Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blah. Bleh. OMG. Finally Am I Really Back!? :O

As i sit here I'm thinking of many things.
Of the
gross book i just read. Which wasnt meant to be gross but turned out to be.
Of unit tests that just got over
Of life becoming so monotonous all of a sudden.
Of missing many things about school.
Of not having time to blog.
Of wanting to pause the world and everything to just Dance and Dance even more.
And sometimes we wish we'd never grown up? Why cant we like freeze at some age in heart, mind, appearance. Eternal youth?

But then I thought of Tithonus and decided its better not to wish for anything. You never know what may happen! Ever.

"Wishes do come true, when they're not meant to."

So lately I've been feeling a little aloof. No reason in particular. I just feel like leaving everything to dance. Im like crazily obsessed with dance. And I know its unhealthy this way...I almost fainted the other day cause I was like dancing the entire day without doing any other thing. Omg. Yeah its like All I do ever is dance. And probably study because I have to. Oh I've like 7 books pending and I havent bothered reading any because I'm so busy with my dance life. Haha.

Vacations start soon. This weekend. :) Its something thats gonna keep me going this week. Also our College Fest! I'm wearing a saree yet again! Its our ethnic day! I love my saree..I found it pretty! Hehe.

I miss you. I miss Blogging. I miss reading Blogs. But Vacations here and all I'm gonna do is blog and dance. No i'm not studying! :) 

I wanna Just do dance. As in Study dance. I already live, breathe and eat dance. Yeah. :D I'm OBSESSED.

Atleast Once in your life time DANCE
in the rain. its the best feeling
Currently I am trying to do this Political Science project. I've to do this collage on one or many political issues currently. I thought of the Ayodhya Verdict stuff or The CWG stuff or the Cabinet Reshuffle or The Jammu Kashmir thing. OMG. There's so much. Maybe I'll do little of all. maybe I'll not do anything. Frankly I just wanna sleep. I'ma sleep deprived creature.

MyBlogComingBack Post. Did you notice?
There's pictures of dance all over. These are my favourite pictures of dance. Some of them atleast.

Okay So basically I've been very inactive in everything like forever. I haven't written songs. Oh I wrote this article about Auto's Which got published in my college newsletter. Other than that I hardly write. :( Its so not cool. I miss writing. I've highlighted certain words in this post to Emphasize on them. I honestly hardly have read any blog in the past two months or so. Maybe one or two. That bleh. i thought college would be different and that I'd have plenty of time.

 This post is like supperrr long. Okay so i watched Step Up 3D obviously. The acting and the plot was bad. The dance was woah ofcourse. It actually kinda made me wanna dance like mad in the cinema hall itself! Haha. The last routine was like fabulous! Hehehe I so ♥ the STEP UP series of films.
I Wish I could Point So nicely some day. 


I love Hip hop.
Initially i used to think its too tough or whatever. But I managed to throw the block away.
I love it now.

I love Afro Jazz.
I used to think it wasnt cool.
I used to think it required too much manly-ness
But Now I think its so aweesome and  so much fun to do!

I miss 90210. I miss Glee. I miss being addicted to Facebook, Blogging, Internet. Oh and twitter. I havent seen the face of my twitter account since like forever. omg. omg. omg. Its dead I'm sure. Formspring too! OhMy! =/
I wish we had 48 hours in a day. That would be ideal. Wouldn't it?

arent I?! :O

Dance like there's no tomorrow, Maybe
there wont be one afterall.

I'm so gonna have to go now. And do my project. I've procrastinated enough. And I finally blogged. I feel happier. I love ya all! Mwaah! I missed you.

I pinky swear I'll blog this week. 

Cya guys! :)
(LOL- Lots of Love. )


  1. Loved the post throughout :D good to see there's someone else obsessed with dancing so much! =)

  2. That really had me going.
    I was thinking of dancing in the rain, though I hate the idea mostly.
    But thats the beauty, you always bring the playful nature out of everyone I guess.
    Keep rocking!

  3. ..i love pol.sci :) goodluck on your project..^^ i also missed you :D

  4. @Nostalgic: Im so obsessed with dancing that a friend suggested rehab. lol.

  5. @Zave: YOU SHOULD totally try it. Believe me its amaaazing!! :))

    hehe thanks!

  6. @Ayu: Aawww, thanks!!
    heheheh missed ya loads!