Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thinking Forever?

I made the photo quote myself! :) With a lovely picture i found! Haha. 

We keep thinking. Something or the other. Can we ever be blank. Can it ever be that we're not doing anything? Because every minute we're thinking at least something. Even while sleeping our mind never really rests. The dreams, i believe are kind of our thoughts. But in another mind, the sub conscious. But the mind doesnt take a five minute break ever. Not even a one minute break! How can something be so efficient? Haha. And yeah i wish i could work like the mind. Nonstop. Our mind is so beautiful and precious. And i realized that now.

What do you think? Does the mind ever take a break?

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Sonshu ♥


  1. have a point there..and sometimes it sucks to be always thinking something esp. before i sleep...:/

  2. I asked the precise question to my fren, Cheryl recently and guess what's her answer?

    Our mind can be shut-down momentarily ... really. I believe her coz sometimes she turns into a 'zombie' within split seconds.

  3. hey...i am a new follower of your blog.

    i guess too much thinkin can get stressful sometimes.. our mind needs rest and i gss thats y ppl meditate.....

  4. You're really right, i personally think that my mind NEVER stops thinking, it just keeps thinking stupid stuff, sometimes even something whoich really sdeosn't make sense but it just keeps thinking.... :O

  5. It is quality of thought that matters, isn't it?

    Nice write up.

  6. Shona,

    Human mind is never at rest, even when one sleeps. And it is much faster that light too. One may be thinking of something and suddenly mind zooms off to so many years back or miles away within a jiffy, isn't it? I know eve-teasing is an offence but what about Adam - teasing in your class? LOL

    Take care

  7. well, quite a gud point.....yeah mind can't take a break nd dats y its b bst part of our body....

    though wad my view is dat may b mind dusnt take complete breaks, it gives diff parts break fr diff tyms,aftr we dusn't need evry part of mind all d tym, so may b dats y it cn wrk non-stop......
    wad abt dis side of coin???