Thursday, June 3, 2010

And We're Back To It.

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I'll be going to junior college in a few days. And i've waited for college ever since. Its been a dream. And besides now that I'm in my dream college its even more happening. but you know you get that feeling when your starting something new? A feeling of how its going to be. A feeling of scary-ness. A feeling of being lost. A feeling of having to make new friends. A feeling of having to choose the right people. And people say college is where you make the most important life changing decisions, that makes it all the more tough for anyone.

And I've decided. I'm gonna let go of myself. I'm not gonna hold back. I'm gonna give my heart more freedom to make some decisions. And I'm gonna let my brain agree with my heart. My brain and heart have to come to conclusions. I have to be doing things which are going to be good for me and will make me happy. And they've already begun. Co-operating. My brain used to tell me do science, do science [Just like everyone else around]. Because I'm supposedly brainy enough and really capable of science. But my heart kept saying, arts is what you like, you like creativity, you dont like just sticking to books, you like to go further. So I've taken arts. My brain and heart eventually agreed. And they'll have to now, more often.

Life is gonna change. Everything is. New friends. New people. New teachers. New place. New Campus.

And as you might already know, I hate changes. Takes me hell lot of time to give in to changes. I suck at accepting that things can't ever remain the same. They have to change.

Sonshu <3

P.S: I meant in the title. We're back to ranting. I mean me. Back to ranting as usual! :P LOL. 


  1. awesome!!! way to go gal...
    thats how u do it...

    live life to the fullest
    "don't regret what you did, regret what u didnt do yet"

  2. Shona,

    Change is the way of life and we need to accept it with grace. Best of luck for your college. Just follow your conscience to do whatever you wish to and you will never go wrong. I am sure we will read many many happy posts in future.

    Take care

  3. Sonaksha,

    I spent 2 years of junior college without making a single friend, the whole atmosphere was so weird for me. Lucky I had one bff from my original gang in school who was in my section and we poorlings literally clung to each other for the whole two years.

    Then it looked kinda cool to not mingle with what you think is not your type crowd, but now I think maybe I should have let go of myself a lil more than I did. Then again its okay, grad school more than made up for what I lost.

    You'll do just fine! Smile.

  4. youre right..nice plans and decisions in life..i like your positive views..

    i hate changes a swell though it depends upon the kind of change and what effect it brings..either pos. or neg. :)

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  5. Hey, hope your college days are going well. :)
    And don't worry, changes are always for the best, and in some time, you'll get used to it. :DD

  6. congrats! have fun!! =) im sure u r gonna love it

  7. well, i think changes shud b accepted in lyf ,coz dese changes brings a lot of variety nd experiences in lyf nd dats all about living lyf...

    nd mind me cllg lyf vl b much more fun.....if u get things right...

    by d way,first tym visitor nd u hv a nice place here...

    cheers :)

  8. @FL: thankssee!! i realized i should! :Dits awesome.

  9. @Jack: Awww, thanks!
    your replies are so inspiring and motivating!: )