Friday, October 29, 2010

Hey, I'm a stranger!

Do poets even exist anymore? Honestly, reading what I read today in the library I think they were poets, I just had tears in my eyes after reading those poems. (Yeah, people were like why're you crying!?) Sometimes people write so beautifully it inspires you to become a better writer. And this particular one I'd like to share with you gave me a lot to think about. 

I am a stranger in this world, and there is a severe solitude and painful lonesomeness in my exile. I am alone, but in my aloneness I contemplate an unknown and enchanting country, and this meditation fills my dreams with spectres of a great and distant land which my eyes have never seen.
I am a stranger among my people and I have no friends. when I see a person I say within myself, "Who is he, and in what manner do I know him, and why is he here, and what law has joined me with him?"                ~The Lonely Poet , Kahil Gibran

Aren't we all strangers in this world? Honestly, how are we all connected? By some bond probably - family, friendship. But how did these bonds occur? Of course, we were born into them and some we made. But isn't it a little weird that probably all of this was meant to happen just so that existence continues, what if this hadn't happened? What if we didn't have family, friends or anyone for that matter. What if everyone was a stranger to everyone? 

We often don't realize how precious every person on this earth who knows us is. From the vegetable guy, to security guards, to teachers, anyone. Every one that we know or ever knew and they knew us back, its like your not alone. You have someone you know. Imagine walking around not knowing anyone? Wouldn't it be hard?

Man is a Social Animal   ~ Aristotle                                                                              

So how can we live without people, without each other, all alone in this oh so huge world? Its impossible right?

Maybe the poem had a totally different interpretation, but it suddenly enlightened me about this fact. Sometimes I have so many questions, they make me confused myself, so I wouldn't blame you if you were confused now. :)


P.S: Think about it, whatd'ya think? 


  1. Shona,

    Very true realisation. We are social animals and we need others for our role in this world. The world is a stage where we all play our part. Have you ever noticed that even in big crowd you feel lonely? I think the poet was hinting at something like that.

    Take care

  2. wow..that is a beautiful poem..thanks for sharing..

    you make me realize many things..and i agree with you..that we often dont realize how precious every person on earth who knows us..

    and we should take time and see to ourselves that we should be thankful for having them along in this tough life..right? ^^

  3. Sonshu, you have thrown light upon an aspect of life that is always visible and yet none pay any attention to it. Relations are created all the time with strangers but because of the intensity (lack of it) of those relations, those people tend to remain strangers.
    Life is fast but we are creatures that need to stick together to survive, however strongly or weakly. Man needs another man's company.

  4. @Jack: Yeah, i was thinking about that, that seems exactly what he was talking about!

  5. @Ayu: GLAD! :)
    exactly, thats the whole point :) we should be grateful!

  6. @D2: thanks for your opinions :)
    I do agree with you. AND youve put that very beautifully!