how can I even mention I've been doing nothing! I've done so much but not what I was supposed to do.
I was supposed to clean my room, do French verb conjugations, study etc.
All I did was Dance and Watch movies and Read books. All thanks to the LandMarkSale! Yipeeee!

But I did do one good thing. I arranged my Library in alphabetical order, its so organized now which is kind of weird for me.

These vacations have brought so many changes in me. Its like your whole life can change in 20 days.

I've read such amazing and lovely books that they've brought on so many realizations, it all makes me so happy. Only a week left and Ive so much to do. I hope I can finish everything, seems impossible but still.

Things That Happened These Holidayyys.

I realized what matters to me more than anything else in the world.
I found out what makes me a happier person
I took an oath I promise to keep
I fell more in love with Nicholas Sparks and his writing
I decided to read as much as I possibly could till the end of the year
I decided to follow my dreams and achieve them
I promised myself to write more poetry.
I understood who to trust and who not to.

This has been by far the most I donno what vacation. So many things have changed. Happy changes. Sad ones, But they've happened.

This is a little piece i wrote, I posted it on the Lounge too :

Piled up inside
Waiting to burst
All you want is to end it all
Because your too scared and shy to cry
You take the knife ready to bring it all to an end
No one can do anything about it
Life just is a sad story
Why die?
When all you have to do is cry.

I'll be back soon. Till then Byee!

Sonshu! :) ♥

P.S: New title Toucher tes rêves - Means Touch Your Dreams So basically the description is for that! Haha. I like the new template, its so pretty! Hehe! Temme what you feel! :) (Im starting to like french, Im writing down all the verb conjugations, I thought it'll be bleh but its so much fun! honestly Haha, )


  1. Nice collage, you made it?
    good work you got here gal

  2. hey gal
    nice to b bck, i too hv came bck on blogger aftr an era...
    nd its gud dat u hv reaped much things frm ur holidaz....nd u lerning french dat kinda cool.....
    ur poetry is gud bt i feel it shud a lil more optimistic nd yeah do use some french lines in it ;)
    wi8ing to hear frm ya

    A bientot ! ;)

  3. @The Aspirant: Yeah I usually write happpppy poems but this one was due to the picture that inspired me! :DDD
    and thanks. I dont know that much of french as of now! :D
    But i'll try! :DDD