Monday, July 12, 2010

There Is A Crazy Scientist Under Your Bed, Who crawls Out at Night.

Now didn't i tell you I won't come here? Didn't I? I was busy right. Well I became un-busy. I was suddenly feeling bored and this strange strong 'desire' to blog. A 'Want' to blog. According to economics. Wants are desires. 

Photoquote, made by me. 

Usually during lunches we go to one of our cafeterias. But I was like having this really bad headache today. So I stayed back in class. No one was there. All Alone I sat staring at the board. I Hate Staring At White Boards, They Make Me Feel Empty. The white board. And all I could think of was emptiness. There was this strange feeling of emptiness. And I was wondering why I feel so blank. Usually I'm filled with emotions, thoughts, something, anything, But never am I blank. I felt like I had been drained of everything that I possessed. All my emotions, feelings, and blah blah. It was like Dementors had come and sucked the soul out of me. 

There Is A Crazy Scientist Under Your Bed, Who crawls Out at Night.  He crawls out when everyone is fast asleep and then does his Beserrrkkkkk-ed experiments in your room. he uses all your stuff and puts a spell on you so that you'd never come to know what he took away. He won the award for the MadddddMan Of the Year! He also created this magical creature called Cupid. Who makes people fall in love. 

Cupid just Pokes people for the fun of doing it. Doesn't Do Any Good. He throws arrows at people to poke them. His Facebook is not working permanently so he has to poke people somehow. There he goes poking people like a crazy thing and everyone gets all pokey-pokeeyyyy. Its a different fact that I think Cupids are really cute, and that they're the sweetest things ever! Haha.

Now, I'm getting Too Random. May Randomness Prevail.

Love You All. ♥

P.S: Don't tell me this was unnecessary. Because it was totally required. 
P.P.S: The change in fonts and colours was to Highlight the main random topics of this post. Lawwwl. Rawwwr. 


  1. haha..i agree with you..i also felt empty when staring at white boards even in white halls.. :P

  2. Hahah, randomness. :P
    And i LOve the titlee. :DDDDDDDD
    Oh, ad i love your teplate and the CUTE LITTLE SHEEP THERE> :P

  3. I agree. It was absolutely necessary. Life would be dull without Randomness. Besides I loved it. My mad scientist is actually in bed with me, but I don't know what he does when I'm asleep.

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  4. Hey! I just did a lovely tag and would like to pass it on to you. :)


  5. Shona,

    Nice to see you back. One can never have blank mind, it may have random thoughts as per situation and then fly off to something totally unrelated. Has cupid thrown arrow on you too? LOL.

    Take care

  6. Shona,

    I think I wrote a comment yesterday as I am visiting after a long gap but where has it gone?

    When you stare at Blank White Board there are so many thoughts which run through your mind. Has Cupid struck you yet? LOL

    Take care

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    Thanks and congrats!

  8. Nice blog. Template is very beautiful. :)

    I liked the way u say welcome to my blog. :)

    I enjoyed reading this post. :)