Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I could really use a wish right now! ♥

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? 
I could really use a wish right now.

Yeaah, i left a message on all your blogs! 
Basically I have to tell you certain things people.

Okay, that sounded Bleh-ish. I'm going to redo that. 

Heyya Buddies! I invited, dragged, pulled, forced you all to come here. 
No, I am definitely 'not' distributing chocolates. 
Its on this really sad occasion that I've called you all here. 
Cry. Mourn. 
Okay that was too much, It isn't that sad also. 
Maybe, you might be really happy hearing it, but i Hope not.

I'm Dead. 

Thats the news. That was lame. Okay!

Okay, I'm not giving you the bad news first. First lets talk about college. 
Okay this hilarious thing. 
i've never been clumsy and all, I never used to like trip and all 
but all of a sudden it seems like the 
earth just forgot i exist. Hehe. I keep tripping. 

Today it rained. Like fishes and sharks! Omg, it was so beautiful. 
The rain makes me feel pretty! :) So I
was walking to the cafeteria after college.  
And yeah the whole road in our campus was obviously wet. 
And only Meow and Me were walking, 
we ditched the others. Lol. We didn't find them! So yeah.

Me: Omg, Meow I think I'll trip! :(
Meow: Don't worry you wont. 
Me: Im scared!
Meow: Of what?
Me: Of road!
Meow: WHAAAT?!
Me: Can i hold you please?
Meow: What?
Me: These chappals make me fall!
Meow: Wait lemme remove my dupatta!
Me: Why that?
She: Cuz its pissing off! And now college is over!
Me: Pulling her dupatta and walking
Meow: I'm your dog?
Me: No your my cat!
Meow: Okay now we're inside leave me!
Me: Heheh, your so tiny!
Meow: Oh shush! :P hehehe

LOL. Yeah, so that was how 'cute' college is. 
I love college and friends and gossip and bitching sessions!

So now the bad news. I'm so so so not dead but i Can't blog till July 22nd. 
Yeah, because I've tests going on now. Tests=Cute. I anyway haven't blogged
a long time. I hope you missed my non-sense! :P LOL. 
Don't ask me why.  Anyway, So I'm sorry I've not been reading! Its just that I've 
been busy with college, fest coming up, dance practices etc. 
Hehe. So I'm sorry, I surely will get back and read you all and post. :) 
But I'll come on facebook often so yeah, catch me there!  
Of Course i will miss all of you :) I surely will. And I love ya'all! :) 

hehe. Loaddssss of Love and Kisses!
Mwaaah! :)
Sonshu! :)


  1. aww..that's sad..but i understand ^^ i have lots of exams coming as well :)

  2. Awww college sounds cute. :P
    And the mewow thing is cute too, basically this post is cute. :DDDDDDDDD

  3. Shona,

    Could not see the picture. Can you check why. Take care of your tests and college festival first. We can wait to read your experiences after that. Enjoy this time as this will be in your memories always.

    Take care

  4. seriously dats kinda cute......yeah gal cllh is nt such an easy cookie, bt wid tym u vl set up wid its pace....
    bst of luck fr ya tests


  5. good luck with your exams!! I've been insanely busy monday-thursday and with constant exams big ones in a few weeks so my blog is also being neglected really.