Friday, May 7, 2010

To Write Or Not!?

I have been trying to write. Trying to complete that novel i was writing. Dang, i realize myself, that the story sucks. Yes, I mean I was a noob to novel writing. I threw that away.

I sit here waiting for inspiration to strike, for me to get another idea. For a new plot, a new story. Then I realize maybe i shouldn't write. Is it worth giving it another try? My first attempt wasn't that great [Though a few people liked it.]  Is it worth, a SECOND chance? I don't really know. Maybe i will give it another try becoz life itself is telling me to,

My brother made a little something for me today. And here are images of it. :) This is what makes me love him so much at time. *Sigh* 9 year old brothers can butter you really well! :P lol.

Thats the book. Yes, a hand made book, with about 15 pages of hand made paper. He made it in his art and craft class!! :))

Yes he said "You want to become an author right, and you right stories and poems, this is for that!" And i was like OMG.

Now i have to give it a second chance, and im going to go find that inspiration! :P I love my brother i know that!! :)) Fighting with him makes me love him MORE.


[Yes, Im gonna use my name from now on! ...MAYBE] lol! :P


  1. Go ahead & write. it is not about good or bad, not about people like it or not. It is all about you. What YOU feel within.

    Let it come out.

    And who knows - they may say - wow!

    Well, who cares!

  2. Writer's Block. So annoying. Really, just go ahead and give it another try. Who knows, you might even surprise yourself :)

  3. "The easiest thing in the world is writing. The hardest, editing." I forgot who said that, but it's a brilliant quote. It doesn't have to be brilliant at first -- that happens at about the seventh edit. But it's different for each writer.

    Like I said in our little writer-to-writer talk, dig for inspiration. But waiting is another form of digging, I suppose, so that's okay, too.

    Writer's block doesn't exist. It's just a state of mind. Don't let something that doesn't exist interfere with writing. The comic strip in your post is almost correct. What people call as writer's block is exactly that--the writer not feeling up to writing. When that happens, I usually write a shorter bit of fiction for a while before I get to work on my WIP again, like flash fiction. Sometimes I even write two novels of completely different genres just so I can keep on writing.

    I find it sweet that your little brother appreciates you for your writerly prowess.

  4. When you say writer's block doesn't exist but is a state of mind, doesn't that imply its existence? :) But of course, that's exactly what it is - it's all in the head.

  5. I thought your not going to crib about it and try again :) now come on hon !:)

  6. aww..he's so sweet :)

    well..being mentally block is just normal for us writers :)

    just dont push yourself too much,,great ideas just come unexpectedly :3

    happy mother's day to all the mothers in the world! ^_^
    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  7. @Harshad: Yeah totally!! I will do so! :)

  8. @Sahil: Hmmm..writers block can be annoying and yeah, im gonna give it another try! :) yay me

  9. @Judd: Aw, thanks! :)

    And yeah, ill keep all that in mind! Wow, awesum of you for such a thoughtful lovely comment! And yes the writer to writer convo helped!

  10. @Juhi: Yeah he can be sweet! :P

  11. @Vintage: Now i wont, with so many people telling me to give it another chance

  12. @Ayu: Yeah true, but if they dont then ill go looking for them!

  13. dere is something 4 u on my blog .dovisit

  14. The easiest thing to do is GIVING UP. Please please turn a blind eye. Your brother believes in you, so please try again. Put in a little fun, no pressure and the inspiration will come flowing in.


  15. Sonaksha,

    Nice name. Do not give up writing. Keep trying and you will definitely write good ones. Your poems are good and start with short fiction. Hope to read more and more of you.

    Take care

  16. Personally, I live my life doing things I feel like doing. So when I don't want to write, or I feel like the writing's inadequate, I don't, and I look for something that makes me happier. Because it's all about happiness.

    I realize that's not how it works for some people, though, and maybe you're one of those that need a little encouragement to unearth your awesome self.

    So go and give it another shot, you might like what you accomplish. :)

    Good luck!

  17. Hey Sonshu, Hope u r fine. First of all don't give up writing plz & secondly I want to know if u r annoyed or something like that because I searched u in my Fb and orkut frnd list but u were not there.

    Wats the matter?(I really don't know wasts the matter)

    BTW wat ever u do, u contact me or not but don't give up writing that it.
    Ur BFF

  18. There is your inspiration.
    Your brother.
    9 year old and so thoughtful, you are a lucky girl!
    By reading the above comments I hope you realize how important it is that you write, from the readers' point of view.
    And you'll do great, trust me.

  19. @Jack: aW, THANKS!! i will! :))

  20. @Leona: Hmmm..maybe i WILL do that! :)) HEHE

    im gonna giv it a second chance!

  21. @Ananya: Im not annoyed! And really? You arent? Waah! Ill ad you up!

    And ill call you!

  22. @Zave: Hmmm...thinking about it maybe! :) hehe!! :) thanks!!

    I sure will! :)) :)) <3