Friday, August 13, 2010

RAWRRR! =) And I'm BACK!!!!

According to what a friend once told me "Love doesn't exist, nowadays we do everything in expectation of something in return and that's not love."

Hey Folks! =)
I'm back! On the Friday the Thirteenth! And its like been a month or so! I missed you guys blah blah...Oh I'm cutting all that. Because I once read that we don't waste our time regretting, we enjoy the now, the present and live this to the fullest! So now that I'm here I am going to enjoy and make the most of it.

So our competition went well, People liked our dance, we didn't win but winning isn't all that matters is it? We had the time of our lives and now that its over we miss it. The dance practice and all.

These days Love has lost all the meaning it ever had. Like Ever. Seriously, we keep saying 'i love you' to any person especially college going people. We think its something simple. But actually it aint. The four letter word is heavier that like a whole skyscraper. Just as 'hate' is. I don't know why but I am making a little sense aren't I? Which is kind of hard to understand. 

My wallet with a lot of cash got stolen in college with many other cards in them like my book shop card, dance class one etc. I so dislike that person. Why do people steal? Its so immoral! 

I feel like a fish in a history class. So out of place giving some random lecture. Which is indeed funny okay? I've been using a lot of metaphors recently. I've been talking more sense recently. I've been more of a stupid person recently. But I still am crazy as always! 

I wish to have a million wishes, I wish every grain of rice was like a wish. Imagine how many wishes we'd have! =D

I haven't been to the book store in ages, and I feel empty. I bought a  Paulo Coelho the last time I went. 'By the river Piedra I sat down and wept'. It was such a nice and sweet book. Its something which makes you think deeper. Its not like those usual teen flicks. Its very deep and yes, for me reading a deep book like that is nice. I found my heart felt nice I don't know why but the way Paulo writes is magical, he spins each word so prettily and oh I was lost in the maze of words.

Exams just got over. Before the next ones start I want to read more books! And I don't know what to read.  But if you've read a good book recently that you think I'll like and will be available in the Indian stores then please do suggest! I'll be more than pleased!

 Recently I've gone crazier about dancing, crazier than I already was. Its like dance speaks to me. 
It releases happy hormones. Whenever I dance I just feel like a happier, better person. My face starts glowing! Dancing makes the world a better place. 

Till Next Time.
Mwaaah! ♥
Love you. hehehe. I really do <3